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Cannabis Seeds from Amsterdam – Holland

Jamaican Lemonaze Lemon

Pearl X Shivaer Haze

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

The most effective method of germinating cannabis seeds requires only two saucers or plates and some moist tissue.

  • Line the bottom of the first plate with a few layers of wet tissue and drain any excess water from the plate.
  • Seeds should be placed on top of the tissue, allowing each seed as much space as possible.
  • Place another few layers of moist tissue on top of the seeds, again allowing excess water to drain off.
  • Lastly, cover everything with the second plate, upside down, to form a ‘clam-shell’ shape – this will create the dark, moist environment necessary for germination.

Cannabis Seeds, Autoflowering Marihuana Strains from Amsterdam & other Dutch Growers