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Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Have a Good Study Habit

To be an honor student is without difficulty and challenge. In fact, I often tell my students that the easiest to earn is a failing mark. So, even a grade of 75 or the lowest passing grade is simply too difficult to acquire.

But, how do we develop the right discipline and earn only good marks? You can try these practical tips:

1. Acquire subject outline for advance reading. Normally, I read the resources with good pendant lighting whenever I have my free time. That way, I don’t have to get lost during class instruction whenever the professor starts a new lesson.

2. Set holy hour or two for studying. When you are fixated with this arrangement, studying seems as easy as breathing.

3. Work on projects ahead of time. Sometimes, projects are given ahead, so, when schedule is not that tight, work on your projects, so, when exams are set, you have the time to review.

4. Make an outline for an exam. Use an outline every time you review for an exam. If the outline seems vague, go back to your old readings and reinstate your outline.

5. Study with a peer or go solo. Depending on your exam, you can go solo review or group review. Study with motivated individuals only.

More of Java’s Method Overloading

It is also possible that we call methods in different classes simply by creating their respective instances.
The program below allows us to use method overload where printGreetings () are both used in two separate classes. Provided that we identify which source the method is called, the program will simply run successfully.

/*with super in constructor*/
/*calling other classes OverloadMethodParent and Base Classes */
public class OverloadMethodv2<

public static void main (String args[])<

OverloadMethodParentClassv2 myObject1 = new OverloadMethodParentClassv2(“Yuri”);
OverloadMethodBaseClassv2 myObject2 = new OverloadMethodBaseClassv2(“Rosilie”);

/*with super in constructor*/
import javax.swing.*;
public class OverloadMethodParentClassv2 <
String name;

OverloadMethodParentClassv2(String xname)

void printGreetings()
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,”Hello “+name);

/*with super in constructor*/
import javax.swing.*;

public class OverloadMethodBaseClassv2 extends OverloadMethodParentClassv2 <
String xname;
OverloadMethodBaseClassv2(String myname)

void printGreetings()
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,”Hi “+xname);

void printThankYou()
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,”Thank you “+xname);

Method overloading is done when we create several methods with the same name. However, Java requires us to include different numbers of parameters.

Below is the revised program where the methods are of default type but to access them, I have to make an instance of the class for me to access each method.

/*Sample program on methods

public class MethodOverloadingSample2 <

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException<

BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
MethodOverloadingSample2 myObject=new MethodOverloadingSample2();

System.out.println(“Input first number:”);
String num1=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input second number:”);
String num2=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input third number:”);
String num3=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input fourth number:”);
String num4=br.readLine();

int a = Integer.parseInt(num1);
int b = Integer.parseInt(num2);
int c = Integer.parseInt(num3);
int d = Integer.parseInt(num4);

System.out.println(“Sum of two numbers “+myObject.compute(a,b));
System.out.println(“Sum of three numbers: “+myObject.compute(a,b,c));
System.out.println(“Sum of three numbers: “+myObject.compute(a,b,c,d));

double compute(int w,int x)

double compute(int w,int x, int y)

double compute(int w,int x,int y, int z )

Where to Search for Jobs After School

Now that second semester is over, it is only typical that students who just graduated or simply stopped from regular schooling.

Good thing though that government agencies and other commercial entities hook together to hold some job fairs for the locals and neighboring job seekers.

It is equally helpful too that online sites come abound that post for different works including airport jobs to the liking of most job seekers.

Other job sources include newspapers, flyers, posters, referrals and walk – in applications. Whatever the source of job postings, job seekers can only try their luck and best to get employed.

Java’s Method Overloading

Typically, Java’s method must be defined with unique names. However, it is also possible that methods may have similar names provided that the number of parameters is unique from each method otherwise you will be having trouble in compiling our program.

See the program for such sample. The use of static on methods allow us to use directly the methods in our calling method.

/*Sample program on methods

public class MethodOverloadSample1 <

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException<

BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

System.out.println(“Input first number:”);
String num1=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input second number:”);
String num2=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input third number:”);
String num3=br.readLine();

System.out.println(“Input fourth number:”);
String num4=br.readLine();

int a = Integer.parseInt(num1);
int b = Integer.parseInt(num2);
int c = Integer.parseInt(num3);
int d = Integer.parseInt(num4);

System.out.println(“Sum of two numbers “+compute(a,b));
System.out.println(“Sum of three numbers: “+compute(a,b));
System.out.println(“Sum of three numbers: “+compute(a,b,c,d));

static double compute(int w,int x)

static double compute(int w,int x,int y)

static double compute(int w,int x,int y, int z )

Using Netbeans 6.9 IDE for Now

I finally I managed to install successfully NetBeans but this time, I am using version 6.9 compared to the old version of 6.1.

