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Zob Glass – Inline Bong

Sold Out $218.99 – Free Shipping

A sleek, minimalist scientific glass bong, this Zob Glass piece delivers a smooth, ultra-filtered smoking experience, thanks to its inline difusser. It’s the perfect bong for daily sessions. The 18-incher features an inline perc diffuser, which is designed to cleanse and cool down smoke. Plus, an added ice pinch allows you to pack it with ice for refreshingly icy hits.

The bong is approx. 18 inches tall, and includes a 14mm slide. Thanks to its sleek diffusion system, this rig delivers soft-on-the-lungs clouds every time, and its 5-inch base provides a sturdy stance on tables.

Zob Glass is a leader in scientific glass bongs. This bong is 100% USA Made in California, and has been constructed from thick, 5mm glass.

This Zob Glass scientific bong is 18 inches tall, features an inline perc and includes an 18mm slide. Buy bongs at The Daily Sesh. Free Shipping Included ]]>