why are blunts called l

Why do they call blunts “L”?

lil wayne always says “roll another L”

or smoke another L.

but what does L stand for?

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Alright, L’s stand for Log, people also call it blunt because if you search the origin of the word “Blunt”, it means a wood stick, and thats same thing with log which is a wood stick. Because the color of the cigar papers are brown which is similar to wood thats why.


Im from Brooklyn and here we say roll a l it means roll a blunt because it is shaped like a lower case “l” I never smoked joints, always dutches. and we always said roll an “l” or a blizeeee or a blunt, depending on the mood or day.

They call them blunts because you hallow out a Philly blunt cigar and replace with marajuana.

An L is a marijuana joint, created with 2 papers that before rolled, has an L shape to it, but normally the L is on its side with the long side going across instead of going up and down, and the smaller end going up and down, then you put the marijuana (preferably mixed with tobacco) in the L, roll it, then enjoy your L joint.

Contrary to popular believe, it’s not technically a blunt, a blunt is a cigar re-rolled with marijuana, or you can just buy an already non-rolled blunt paper, an L is a good stepping stone to a blunt, you can fit 1g-1.5g in an L, whereas a blunt can go 3g-5g.

lil wayne always says "roll another L" or smoke another L. but what does L stand for?