I shall indeed be having difficulty getting used to the new version and configuring the Java business system I made with the old version. However, my laptop reformatting required me to remove all my old software. Thus, I have to reconnect everything again.

Now, that I am back to school works, I have to get used to getting oriented with the new Netbeans environment.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are Teachers Lean?

Most of the teachers I know are lean while there are a few good number who are extremely big. Personally, my weight falls within the average – size women. But, teaching can somehow makes your weight go overboard because you spend most of your time between standing and sitting.

The only exercise I get from teaching is the switch I do from one classroom to another which sometimes includes climbing the stairs few floors up and down.

Since teachers are the center of attention once we start our class, it is only imperative that we must look good. And, if weights are beyond the normal ranges, we can only wish we can do fast – track diet, cosmetic surgery, diet pills and other alternatives including for thermogenic fat burners wonder works.

With my almost immobile teaching works, I can only go back to my jogging and taebo morning regimen, then, perhaps I can be one of the lean and good – looking teachers.

More Java Constructors

Other illustrations of the use of constructors are the ones cited below. One program simply use constructors without the parameters while the other one makes use of parameters.

These programs however need another calling program to call these codes. Further, I used mutator and accessor methods to assign and read fields. Comparing two codes, the one that uses global fields were called anywhere in the program.

* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.

* @author Rose
public class EventSiteConstructor <

private int siteNumber;
private double usageFee;
private String managerName;
EventSiteConstructor() <

public int getSiteNumber()
< return siteNumber;>
public void setSiteNumber(int n)

public void setUsageFee(double amt)

public double getUsageFee()
< return usageFee;>
public String getManagerName()

public void setManagerName(String name)

* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.

* @author Rose
public class EventSiteConstructorv2 <

private int siteNumber;
private double usageFee;
private String managerName;

EventSiteConstructorv2(int x, double y, String z) <

public int getSiteNumber()
< return siteNumber;>
public void setSiteNumber(int n)

public void setUsageFee(double amt)

public double getUsageFee()
< return usageFee;>
public String getManagerName()

public void setManagerName(String name)

What’s Your Learning Style?

You Are a Visual Learner

You tend to remember what you see, and you have a good eye for aesthetics.

You excel at art, design, and computer programming.

Enforce Learning through Reality – Based Scenarios

Teaching is never easy; in fact, the challenge is how can teachers make students comprehend more the academic contents to make sure that they understand and internalize the concepts as expected.

While there are different teaching strategies to make sure that students can have varied inputs from peers and teachers, the efforts will be more relevant if real – life scenarios are used as bases for illustration and emphasis. Somehow, asking students how a certain concept including best diet pills for women can be put or not to use in reality will make each teaching instruction more effective.

It is the goal of every teacher in all levels to impart learning, and, when we do find ways how learning can be enforced, all our teaching efforts wont go vain.

College Jokes: The Differences Between High School and College

* In high school, you do homework. In college, you study.

* No food is allowed in the hall in high school. In college, food must be provided at an event before students will come.

* In high school, you wear your backpack on one shoulder; in college, on both.

* In college, the professors can tell you the answer without looking at the teacher’s guide.

* In college, there are no bells or tardy slips.

* In high school, you have to live with your parents. In college, you get to live with your friends.

* In college, you don’t have to wait in a certain lunch line to be cool.

* Only nerds e-mailed in high school. Cool kids hadn’t heard of it.

* In high school, you’re told what classes to take. In college, you get to choose; that is, as long as the classes don’t conflict and you have the prerequisites and the classes aren’t closed and you’ve paid your tuition.

* In high school, if you screw up you can usually sweet-talk your way out of it. In college, you’re lucky to ever talk with the professor.

* In high school, fire drills are planned by the administration; in college, by the drunk frat boys on their way home when the bars close.

* In college, any test consists of a larger percentage of your grade than your high school final exams ever did.

* In high school, when the teacher said, “Good morning,” you mumbled back. In college, when the professor says, “Good morning,” you write it down.

* In high school, freshman guys hit on senior girls. In college, senior guys hit on freshman girls.

* In college, weekends start on Thursday.

* In college, it’s much more difficult to figure out the course schedule of the man/woman you have a crush on, in order to figure out where he/she will be walking around campus and at what time to find them there.

* Once you’ve obtained the information described in #10, it’s much more time-consuming to run between classes to that place where you know he/she will be in order to “just happen to bump into him/her.”

* In college, there’s no one to tell you not to eat pizza three meals a day.

