"It is very important to complete due diligence with others companies in this industry prior to engaging in contracts. That's where the Green Book was able to provide important information about the companies I was trying to do business with. It helped our company better understand the potential risk with some of our partners."

Our mission is to empower companies in the Cannabis industry to be able to engage in better business practices and match our legal commodity markets with industry standards. One of those standards is vetting potential employers, partners, brokers, buyers, etc. with our business reports. As we step out of a prohibition market and into legal commoditization we will have to adapt to existing federal and state standards with the USDA  and international commodity laws. Green Book allows for you to enter into a business deal with the comfort of knowing who and what you are dealing with. 

If you are a Green Book Member you can benefit from our Alternative Dispute Resolutions:

  • Having CGB contact parties and help Mediate prior to Litigation 
  • Hire a Green Book affiliate Mediator or Lawyer

Your business is important to us and we are here to assist you in making sure your operations run smoothly. Using our business dispute resolution tools can save you thousands of dollars and help you ensure the bottom line is kept safe. 

The Cannabis Industry has been compared to the Wild West. We are here to let you be your own sheriff.

With all 50 states and other countries having different Cannabis Laws and changes that affect our industry almost daily, it is important to complete due diligence prior to engaging with other companies. 

Cannabis Green Book allows you to mitigate your risk by:

  • Searching for businesses to verify company and operational information prior to engaging with them (Even if they aren’t listed in our index)
  • Resolving disputes without expensive litigation
  • Keep tabs on listed Cannabis companies on the exchanges