yocan evolve plus manual

Yocan Evolve Plus Pen

The Yocan Evolve Plus Pen from Yocan Technology is arguably the most complete vape pen you would come across. It is portable, features a Quartz dual coil atomizer, a 1100mAh battery, a non-sticky container to store wax, and a wax tool to load the wax into the vape pen.

Ease of use

The Evolve Plus pen is palm-sized. The unit has a very friendly user interface and has only one button. You really do not need a manual to learn how to use it. You just need to know how to load your wax, turn on and off the device, and you are good to go.


Yocan Evolve Plus fits into the pocket and hand nicely. You can carry it, and nobody would know you have a vape pen with you. You could also use it at lower temps while in public, without disturbing others. It comes with a wax container at the bottom, so you can have your wax in your vape pen without having to keep it somewhere else such that it calls the attention of others.


Build Quality

Nicely packaged, the Yocan Evolve Plus stands 120mm tall and has a width of 19mm. It also comes with a micro USB cable for charging, a wax tool, an extra quartz dual coil atomizer, and a battery with a 1100mAh capacity.

The Evolve Plus has an atomizer tube – which has a mouthpiece, a coil cap that dictates the direction of vapor flow, preventing spit backs and harm to the user. Next on the layer is the quartz dual coil atomizer to provide increased efficiency when heating the wax and a metal ring at its base. The battery comes next, and then at the bottom a non-sticky wax container made of silicon to ensure easier extraction of wax.

It comes in various colors including Silver, Black, Red, Blue, and Orange.

Vapor Quality

With the Yocan Evolve Plus, you should expect a decent vapor quality and nothing less. Its atomizer is made of Quartz instead of traditional fiber wick. Thanks to the dual coil atomizer, heating times become faster, and the vapors produced always have a unique taste. The Yocan Evolve Plus works perfectly with thick wax concentrates producing quality vapor at all times.

Battery Life

The Evolve Plus comes with a powerful battery that can last for some hours before a charge is required. Unlike other wax pens that come with the regular 650mAh batteries or below, the Evolve Plus comes with 1100mAh battery. So you’re sure of extended vaping sessions. The vape pen usually comes with some power in it, about 50% charge. However, it is best to charge it for some hours before first use in order to get the best out of the unit.

After plugging the vape pen into a power source, a red LED light would come on close to the bottom of the vape pen. This indicates that the vape pen is currently charging. When the light goes off, it means that the vape pen is fully charged.

Try as much as possible not to use the vape pen such that it runs out of power completely. Ensure the USB cable is plugged into a source not higher than 5V, anything higher could damage the battery.


How to Use

For first time use, try to break-in your coil as this will help to intensify your flavors as well as prolonging the lifespan of your coils.

To do this, turn on the vape pen by clicking on the button five times and hold down the power button until the vape pen is hot enough to break-in the coils. This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Now you can take off the atomizer cap, unscrew the coil cap and put in your wax. While putting in your wax, try not to overfill the atomizer – this could make it difficult to take off the coil cap when the wax dries after heating.

Next, turn on your Evolve Plus. The Quartz dual coil atomizer heats up instantaneously letting you make your hits almost immediately.

To take hits, hold down the power button and draw through the mouthpiece. Try not to take hits longer than 10 seconds as this could result in the vapor tasting burnt.

The Yocan Evolve Plus has a 15 seconds automatic turn off feature, prevent the coil and battery from damage.

After a vaping session, click on the power button five times and it blinks to indicate that it has been put off.

To use the wax container at the bottom, simply unscrew it and load your wax. Try not to overfill it to prevent it from leaking.

Temperature Settings

The Yocan Evolve Plus doesn’t have any temperature control feature. However, the longer you hold down the power button, the harder your hit.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Beginners may find it difficult to clean wax pens because it is never easy. Don’t let the coil dry up when you are using it, always try to leave some wax in there.

You know it’s time to clean your coils when they are well used. You will need paper towels, a cup with a lid, cotton swabs, and Isopropyl alcohol (use iso 99% for a more effective outcome. 91% can work too).

Remove the mouthpiece and separate all the parts. Use a cotton swab dip in iso to clean the mouthpiece, and wipe gently.

Soak your coils in isopropyl alcohol for about an hour or two and shake at intervals. Remove and place them on a paper towel while you use cotton swabs to clean inside to remove any remaining residue. Allow them to dry completely before using them again.


  • Portable and discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Quartz dual coil atomizer
  • 15 seconds Auto off.
  • Dim power button backlight

Overall Experience

Yocan Evolve Plus Pen is just an incredible little functional device. It is one of the best vape pens out there. Its long lasting battery is a great advantage over others wax pens. This unit doesn’t come with a manual because you don’t need one, thanks to its very friendly interface. The Evolve Plus produces powerful vapors. You’re sure of only pure and tasteful vapors. It’s a perfect little device that you can use anywhere.

The Yocan Evolve Plus Pen is arguably the most complete vape pen you would come across. It is portable, features a Quartz dual coil atomizer.