* In college, your dad doesn’t pay for dates.

* In high school, it never took 3 or 4 weeks to get money from Mom and Dad.

* College men are cuter than high school boys.

* College women are legal.

* In college, when you miss a class (or two or three), you don’t need a note from your parents saying you were skip. uh, sick that day.

* In high school, you can’t go out to lunch because it’s not allowed. In college, you can’t go out to lunch because you can’t afford it.

Java’s Use of Constructors

A Java constructor is used to create an instance of a class or whenever we make an example or object of a class. When we instantiate without the parameters, Java crate a constructor but with an empty body. However, when we initialize values to our class, we pass these values through a set of parameters.

However, you have to remember that Java constructors must have the exact name of their respective classes. Further, they must not return any value.

The program below is the version for computing pay with the application of constructor.

/*Sample program on methods
public class ComputePayCallingConstructor <

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException <
double xhrate;
double xhrsworked;
double xtdeductions;
String name;
String position;
String payperiod;

BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

System.out.println(“Input employee’s name:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s position:”);

System.out.println(“Input payroll period:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s hourly rate:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s hours worked:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s total deductions:”);

ComputePayConstructor myObject=new ComputePayConstructor(xhrate,xhrsworked,xtdeductions);

System.out.println(“Payroll Period:”+payperiod);
System.out.println(“Hourly Rate:”+xhrate);
System.out.println(“Hours worked:”+xhrsworked);
System.out.println(“Employee’s Net Pay: “+myObject.compute());

/*Sample program on methods
//called by ComputePayCallingConstructor
public class ComputePayConstructor <

double netpay;
double hrate;
double hrsworked;
double tdeductions;

ComputePayConstructor(double hr, double hw, double td)

Another Sample of Java Methods

Since Java is an extended procedural – programming paradigm, it employs the use of methods to break down the task. A method can be defined just before or after the main method. Regardless of the number of methods defined, it is always the main method that is searched and applied.

A method may return or not a value but should a method must return a value, then, the appropriate data type must be used.

A sample program below shows the use of method compute to return the required value for computing a pay.

/*Sample program on methods
public class ComputePayQuiz <

public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException <
double hrate;
double hrsworked;
double tdeductions;
String name;
String position;
String payperiod;

BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
ComputePayQuiz myObject=new ComputePayQuiz();

System.out.println(“Input employee’s name:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s position:”);

System.out.println(“Input payroll period:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s hourly rate:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s hours worked:”);

System.out.println(“Input employee’s total deductions:”);

System.out.println(“Payroll Period:”+payperiod);
System.out.println(“Hourly Rate:”+hrate);
System.out.println(“Hours worked:”+hrsworked);
System.out.println(“Employee’s Net Pay: “+myObject.compute(hrate,hrsworked,tdeductions));

double compute(double hr, double hw, double td)
< netpay= (hr*hw) - td;
return netpay;

School Reach – out Activities

It few days’ time, December shall overwhelm everyone and with this Christmas holiday spirit, most establishments start their holiday reach out activities. I remember in my old school, we would start collecting used clothes, toys, books and goodies to send to our adopted communities including a day care center.

Now, that I am separated from that school and just work for part – time arrangement, I can only suggest that school reach – out activities can be made.

For one, I had convinced my SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS community to extend a Christmas reach – out to a local community. We can only hope that medical and dental mission can be done too to help the community with their health issues including human growth hormone needs. If you want to read more about human growth hormone, click here to learn more about hgh and be more informed and personally responsible.

In the spirit of holidays, we can only be hopeful, generous and kind to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

College Jokes: Tips for Surviving College

* Minimize food budget by scheduling classes around Happy Hour.
* Enjoy being a Sophomore — It will be the best three years of your life.
* Wear an athletic cup to panty raids, because it’s all fun and games until someone loses their ‘nads.
* Lemon juice and baking soda make an excellent bong water stain remover.
* Earn extra cash by parlaying chemistry knowledge into lucrative “home pharmaceuticals” business.
* If an 8:00 am class is required for your major, change your major.
* Boring lecture? Start a wave!
* College-level algebra: 5 returnable bottles = 1 delicious Ramen Noodle dinner.
* “I Phelta Thi” is *not* a real fraternity, except at state colleges.
* Remember – almost no one complains when you puke in a dumpster.
* Clever margin manipulation can turn a 4-page outline into a 100-page senior essay.
* Football games were never meant to be observed by sober people.
* Don’t think of it as sleeping with your professor — think of it as “acing Biology.”
* In a pinch, milk can be used as a beer substitute in your breakfast cereal.


