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- Inline or Stemline - Found in stemless designs, it is a horizontal tube with either slits or grids on the top or bottom. Up or down grids give different amounts of chug, but about the same diffusion. - Tons of other designs have come about especially in recent years, with names like 'sprinkler', 'hex', 'cluster' and 'wheel' percs, and an amazing array of other designs and terms to match! While percs generally exist to diffuse the smoke as it flows through water, there are other additions to waterpipes that exist to cause the smoke to do other things with a similar intended purpose – ‘turbines’ and ‘Helix’ designs, for example, cause the smoke to spin, while Ice-Pinches and Ice-Disks create a restriction upon which ice cubes/pieces can be placed so that your smoke can pass through ice.

There are even attachments and designs that allow for you to put all or part of your bong in a freezer, causing a substance like an ‘ice pack’, generally containing something like glycerine, to freeze without the risk of damaging your glass. While bongs have been around for centuries now, they’ve only become popular in recent years. That’s primarily because the water filtration systems they feature now is a result of years of evolution aimed at making bongs convenient and highly efficient smoking. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Instead of throwing out your PBR cans after a night of partying, recycle one into an easy to use pipe! After the can is empty and rinsed out, simply dent the area to put tobacco on and poke small holes in the dent to allow smoke to pass through the can. Once the can is assembled, place the tobacco in the dented, makeshift bowl and light it!

Draw the smoke from the top of the can where you would usually drink the liquid from. Using the can method is good in a pinch, but tends to be a harsher hit and can get hot to the touch pretty quickly, so proceed with caution. A nectar collector consists of 3 main parts: Tip, Body, and Neck. These may be fused into a single piece, or modular for portability, interchangeability, and ease of cleaning. As your manifolded cannabis plant is growing in the vegetative stage, watch to make sure your canopy is staying flat, like a table. Check on plants at least twice a week; it’s really easy to train your plants if you’re checking on them regularly (takes just seconds) but it can be frustrating to try to train plants after their stems have already become hard and woody. Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light. Smoke Cartel Wholesale, formerly Glassheads Distribution, services both brick-and-mortar shops and fellow online retailers with a “Price Match Guarantee” plus dropshipping capability. Smoke Cartel Wholesale offers an “Open Ended Exchange Policy” allowing retailers to exchange stagnant products for store credit. We love herb grinders so much we dedicated our whole business to grinders. These grinders are great for herbs, weed, and tobacco. Built to last a lifetime we stand behind all of our products. But it’s not just any kind of light, UV-B light is bad for humans (we use sunscreen to protect ourselves from UV light from the sun) and can actually hurt plants, too. In fact, we believe trichomes may help protect the plant from UV-B rays, kind of like how humans get a tan. The G Pen Connect is small enough to fit in any pocket, and the magnetic tank cap allows for quick and easy setup. Despite its small size, the Connect will last for several back-to-back sessions on a single charge. The pass-through charging option allows you to charge the battery even while using the device. Although perfect for use at home, the G Pen Connect also comes with a handy hemp travel pouch for easy storage and transportation. Stigma has paralyzed psychedelic research for decades. Recapping the news and events in psychedelic technology in 2019 highlights the changing perspective. From this, we can get a clearer picture of where things are going. At this point, the growing knowledge base about psychedelics is revealing one thing: Several different paths need exploring, so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. You can check out some of their most recent collaborations here. When you buy a Blaze Glass bong, you are investing in a quality piece of work made from premium-grade, stress-relieved 3.1 borosilicate glass. The company claims that their glass is comparable to the Duran Glass used by industrial lab pieces like beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. Each piece has a minimum thickness of 5mm and uses a ground glass joint of 14.5mm or 18mm. Blaze is part of a larger brand (Near Dark) that has been one of the world’s leading providers of headshop equipment for over 20 years.

With the concentrates secured in a smaller area, there is less air that can make contact with them. This means that, once heated, the concentrates will retain heat better, remaining at the same temperature. An evolution of early vape pens, weed vape pens are most often shaped like writing pens—hence the name. The digital timer will display the present time accurately using a 24-hour clock (military time). The timer can control up to 8 groupings of on/off settings. The timer can also provide a random setting if required. There are many combinations such as hourly, daily, weekly and days of the week, for the on/off settings.

This timer has a built in battery backup to ensure your timer settings are saved in the event there is a power loss.


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