ziggi papers

High grade equipment

We are committed to providing environmentally conscious High Grade Equipment, while sending positive vibes Earthwide.

Ziggi rolling papers

Ziggi Papers are made with the finest locally and ethically sourced materials and ingredients with a hyper-focus on minimising environmental footprint throughout our operations.
Our products are manufactured and come to you with the highest levels of European production standard certifications.
Whatever your preference is on paper type and size, we’ve got you!

arabic gum

Gum Arabic is a natural product derived from the Gum Arabic Tree (Acacia senegal). Gum Arabic is widely used in the food industry and has been approved by the FDA and the EFSA as a food additive. Due to its quality and purity, Gum Arabic is used as an adhesive in all Ziggi Papers and filter tips, thus providing the highest possible quality and assuring the safet of our customers.


Our filter tips or Ziggis, as we like to call them, are made of high-quality, certified materials. Delivering a superior user experience, they have garnered a reputation over the years as the best Filter Tips in the industry.


Ziggi Rolling Papers are made from certified materials, using state-of-the-art technology, which guarantees even burning, without the use of any unnecessary additives.

Presentation of our quality pledge, booklet models and different paper sizes – 1 1/4, King Size Slim, Roll Slim and paper types – Ultra Thin, Hemp, Unbleached.

Ziggi papers

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This package of Ziggi papers provides every smoker not only with papers but also with the matching amount of filter tips to make sure you can build perfect cigarettes. Furthermore you can turn the package with one two movements into a mixing bowl. That way you have a complete smoking set in a practical packing.

Containing: 32 papers
Filtertips included
110 x 44mm papers
55 x 25mm filter tips
Inclusive mixing tray

Containing: 32 papers Filtertips included Size: 110 x 44mm papers 55 x 25mm filter tips Inclusive mixing tray ]]>