Problem With Java Software

I had my Eee PC notebook reformatted as I experience various problems including low performance and occasional dead state.

And, although I had all my works saved and secured, the needed software however are to be installed. Now, I am having trouble finding the right software to install for my old files.

As soon as I am free and available, I shall however find ways to solve this software issues and get back to my usual works again. One thing I learn from doing business and teaching at the same time is the fact that 24/7 is simply not enough to do all the task I should do. For now, I can only manage my schedule and get all my senses running again.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Make Your School Travel Easy

Just recently, we went to Manila Ocean Park with the rest of the family to experience adventure. So, we booked for marine show, oceanarium, water fountain dance and some jelly fish exhibits. The Ocean Park was packed with students on their educational tours while there were a few independent tourists.

In the course of educational tours, it is quite imperative that we consider few practical tips to make the field tour knowledgeable and fun.

Thus, with the right travel servicing and organized travel schedules, then, you can make the tour more convenient. As for us, we had to commute from one taxi to another making us to walk for a few meters to catch a cab. We wish to just acquire rv financing to make the travel easier.

We wish to bring the kids next time, so, they can enjoy the trip more.

College Jokes: How To Have Free Study

After the college boy delivered the pizza to Bud’s trailer house, Bud asked, “What is the usual tip?”
“Well,” replied the youth, “this is my first trip here, but the other guys say if I get a quarter out of you, I’ll be doing great.”
“Is that so?” snorted Bud. “Well, just to show them how wrong they are, here’s five dollars.”
“Thanks,” replied the youth, “I’ll put this in my school fund.”
“What are you studying?” asked Bud.
The lad smiled and said, “Applied psychology.”

source: Jokes –

How to Limit Your Chances to Switch Courses

Just recently, I had a chit – chat with my old student before and during the course of conversation, he happened to tell me that he shifted course after two years or so in an his prior course.

The shift in course is quite difficult and expensive since students who switched courses not only wasted a lot on their old courses but they also wasted their time and efforts pursuing the wrong course.

So, how do we exactly avoid this switch – course issues? I can only cite these practical ways:

  • Know your interests. It is quite difficult to pursue a degree that is way boring or uninteresting for you. This is normally the case for those who pursue courses out of parental and social pressures. So, a reflection of what you love to learn and attend to everyday matters a lot.
  • Know your mental and physical capacities. Sometimes, the interest and inclinations are not matched by the students’ academic skills. Thus, in spite of all hard work, students come short manifested normally on the grades acquired.
  • Know your budget. Budget normally is one of the major reasons why students drop from school. So, finding other means like scholarships, loans and jobs can somehow address these problems.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting

Practically every entity, commercial or otherwise, goes through online to sell and / or promote services and products to anyone in local and international arena. And, with this boundless territory, the online reader can search through one site to another.

But, if you own and run a website, it is quite imperative that your site runs 24 hours for 7 days without the technical glitches, so, you reach your readers and potential consumers with ease and speed. Studies show that it takes only less than 10 seconds to capture a site reader, so, if your site takes time to load, your reader shall opt to look for the next viable website.

So, if you need a webhosting for your personal or commercial websites, it pays to consider the following:

1. Price – Some web hosting provider offer free hosting services but with hosting costs, these free host providers have to cover operational fees, thus, forced advertisements may be embedded into your sites. There are legitimate web host reviews too that compares top hosting services in terms of their prices, features, services and perks. Using these bases for assessments, you won’t go wrong with your hosting provider.

2. Reliability – From the reviews, get only the sites that offer 95% or higher rates for full satisfaction. Your online transactions are made to be done, accurate, safe and reliable 24/7 otherwise you lose the trust and confidence of your clients and other stakeholders.

3. Bandwidth – This is measured in terms of the quantity of files transferred when your viewers load your site. Thus, a too – long – to – load website is bound to fail customer satisfaction and web hosting standards.

4. Disk Space – Some web hosting providers offer unlimited disk space but don’t be swayed with this perk because normally a 5MB space is enough to cover 120 web pages with associated files. So, if your website seems to be not using too many files, then, big spaces are unmaximized.

5. Other Features – if you need services like Email, MySQL, FTP, CPanel among others, then, consider these from your web hosting providers. Web hosting providers specifically ipage offers top web hosting services.

Online Instruction

Since I have been away from school because off illness and vacation, I have been absent for a over a week and this pretty means catching up with the missed academic contents.

While I started my make – up class before I left school, my measles restrained me from continuing my make – up classes. So, I left some instructions for the students through my immediate boss and an announcement in our Yahoo group account.

If given the time, in spite of the distance, my students and I can do video conferencing to cover academic contents but my vacation consumes me.

