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The 10 Weed Essentials For Every Stoner

When it comes to smoking weed, it’s vital to always be strapped. No one wants to be unprepared for a blazing excursion, whether you’re at home, at a friends house or on the go.

Make sure you’re ready for any situation you may find yourself in throughout the day. Be the last stoner any of your friends need. If you play your cards right, the chances of your homies sparking you up become astronomically better.

Are you trying to be the very best, that no one ever was? To catch them is your real test, to train them is your cause. There are some things that a stoner should never go without if they want to live this life.

One hitter (preferably with a dugout)

While this may seem elementary, they really do come in handy especially when you’re trying to be low key and on the go. A one hitter typically comes disguised as a cigarette and should go undetected anywhere you are. A dugout is also helpful to have, not only to store your one-hitter, but your buds as well.

Roor bong (preferably with percs)

When it comes to bong pieces, every stoner needs a Roor. These pieces of art come big, small, short and tall. Hell, it doesn’t even matter which one you get, just know you’ll get super baked. Roor sets the standard in the industry with their amazing glass bongs, as 10 out of 10 stoners recommend this brand.

A lighter that isn’t white

Always have a lighter on deck. But never use a white one. This rule is as old as smoking weed itself. The legend goes that stoner reggae legend Bob Marley actually died while using one of these things. Can we confirm this? No. Are we going to take our chances? Hell no.

RAW rolling papers with filters

If you’re going to roll up, always reach for the RAWs. Similar to the Roor, they hold the standard in the game for the best quality and packaging. They even sell their own line of filters and a tray for you to roll up on. Now that’s customer care.

Ozium spray

Need to get rid of that ganja smell in your room before your parents come home? We all know Febreeze doesn’t work. If anything, it just layers with the weed to create a new hybrid weed smell. Ozium is scientifically proven to get rid of the must and make your home smell easy breezy beautiful. This works exceptionally well in your car as well. Just smoke a blunt, spray some ozium and roll down the windows for an air out and you should be Gucci.

Sometimes you just have to switch it up. Put yourself on wax by using the sleek, portable G-Pen. All you have to do is press the button, wait for the blue light and then take off. Don’t fall for these other fake brands trying to get you high. Buy your very own G-Pen here.

A reliable delivery service (edibles included)

Sure you can cop from your guy down the street and get another two dubs for $35, but sometimes you have to flex on these hoes. While delivery prices are usually inflated, you are paying more for the service if anything. Got a shorty at the crib, but you’re not trying to leave the crib to grab some buddha? Call Mr. Nice Guy! There’s a snow storm with 15 inches of snow on the ground? Mr. Nice Guy is on the way. And he usually comes with edibles. That’s what you call a win-win-win.

Access to a Volcano Vaporizer

Ever wonder what millionaires smoke? They’re called Volcanoes. Not only does this look like some kind of mad science experiment, but it requires minimal bud to get you super high. Put in just a dime of weed and watch as this giant weather balloon bag inflates with pure THC. Take a pull and lose your mind.

A jar/prescription bottle

Having a good jar is just as important as having some good weed. Mason jars will often do the trick, but get creative and see what kind of cool glasses you can find. Not only will you be masking the smell, but your weed won’t get flattened in your pocket making it optimal to crush up and pour in your blunt or bong.


A solid grinder is probably the most vital item that any stoner can possess. Breaking up with your hands can be a complete pain in the ass, especially when your weed is as sticky as mine. Cut that time down and make sure your ingredients are properly broken down for the optimal smoking experience. In most cases, the grinders come with kief catchers, which is like frequent flyer miles for your bud.

Bonus:В Shady places to smoke in public

The most important part of smoking — never get caught. Sometimes you have to take your talents to the public eye, so just know your surroundings and pick good spots to post up and burn one down. Always make sure to keep it moving and change up your spots every once in a while. Smoke mad weed and never get bagged by the cops. That’s the name of the game.

