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A bong, sometimes referred to as a water pipe, is a smoking device used to filter smoke. Bongs have become more and more elaborate over their 2,500 year history but the basic design has not changed much. When the early bongs were invented they were originally made from clay, bamboo or wood but it wasn’t until much later that master glass blowers started making them with high end glass. With high quality glass pieces prices ranging from mid $100 to tens of thousands of dollars. It is important to know what the perfect water bong is for you and Zob is here to help – so we have compiled a buyer’s guide here and if you still have any questions feel free to contact our Bubble-ologist support team!

What pieces make up a bong?

Typically each bong has a stem and a slide. There are different joint sizes for the slides and downstems but most commonly used sizes are 14mm and 18mm. The slide is where you pack it and the smoke travels down the stem, through the filtered through the water, the smoke is then exposed to more surface area than a standard pipe and travels up the tube to your lungs. Some of our pieces also have ice catchers or pincers which allow you to add ice to cool the smoke as it passes. There are also additional add-ons you can pair with your Zob glass bong such as an ash catcher as an extra filtration or a freezable glycerol coil to assist cooling the smoke before entering your lungs.

Borosilicate Glass Bongs

Zob offers a variety of glass bongs of different sizes, shapes, colors and perc options. Most importantly, what separates our Zob glass bongs from other water glass pipes is that we use only the finest Borosilicate glass. This is the highest quality and strongest glass on the market. Every piece of glass lab and medical equipment is made from Borosilicate and it is also used for Nuclear waste storage! This type of glass is more heat resistant than regular glass because of its higher melting point. It can withstand operating temperatures of 515 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this glass’ heat handling it has a great resistance to Thermal Shock, such as putting the piece in the freezer then applying heat – rarely will it shatter or crack – cracking only under the most extreme of temp changes. These properties make Borosilicate the perfect glass for a bong or dab rig.

Most Popular Bong Styles

Just as with sizes and attachments there is a plethora of different styles and names, this can be confusing. However most are derived from tried and true classic original bong designs with different filtration options. To help you become an expert we have outlined these for you!

A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a smoking device that filters and cools down your smoke with the use of water. Click now to check out Zob's latest bong selection.