So, come next Tuesday, I shall be up and running again as a teacher. For the meantime, I have to check my students’ quizzes from our group account and emailed address.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Make Your School Days Vibrant

Education – oriented institutions like CHED and DEPED want to make sure that schools from different levels inculcate among their students the right values of integrity, service and excellence.

And, to make sure that students are given the right exposure to academic and social learning, schools upgrade their curriculums to match the demands of the industry and expose students to field trips, trainings and seminars, and other social events.

So, to make a well – deserved stay in school, students must join academic and social events, employ entertainment gadgets like iPad, MP3 with mp3 speakers and laptops to name a few.

We can only be in school for a few years and while schooling means hard work for most part, there are a good number of ways to make sure that school days remain vibrant and interesting.

Employ Various Teaching Strategies

Experts suggest that there are different learning styles for different students and to make learning more effective, teachers can be vigilant of how each student may better learn. This maybe an expensive way of teaching and may be difficult to apply to a group of 40 students per class.

While it is typical that lecturing is used as primary teaching style, teachers can use varied strategies to make the students appreciate and internalize more academic contents.

In the National Research Council’s 1999 release of How People Learn, it reveals that:

  • People learn more by actively participating in observing, speaking, writing, listening, thinking, drawing and doing;
  • Learning is enhanced when a person sees potential implications, applications and benefits to other; and
  • Learning builds on current understanding including misconceptions.
  • team teaching
  • boardwork
  • group reporting
  • laboratory
  • discussion
  • and more

Java’s Static Methods

A Java method can be of type static and unlike an instance method where the object has to be used to call it, a static method must be prefixed with a class name.

An example below from further illustrates the illustration and call of static methods.
[+/-] show/hide

Java static method example
This Java Example shows how to declare and use static methods inside
a java class.

public class StaticMethodExample <

public static void main(String[] args) <

int result = MathUtility.add(1, 2);
System.out.println(“(1+2) is : ” + result);

* To declare static method use static keyword.
* Static methods are class level methods and can not access any instance
* member directly. However, it can access members of a particular object
* using its reference.
* Static methods are generally written as a utility method or it performs
* task for all objects of the class.

public static int add(int first, int second)
return first + second;

Thursday, November 18, 2010

When Teachers Get Sick

I am currently sick of German measles and since this is a viral disease, I can only be house arrested for a week, so, not to contaminate my students and fellow school colleagues. And since I only work parttime, my absence constitutes no pay unless I do my make – up class. Good thing, my illness does not require any expensive medication or treatment, only isolation and paracetamol.

It is indeed in the time of health needs that health insurances like Blue Cross Blue Shield NC can be quite preferred. Health bills on medications, laboratory tests and alike can be monstrous and if we have no health insurances, we can swarmed more in unwanted costs and anxiety.

I only hope that my one week of absence shall help me get recharged for a new semester’s of work and the students can still attend to their subject requirements. As a teacher, I quite detest to be absent because I shall be missing my students and they shall miss more from their required learning. I just have to endure until I can be up and running again for teaching.

Calling Several Java Methods

Java can have several methods inside its body and regardless of the number of methods defined and called, the main method is always the first method searched and executed.

The sample program below calls two other methods that need to return values to their calling method, the main.

import javax.swing.*;
public class Salary <

double tdeductions;
double netpay;
public static void main(String args[])<

String name=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input employee’s name”);

String GrossPay=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input employee’s Gross Pay”);
String SSS=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input employee’s SSS”);
String PH=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input employee’s Philhealth”);
String Others=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input employee’s Other deductions”);

double xGrosspay=Double.parseDouble(GrossPay);
double xSSS=Double.parseDouble(SSS);
double xPH=Double.parseDouble(PH);
double xOthers=Double.parseDouble(Others);
Salary x = new Salary ();

JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,”Name:”+name+”\nGross Pay”+xGrosspay+”\n SSS:”+xSSS+”\n Philhealth”+xPH+”\nOther deductions “+xOthers+”\n Deductions:”+x.computeDeductions(xSSS,xPH,xOthers)+”\n Net Pay:”+x.computeNetPay(xGrosspay));

double computeDeductions(double aSSS, double aPH, double aOthers)
return tdeductions;

double computeNetPay(double aGrosspay)
netpay=aGrosspay – tdeductions;
return netpay;

Bill to Upgrade Salary of Philippine Public Teachers

When I first asked my parents to let me pursue education course, you bet they had their strong objection simply because teacher’s salaries were and remain the smallest compared to other occupations. Thus, I pursued computer education but chose to teach as my profession.

