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Hylo Digital Herbal Vaporizer

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Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer

The Hylo Digital Herbal Vaporizer features precise temperature adjustment with its digital LED screen. No more guessing what temperature you are vaping your dry herbs at. Users are allowed to toggle anywhere from 300°-435° with just a press of a button. Being able to choose desired temperatures allows for vape temperature experimentation with the type of dry herbs user is using. LED display also shows the battery life and real time heat up temperature. Once desired vape temp is reached you are ready to go.

Equipped with a frosted quartz chamber bowl with a capacity of 0.4, allows for pure flavor of your dry herbs. The Hylo dry herb vape uses convention heating so there is no combustion. A convection vaporizer does not allow herbs to be in direct contact with heating element which allows heat to pass through the herbs evenly. Standing only 4.75” tall the Hylo personal vaporizer fits perfectly in your hand and is great when you are on the go. You won’t want to leave home without it

Cutting edge technology in the palm of your hand, the 3 heat settings of the Hylo Vaporizer are perfect for customized use. Free shipping on all orders $50+

Xtract Vaporizer

Xtract Concentrate Portable Vaporizer

The White Rhino Xtract is a compact wax vape pen that features a high-quality dual quartz atomizer. Equipped with a clear glass mouthpiece you are able to see your milky rich flavor rips. Standing only 5 inches tall the Xtract fit easily in your hand is pocket size for on the go vaping. Powered by a variable voltage battery you can choose the perfect heat up time to vape your waxy oil concentrates. The three different voltage options are 3.7v, 4.0v and 4.2v. The higher the voltage the faster the atomizer will heat up. You can choose a nice slow heat up time using the 3.7v or a quicker heat up time using 4.2v. It just depends on the type of wax concentrate you are using

The Xtract is a small portable vaporizer that is great when you need to vape on the go. Powered with dual quartz atomizer and variable voltage battery, this vape pen is even more powerful than its size.

Variable Voltage Battery Dual Quartz Atomizer Black Matte Finish Clear Glass Mouthpiece For Use with Concentrates ]]>