When it comes to smoking weed, it’s vital to always be strapped. No one wants to be unprepared for a blazing excursion, whether you’re at home, at a friends house or on the go. Make sure you’re ready for any situation you may find yourself in…

[UPDATED] Smoking Accessories – 20 Must-Have Essentials for a Beginner

[UPDATED] Smoking Accessories – 20 Must-Have Essentials for a Beginner

A Canna-sseur does not smoke pot but tastes its secrets, is our version of Dali on connoisseurship. As far in history, as the cannabis culture goes, the new generation is quick to catch up on it and so we see a rise in the number of enthusiastic novice smokers. Smoking accessories come in all shapes and sizes with the most innovative quirky designs these days, but an enthusiast will know to set their paraphernalia right from the beginning.

We’ve put together a list of beginner’s smoking accessories that are simple to start with yet approved by the aficionados, for an unmatched experience.

There are multiple smoking devices and tools that enhance your overall experience, making it simpler, cleaner, and efficient. From stash boxes to a simple pipe, looking for the perfect smoking tools without any expert guidance can be a little nerve-wracking. But these smart accessories are sure to make your experience as smooth as that grass.

Smoking Accessory 1: Lighters

It’s important to get the basics right and so we start with lighters. Have you ever forgotten a lighter in the middle of a road trip with nothing in sight? Well, I’m pretty sure we’ve all been bummed by a missing lighter in that hour of need at least once in our life. So it’s always advisable to keep a few, one for every place you imagine to light up. They are much better and convenient than matchsticks or other bygone options and are a smoking essential.

You can look through a range of lighters like Zippo, windproof torches, the small-sized necklace gas lighters or even the refillable ones. Just make sure to stock these cause’ you always lose them!

Smoking Accessory 2: Ashtrays

Those ashy dusty crumbs everywhere; come one, nobody likes that! Ashtrays are the receptacle for ashes while you indulge in your smoking session. They are made from fire-retardant material which includes plastic, glass, ceramic, stone, and even metal. You can get these in various types; from the lightweight ones which are travel-friendly, to the exotic and ancient ones to add them to the collectables.

If you’re not a regular smoker and roll a joint only once in a while, a plastic ashtray might be a good choice for you as they are cheap. On the other hand, for our blunt and joint lovers, you can get the more durable ones made from ceramic or metal.

Add them to your smoking accessories, and keep your smoking area squeaky clean.

Smoking Accessory 3: Herb Grinders

Crushing your herbs is an art and a test of patience. If you’re just starting to smoke up, you’ve no idea how infuriating it is to find a pile of cannabis buds, tobacco, or weed in their joint or cigarette. It ruins the experience, leaving you with a “blech” taste for the rest of the smoking sesh. It also leaves you with sticky fingers and smelly nails that makes it very difficult to hide it from your dad. Trust me, I have been there, and no, washing it 100 times with soap does not work.

Here’s where good herb grinders come into play. Herb Grinders do the same task without employing even half the efforts that go into grinding and not to forget the unmatched fine grind distributes the substance impeccably.

These usually come in a cylindrical shape, with two halves separated by sharp teeth. All you need to do is place the broken marijuana buds or the weed in them and rotate the two parts. The sharp pegs leave the substance finely shredded. You can proceed to use them in your rolling papers, brownies, or any other smoking accessory for a smooth toke. Oh, did I tell you they are quite cheap?

Here’s a little tip- Look for Aluminium, acrylic, or metal grinders, as they are extremely durable and last for years. If you’re looking to do something for the environment, you can look through our biodegradable herb grinder collection.

Smoking Accessory 4: Rolling Paper

Whether you want to smoke traditional tobacco, marijuana, or just weed, rolling papers are essential. They are thin sheets used to encase your choice of substance. You gotta explore your choices before finding that one rolling paper that just agrees with you.

The papers are commonly made of hemp, rice straw, wood pulp, or flax, lending different characteristics and experience to it. You can also choose the ideal size of your joint as these papers are available from Regular sized to Extra Large, generally between 70 to 110 millimetres long.