A public teacher for an entry level takes only around PHP 15,649.00 for a monthly pay compared to other non-degree – required call center agent of PHP 15,000.00 – 25,000.00. No wonder, teachers have loans from all types of credit companies. And, with all the hard works of teachers in and out school, indeed the present pay is way too insufficient and degrading.

Thus, the House Bill 2142 or known as “The Public School Teachers’ Salary Upgrading Act” by ACT Teachers Partylist Rep. ANtonio Tinio, is only timely and imperative. The bill shall intend to upgrade the salary from monthly PHP 15,649.00 to PHP 24,887.00 of all elementary and secondary teachers nationwide.

The government fund’s top priority is education but with the number of school teachers, facilities and alike, the fund simply needs a boost. Then, perhaps, with the increased pay, the quality education can be complementary improved.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Should Teachers Accept Gifts

It is not unusual that teachers may accept gifts from their students, parents and others who appreciate their efforts. Personally, I would love to receive flowers and other stuffs during Teacher’s Day from my students. But, I appreciate more the kind words that they say after graduation that I actually touch their lives in the small time that I was with them as their teacher.

Accepting gifts like flower, chocolates, food freebies, theater tickets, or promo discounts like best cigar deals may not pose a problem but sometimes, this becomes an issue when the gifts would require complementary action like passing marks or special favors.

Only teachers and students can really identify the motive of the gifts. If the gift – giving requires payback, I suggest, that gifts are rather refused. But, if the gift – giving is of sincere appreciation, teachers can only be grateful and appreciative.

Practical and Smart Tips to Make Teaching Works Lighter

Teaching is an easy but very draining job since you are most of the time indulged in paper works. More importantly, you drain your energy teaching your subject content to several students per subject per room.

Depending on the number of workloads, teaching can be lighter or simply hell of a burden. So, how we can really make our teaching job less difficult? I can only cite these easy – to – follow tips:

1. Prepare visual aids to make the topic more comprehendable and letting you reuse the aids at different times;

2. Delegate tasks to students like assigning someone to check attendance;

3. Check papers as they come or assign short – interval dates to check your papers. Don’t wait for your papers to pile up.

4. Make use of technology like internet and other software to aid you in your instruction.

5. Prepare classroom activity (like group or field works) other than lecture or discussion to make your lecture time less but equally produces significant impact.

6. Have the right motivation. Teaching is both draining and underpaid but what can be more noble than the fact that you have the opportunity to touch lives.

7. Simply have fun with your job and with your students, then, all your works become more worthwhile.


I have been teaching for more than a decade and while school is most of the time tiring and draining, there can be days when I wish I can just have fun. So, I found this fun stuffs that professors can on their first day of classes although I can’t possibly a few.


1. Bring a CPR dummy to class and announce that it will be the teaching assistant for the semester. Assign it an office and office hours.

2. Point the overhead projector at the class. Demand each student’s name, rank, and serial number.

3. Tell students that you’ll fail them if they cheat on exams or “fake the funk”.

4. Announce that you need to deliver two lectures that day, and deliver them in rapid-fire auctioneer style.

5. Pick out random students, ask them questions, and time their responses with a stop watch. Record their times in your grade book while muttering “tsk, tsk”.

6. Wear a hood with one eyehole. Periodically make strange gurgling noises.

7. Sneeze on students in the front row and wipe your nose on your tie.

8. After confirming everyone’s names on the roll, thank the class for attending “Advanced Astrodynamics 690” and mention that yesterday was the last day to drop.

9. After turning on the overhead projector, clutch your chest and scream “MY PACEMAKER!”

10. Wear a pointed Kaiser helmet and a monocle and carry a riding crop.

11. Gradually speak softer and softer and then suddenly point to a student and scream “YOU! WHAT DID I JUST SAY?”

12. Announce to students that their entire grades will be based on a single-question oral final exam. Imply that this could happen at any moment.

13. Deliver your lecture through a hand puppet. If a student asks you a question directly, say in a high-pitched voice, “The Professor can’t hear you, you’ll have to ask *me*, Winky Willy”.

14. Bring a small dog to class. Tell the class he’s named “Boogers McGee” and is your “mascot”. Whenever someone asks a question, walk over to the dog and ask it, “What’ll be, McGee?”

15. If someone asks a question, walk silently over to their seat, hand them your piece of chalk, and ask, “Would YOU like to give the lecture, Mr. Smartypants?”

16. Every so often, freeze in mid sentence and stare off into space for several minutes. After a long, awkward silence, resume your sentence and proceed normally.

17. Wear a “virtual reality” helmet and strange gloves. When someone asks a question, turn in their direction and make throttling motions with your hands.

