what are the red hairs on weed

Are too many RED HAIRS a bad thing?

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This is the first I have ever heard of this. We have used Phosphorload and never noticed a problem with it. This might be another Marijuana Myth.

The red hairs are the dying pistils of the flowers during the final few weeks of a Marijuana plants life letting the grower know it’s getting close to harvest time.

Phosphor load is usually used within the first 3 weeks of flower, so I doubt it would have any impact on the hairs 5 – 8 weeks later.

Maybe someone else know more about this though.


Yeah, this has been driving me crazy, as I cut the phospho back significantly this time. I do have some heat issues, but run usually around 78 under the canopy. Don’t get the smelliest of final product, but I think I could also cure longer for better end results. But this red hair thing I am hearing, I hope some more people can shed some light.

Some other info I found. For those interestd

Pistils are what you people call “red hairs”. They are the pistillate portion – and EVERY flowering bud you recieve contains pistils. They contain moderate concentrations of CBN –.CBD. The Calyx is what the pistils emerge from , and is responsible for the majority of capitate stalked trichomes that result. These are really what makes bud potent. All ‘red hairs’ means is that the grower let the plant mature enough to allow the trichomes to become amber colored.

I have had someone recently telling me that too many red hairs are bad, and a sign of too hot a grow. Also, that phosphoload will induce too many red hairs…