wholesale paper shopping bags nyc

Custom Personalized Paper Shopping Bags

Modern Arts Manufactures an Extensive Assortment of Award Winning Custom Retail Paper Shopping Bags, Paper Euro Tote Retail Bags, Twisted Paper Handle and Recycled Kraft Paper Gift Bags. Buy Factory Direct at Wholesale Prices!

Custom Paper Shopping Bags – Printed & Personalized with Your Brand’s Logo or Customized Graphics

Custom paper shopping bags are the best advertising value for your dollars. Much less expensive than traditional media, people actually advertise your brand for you. They become walking billboards as they tote bags with your name and graphics around town and around the world. And the more interesting the design- the more attention it will draw. People will notice your paper shopping bags in NYC and in Hong Kong. For over 45 years ModernArts has manufactured great design in packaging. We offer a wide variety of styles, structures and materials. And if you are buying smaller quantities or bulk paper shopping bags; size large or small paper shopping bags – we can meet your needs. Need a rush delivery order for paper shopping bags? Check out our in-stock wholesale paper shopping bags.

And when it comes to wholesale paper shopping bags – we offer great values. Whether your interest is in cosmetic or retail paper shopping bags; recycled paper shopping bags; traditional paper shopping bags with handles; brown or white kraft paper shopping bags; Die-cut handle paper bags; tin tie coffee bags; single-strap apple bags; flat or square bottom merchandise bags – we do it all. Check-out our styles, fill out a request for quotation, and find out just how cost efficient custom paper shopping bags can be – not to mention what they can carry.

Offering a wide range of custom paper shopping bags at wholesale. Gift bags, Euro totes, paper shopping bags.

Wholesale paper shopping bags nyc

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Hot-Stamping is a process which transfers your image on to the bags using a foil (either metallic, gloss or matte) using heat and pressure. There are a couple of benefits to using hot stamp printing, one is the luxurious finish of the metallic foil options. These metallic options can easily change the perceived value of a natural kraft bag which is value priced to be that of a high end product. The shine of the metallic also makes people give the bag a “second-look”. Another benefit, is that, unlike ink, the foil colors, whether they are metallic, gloss or matte, print solid images. In other words, hot stamp foils lay down on top of the bag surface opaque. Whereas, ink will absorb onto paper surfaces and the color intensity is not as rich. Click here for a complete list of available hot stamp imprint colors.

Ink Printing is a very cost-effective way to brand on your bags.
Results vary depending on the material on which the ink is over-printed. Unlike hot-stamping foils, which lay down on the printed material solid, true representation of the pantone ink color can only be achieved when printing on white bags. When printing on kraft bags the ink color, particularly lighter colors, will alter as a result of combining with the darker background of the kraft. We always recommend using dark inks on lighter background options for the best results. If a color combination is not suitable, we will advise. Click here for a complete list of available ink imprint colors.

Multi Colored Ink Printing , 100% graphic coverage, including printing in the side gussets is available by quotation. This type of printing is done on the bag paper first, and then the bag is converted. The minimum is 5000 bags per size.

Color and Design Sells! When you need a little help w ith design, GoGoPak can put together a presentation that will reinforce a brand.

Customers Carry A Message! Whatever message or story you would like your packaging to tell, GoGoPak can help create packaging that truly inspires!

Many Standard Sizes to Choose From! These great sizes of shopping bags are perfect for packing all sorts of purchases! Additional sizes are available by custom quotation. If you don’t see the size you need here, please contact [email protected] for specifications and pricing.

Paper Selection. We offer a simple assortment of papers including all the options you need to make your shopping bag dreams come true. When you need a little shine, or complex four color process, our 73# White Claycoat is perfect. and when you need an earth friendly recycled sheet, we’ve got that covered too!

Paper stocks:

  • 73# White Claycoat
  • 63# 100% Recycled Natural (90% post consumer/10% post industrial)
  • 63# 100% Recycled White Kraft (50% post consumer/50% post industrial)
  • 58 & 63# 50% Recycled (40% post consumer/11% post industrial)
  • 58 & 63# White Kraft
Handle Chart. An assortment of twisted paper handle colors are available to create your paper shopping bag.

Custom Printed SINGLE BOTTLE WINE Paper Shopping Bags. Custom Print your name or logo on these economical earth-friendly, Made in USA shopping bags! ]]>