18. Wear mirrored sunglasses and speak only in Turkish. Ignore all questions.

19. Ask students to call you “Tinkerbell” or “Surfin’ Bird”.

20. Pass out dental floss to students and devote the lecture to oral hygiene.

21. Announce that the entire 32-volume Encyclopedia Britannica will be required reading for your class. Assign a report on Volume 1, Aardvark through Armenia, for next class.

22. Play “Kumbaya” on the banjo.

23. Have a band waiting in the corner of the room. When anyone asks a question, have the band start playing and sing an Elvis song.

24. Ask occassional questions, but mutter “as if you gibbering simps would know” and move on before anyone can answer.

25. Mention in passing that you’re wearing rubber underwear.

26. Show a video on medieval torture implements to your calculus class. Giggle throughout it.

27. Announce “you’ll need this”, and write the suicide prevention hotline number on the board.

28. Ask the class to read Jenkins through Johnson of the local phone book by the next lecture. Vaguely imply that there will be a quiz.

29. Have one of your graduate students sprinkle flower petals ahead of you as you pace back and forth.

30. Turn off the lights, play a tape of crickets chirping, and begin singing spirituals.

31. Jog into class, rip the textbook in half, and scream, “Are you pumped? ARE YOU PUMPED? I CAN’T HEEEEEEAR YOU!”

32. Ask for a volunteer for a demonstration. Ask them to fill out a waiver as you put on a lead apron and light a blowtorch.

33. Ask students to list their favorite showtunes on a signup sheet. Criticize their choices and make notes in your grade book.

34. Have a grad student in a black beret pluck at a bass while you lecture.

35. Sprint from the room in a panic if you hear sirens outside.

36. Warn students that they should bring a sack lunch to exams.

37. Refer frequently to students who died while taking your class.

38. Show up to lecture in a ventilated clean suit. Advise students to keep their distance for their own safety and mutter something about “that bug I picked up in the field”.

39. Begin class by smashing the neck off a bottle of vodka, and announce that the lecture’s over when the bottle’s done.

40. Growl constantly and address students as “matey”.

41. Devote your math lecture to free verse about your favorite numbers and ask students to “sit back and groove”.

42. Announce that last year’s students have almost finished their class projects.

43. Inform your English class that they need to know Fortran and code all their essays. Deliver a lecture on output format statements.

44. Wear a feather boa and ask students to call you “Snuggles”.

45. Tell your math students that they must do all their work in a base 11 number system. Use a complicated symbol you’ve named after yourself in place of the number 10 and threaten to fail students who don’t use it.

46. Address students as “worm”.

47. Stop in mid-lecture, frown for a moment, and then ask the class whether your butt looks fat.

48. Claim to be a chicken. Squat, cluck, and produce eggs at irregular intervals.

49. Give an opening monologue. Take two minute “commercial breaks” every ten minutes.

50. Of course, the most fun thing to do on the first day of class is to enjoy yourself, sleep in, and let the students wonder if they found the right room!

Teach Right Values to Students

It is the hope of every school that its students and graduates shall exemplify the ideals of their schools, that they become responsible and honest individuals in the community and lastly, that they can contribute to the society’s development.

Thus, academic learning and values education are equally important. Needless to say, students and academicians should intrinsically value honest personal and social development.

We can all learn from our ancestors and from other individuals who create a big difference in the history of society from their simple and humble actions.

We can only enforce wide – berth of readings which include social, political and health issues including apidexin reviews to make sure that our students become open – minded and exposed to real national and global issues.

It is hoped that students can indeed draw a different direction for the greater public, then, perhaps all our fallen heroes can rejoice.

Easy Java Data Entry using Java GUI Components

Java can both support command and GUI data entry. But, for those who are newbie in Java, GUI JOptionPane.showInputDialog can be an easier command to use.

Below is the sample program that uses GUI command to replace command streams like BufferedReader for data entry.

* @author Rose
/*Sample program on methods
import javax.swing.*;
public class TuitionMethodv3 <
double tuition;
double tunits;
double unitprice;

String name;
String course;

void setName(String xname) <

void setCourse(String xcourse) <

void setUnitPrice(double xunitprice) <

void setTotalUnits(double xtunits) <

String getName() <
return name;

String getCourse() <
return course;

double getUnitPrice() <
return unitprice;

double getTotalUnits() <
return tunits;

public static void main(String args[]) <

TuitionMethodv3 myObject=new TuitionMethodv3();

String myname=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input your name:”);
String mycourse= JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input your course:”);
String totalunits=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input tuition units:”);
String unitrate=JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null,”Input unit price:”);

double mytunits=Double.parseDouble(totalunits);
double myuprice=Double.parseDouble(unitrate);


JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,”Name: “+myObject.getName()+”\nCourse: “+myObject.getCourse()+”\nTotal Units: “+myObject.getTotalUnits()+”\nUnit Price: “+myObject.getUnitPrice()+”\nDue Tuition: “+myObject.compute());

No Schools and Works on November 16

November 16, 2010 is marked as a Muslim holiday requiring private and government establishments to close in union with the Muslim community.

