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(5) BOBO DREAD : a rastafarian sect based on the teachings of Prince Emanuel Edwards distinguished by turbin-like headdresses, flowing white robes and communal living (50) BODERATION : Boderation comes from the word bother and that's basically what it means. (29) BONG BELLY PICKNEY : a greedy child who ate too much. (13) BOOPS/BOOPSIE : Boops is a man, often older, who supports a young woman; boopsie refers to a kept woman (46) BOOYAKA. : As dancehall began to come into its own in the late 80’s, the word ‘booyaka’ sounded out in clubs and street parties. Though it’s meant to simulate the sound of gunfire, booyaka conveys applause or approval.

(5) BRAATA : a little extra; like the 13th cookie in a baker's dozen; or an extra helping of food. (5) BREDREN : one's fellow male Rastas (1) BRINDLE : to be angry (6) BRINKS : title given to a man who is supplying a woman with money (6) BUBU : fool. (5) BUCKY : home-made gun (2) slave (29) BUCKY MASSA : master over the slaves (29) BUD : bird. (14) BUFU-BUFU : fat, swollen, blubbery; too big; clumsy or lumbering.(5) BUGUYAGA : a sloppy, dirty person, like a bum or tramp. (5) BULL BUCKA : a bully (1) BULLA : a comon sugar and flour cookie or small round cake, sold everywhere in Jamaica. (5) BUMBA CLOT, (TO GET) BUN : to have one's spouse or girl/boy-friend cheat on oneself, to be cheated out of something (6) RAS CLOT, BLOOD CLOT : curse words (1) BUCK UP : meet (28) BUMBO : bottom; backside. A common curse word, especially in combination with CLOT (cloth), a reference to the days before toilet paper.

(5) BUTOO : a person of no class (53) BUN : burn (29) BUNGO : n. From Hausa bunga-bumpkin, nincompoop (7) BUNKS : to knock or bump against, from "to bounce" (5) BUNKS MI RES : catch my rest, take a nap. (5) BWOY : Boy (13) (THE) C AT : a woman's genitals (6) CALLALOU : A spinach stew. (6) CEPES : (n.) - beard (35) CERACE : a ubiquitous vine used for boiling medicinal tea, and for bathing. (2) very common, mild explanation expressing impatience, vexation or disappointment. (5) CHALICE or CHILLUM : a pipe for smoking herb, usually made from coconut shell or CHALEWA : and tubing, used ritually by Rastas (1) CHAMPION : female of sexual prowess (53) CHANT : (v.) - to sing, especially cultural or spiritual songs (35) CHEAP : just as cheap, just as well. (5) CHI CHI MAN : a gay man (6) CHIMMY : chamber pot. (5) CHO : very common, mild explanation expressing impatience, vexation or disappointment. cloth, an essential part of most Jamaican bad words, such as bumbo clot, rass clot, blood clot, etc. The essence of Jamaican cursing seems to be nastiness, rather than the blashemy or sexuality which is characteristic of the metropolitan countries. literally means a used tampon (31) COCO : a potato-like edible root, known elsewhere as the taro or the eddo. This is completely distinct from cocoa, usually called chocolate. Jamaicans use it to describe skin conditions that display bumps, warts or a scaly appearance. (49) COIL : money (6) COLD I UP : humiliate or be-little (29) COME DUNG : come down, get ready (as to prepare to play a tune) (6) COME EEN LIKE : to seem as if; to resemble. (5) CONTROL : to be in charge of, responsible for, to own; to take (1) COO 'PON : v. (7) pay attention (17) COOL RUNNINGS : usually used at a time of departure on a long journey meaning have a safe trip (31) COOLIE : the traditional Jamaican epithet for East Indians. It is never used It is never used for Chinese Jamaicans. It is not considered polite today anymore than the term nega, but it is still used widely in rural areas. (urban slang) ganja (7) COME YAH (cumyu) : come here. (17) CORK UP : jammed, filled, crowded (2) CORN : 1. a bullet (1) COTCH : verb (cotch up), to support something else, as with a forked stick; to balance something or place it temporarily; to beg someone a cotch, can be a place on a crowded bus seat or bench; or it may mean to cotch a while, to stay somewhere temporarily. (5) COTTA : a roll of cloth or vegetation placed on top of the head to cushion the skull from the weight of a head load.

(5) CRAB : aside from it's usual meaning, it is a verb meaning to scratch or claw. (5) CRAVEN : greedy (5) CRAVEN CHOKE PUPPY : someone who wants everything but when they get it , they can't manage it. CREATION STEPPER : means you step it in and throughout Babylon without fear - cuttin' edge, livin' on the edge, fear no foe. Lookin justice in the eye and saying, What are you doin ?"!! (29) CRIS : crisp; popularly used for anything brand-new, slick-looking. (5) CRISSARS : crisp, brand-new (2) CROMANTY : adj. from Corromantee, Blacks from the Gold Coast believed to be rebellious (7) CROCUS BAG : a very large sack made of coarse cloth, like burlap (10) CROSSES : problems, vexations, trials; bad luck, misfortunes.

(5) CRUCIAL : serious, great, "hard,", "dread" (1) CU : verb, look! (5) CU YU : To say "Look at you." To the person you are refering to. name of famous Maroon warrior; mn born on Monday, from Fante, Twi kudwo (7) CULTURE : reflecting or pertaining to the roots values and traditions highly respected by the Rastas (1) CUSS-CUSS : a quarrel or fracas, with lots of cursing. (5) CUT YAI : to cut your eye at somebody is a very common means of expressing scorn or contempt, for example; one catches the other person's eye, then deliberately turns one's own eyes as an insult. (5) You can also cut your eye at somebody in a friendly way.


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