If you’re looking to experiment with these, you can also choose from a wide range of quirky flavours of black currant to chocolates. If you’re not a fan or rolling the joints, you can find a bunch of pre-rolled papers too!

Smoking Accessory 5: Roach Tips & Filters

Every cigarette needs a filter, and so does every joint and blunt. It is important because trust me, you don’t want to inhale the ash in the middle of a good toke.

Roach Tips are neatly rolled pieces of cardboard placed on the smoking paper and then rolled with it. They strengthen your “rollie” while making sure the end of the joint is not wet and soggy. It also gives a tight grip to the rolling paper while giving your fingers something to hold on to. You can find these in multiple sizes with a big roach being 8mm in diameter and usually 15mm in length. Roach Tips do not keep any smoke or tar away from your joints. If you want a cleaner hit, get a filter which is available plentiful in different material and sizes.

Smoking Accessory 6: Blunts

You already know the many types of rolling papers and the established brands that make them for you. Blunts are somewhat similar to your regular rolling papers, except they are made from tobacco, often flavoured and are stuffed or rolled with herbs or herbal mixtures and smoked.

Blunts have two layers, with the inner one made from tobacco pulp or leaves, and the outer layer is spiralled over the inner one. Their shape is more broad and rounded, which differs from the regular cigarette. They last for about five minutes and deliver a more potent hit than joints as they are made from tobacco leaves.

Smoking Accessory 7: Rolling Machine

You have your perfect size rolling paper and the desirable roach tip. You have shredded your herbs with the grinder but if you cannot roll them into a tight joint, your smoking experience won’t be good at all. This is where rolling machines come into action! It is one of the best smoking accessories for a beginner. With these machines, rolling the picture-perfect dream joint becomes a piece of cake or should we say brownie?

You just have to load the herbs and paper into it to get the most perfect, tightly rolled joint for you. Rolling machines are available in many different variants like the thumb rollers, the injectors, the cone fillers, and the electric rollers.

Smoking Accessory 8: Rolling Trays

This is another smoking essential, especially if you’re a lover of rollies. When you’re trying to roll a joint, things can get pretty messy which may also involve the loss of the precious amount of weed or cannabis. If you’re looking to roll your cigarette, a rolling tray is an essential smoking accessory. Rolling trays come in many sizes, unique and wacky designs that make the rolling process even more fun. Make sure they have a flat surface to get the joint rolling smooth. You can also find some trays with features like a stash holding station or storage. Save some and roll some with the trays!

Smoking Accessory 9: Bongs

Bongs are the most ancient smoking accessory you can get your hands on! And there is a reason they have stuck around for centuries!

If you’re someone who wants to ditch the smoking papers and cigarettes, bongs are the best type of investment you can make. The process of filtering smoke through water makes it stand out from the rest. It also involves a cleaner smoking experience as the harmful by-products and chemicals are filtered out by the water.

A less harsh smoke, a cleaner hit, and cool smoke, what more d’ya want?

Each bong contains a removable bowl holding the herb that is ignited. It has a stem that is attached to the water chamber, a percolator which cools down the smoke, a straight tube, and a beaker base from where the smoke is inhaled. Glass bongs are the dopiest as they give a clear mesmerizing view of the smoke forming and travelling straight into your mouth.

Smoking Accessory 10: Dab Rigs

Smoking dabs is taking your canna-love a notch higher cause these are more potent and have a heavier high than the one you experience from smoking dry herbs. The reason for their dank high is because they are a more concentrated version of your regular marijuana buds and flower. Using solvents, they are extracted from dry herbs, and the resultant is a sticky, oily textured substance called dabs. Other names also include shatter, budder, wax, and Butane Hash Oil(BHO), with each being more potent than the other and making you really, really stoned with just a few hits.

Dab Rig is the instrument which you use to consume dabs or concentrate. With a similar appearance to that of a bong, dab rigs also use water to filter out the smoke and deliver a smooth, cool vapour. It’s pretty simple to use too! All you have to do is heat the nail or the bowl until it is red-hot, and then scoop your concentrate and place it on the hot nail. Once they come in contact with one another, the heat makes it turn into vapour, which can then be inhaled via the mouthpiece. Quite easy, isn’t it?