While I have no classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am however glad that it shall be a non – working holiday making students and employees rest for the day.

But, what do Muslims celebrate on November 16, 2010? We call it the Eid – Al – Adha or Feast of the Sacrifice and Holidaypedia define as follows:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teacher on Make – Up Class

I shall be on a short trip again and since the trip is scheduled between classes I can only arrange a make – up schedule with my superiors and students to cope with the missed classes.

I have to fill 18 hours of lecture and laboratory meetings with my three subjects and the added work shall be a big burden since it means longer working time for two weeks.

The trip in two weeks shall be a trip with my parents and a reunion with my younger sibling. I hope during the trip I can find some lovely personalized gifts to give my loved ones.

My students shall indeed welcome the absence although they have to be patient with our make – up classes. And, with upcoming prelims exam, I can only do the make – up class earlier.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Oracle

Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You try to never hurt people with your jokes.

You are the type of person who does well with math, writing, and other academic subjects. You are a good student.

You have fun when you’re doing something new. You crave novelty and different experiences.

Classes on the Run

Last November 8, we officially started our second semester and while I have only 18 contact hours for three days a week, I find the job lighter than last semester since I have only one subject preparation.

The school however still accepts adding and changing of subjects until November 16 and enrolment can run until Friday next week.

Personally, I find second semester shorter than first semester because of the too many holidays. Specifically, Philippines has the following national holidays this 2010:

2010 2011
New Year’s Day 1 Jan 1 Jan
People Power Day 22 Feb 22 Feb
Valour Day 9 Apr 9 Apr
Good Friday 2 Apr 22 Apr
Easter Sunday 4 Apr 24 Apr
Labour Day 1 May 1 May
National Flag Day 28 May 28 May
Independence Day 12 Jun 12 Jun
Manila Day 24 Jun 24 Jun
Hero’s Day 31 Aug 31 Aug
All Saints’ Day 1 Nov 1 Nov
Bonifacio Day 30 Nov 30 Nov
Christmas Day 25 Dec 25 Dec
Rizal Day 30 Dec 30 Dec
New Year’s Eve 31 Dec 31 Dec

data source:

Our school vacation time shall start December 20 until November 3, 2010. Then, after this semester, summer vacation shall commence. I am pretty sure students and teacher can only be happier.

Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

There are different web hosting providers who offer various features for personal and commercial use. If you don’t want to pay hosting costs, there are free web hosting that you can hook up with. However, the free use may mean limited access, unwanted advertisements, poor speed, restrained control and limited space. But, if these downsides are not at all a problem, then, free web hosting like WebsiteHostFree among others can be used.

But, if you want to maximize your hosting services and make the most of your money, you can evaluate these criteria before picking the best web hosting provider.

1. Price – If you or your business is concerned with annual costs, then compare prices among different web host providers. Compare the perks and services each provider includes in its package. Does the package provide faster speed, bigger space, wider site and file control among others? You can check for cheap hosting providers to see if they are really worth it.

2. Reliability – You don’t want to lose any important business transaction or personal downtimes when your readers try to access your sites but unaccessible most of the time. Thus, consider reading different web hosting reviews for better informed decision. Go only for 95% reliability rate or higher for assured and constant online presence.

3. Bandwidth – Bandwidth is measured by the quantity of files transfered when readers visit your site. Thus, if your site takes time to load, your potential readers may simply leave your site for faster website. You can check from web hosting provider reviews for best web hosting service that offers greater bandwidth.

4. Disk Space – Disk space requires costs; thus, don’t be swayed by too big space or unlimited space because for one, you may not need a bigger space for your website. A site that roughly has 200 pages and other files may just need 5MB of space.

5. Technical Support – Does the web hosting provider give 24/7 customer assistance?You can check this through sending an email or a support form during weekend or late evenings and see how fast and quality are their responses.

6. Access and Control – Does the web host provider gives you authority to use FTP, CPanel, PHP, Email, MySQL, TelNet and other technical features which can give help you improve your website and provide better client dynamics?

It is then imperative that we read web hosting reviews since they give better gauge as to the best web hosting providers in the field. We can’t settle for anything less.

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