Remember the hit from the dab rig can be intense so if you’re a novice toker, take it slow.

Smoking Accessory 11: Dabbing Accessories

Now if you’re dabbing, you absolutely need the accessories. Unlike dry herbs and flowers, you cannot use your deft fingers to do the job. Dabbing is an art, and you need the appropriate tools to experience the complete spectrum of dabbing.

Banger or Dab Nail is an essential piece of dab rigs that are placed into the downstem of your instrument. This shallow dish is the component to which you apply the heat and place your concentrate. Dab Nails come in different types, including glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz. All these are designed to withhold extreme temperature.

You would also need a tool to scoop out your sticky material since you cannot use your hands. These come in the form of a tiny flat spoon that makes it easier to handle the dabs and transfer them into the hot nail. You will also need many other accessories like a blowtorch, non-stick container, etc which can all be found on Olivastu.

Smoking Accessory 12: Smoking Pipe

Classic men like J. R. R. Tolkien and Arthur Conan Doyle came up with classic ideas such as Lord of the Rings and Sherlock Holmes smoking their classic pipes. Smoking a pipe is a leisure activity that involves relaxation and letting your mind wander. As a novice smoker, you may want to take your time to savour the moments and smoking pipe is the best way to do it. It’s extremely simple to use a smoking pipe, which has a compartment for the tobacco and a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. Make sure you keep your pipe clean and refrain from inhaling the smoke as it can be very unpleasant. You can choose from the widest range of glass pipe, and find the one that matches your style.

Smoking Accessory 13: One-hitters

One-hitters, as the name suggests is a small smoking experience that gives you one perfect hit. It is one of the best weed smoking accessories for lazy smokers who want a quick hit without going through the trouble. It is a small slender tube with a bowl on one end and the mouthpiece on another. You need to fill the bowl with your choice of herb, making sure it is tightly packed. A typical one-hitter can hold about 25 milligrams of cannabis or any other herb for the perfect smoking experience. Its small size makes it a perfectly discreet way to smoke the flower, while also controlling the dosage and stash. It also keeps things clean and can send anyone into smoker’s paradise within minutes.

Smoking Accessory 14: Bubblers

Bubbler is the love child of bongs and smoking pipes, giving the best of both the world. While its shape is quite similar to the pipe, it uses the water cooling mechanism of the bong. This means bubblers give a cleaner, smoother, and a better hit. It contains the same parts as bongs, with a bowl, a stem, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. Some of the advantages of bubblers are that they are more compact and portable than a full-sized bong. You can also find them in several eye-catching designs that add to the smoking experience.

Smoking Accessory 15: Pipe Screens

These are one of the most essential pipe smoking accessories for a clean smoke.
Pipe screens are metal mesh, cut into circular shapes which can be fitted inside the bowl of your smoking pipe. The help to keep large clumps of ash and herb from travelling up the pipe and into your mouth. It also prevents the formation of dottle, a wet and sour clump of tobacco that can potentially ruin a pipe.

Feel free to use these with your bongs and bubblers too, to help keep the smoke free from ash and herbs. You can choose between metal or glass pipe screens depending on your preference.

Smoking Accessory 16: Vape Pens

Vapes or E-cigarette have revolutionized the smoking experience, particularly for those who like to smoke along with nicotine. Used to smoke herbs, oils, and concentrates, it works by heating the substance, turning it into vapour, ready to be inhaled. As it uses convection or conduction method to produce smoke, Vape is considered cleaner, healthier, and smoother smoking experience. These come in several variants like dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, dual-use vaporizers, and e-liquid vapes. There are also available in various sizes including handheld vapes, vape & wax pens, and desktop vaporizers.

Smoking Accessory 17: E-liquids

To start with it, E-liquid, E-juice, and Vape Juice are the same thing. They are all used in E-cigarettes and Vapes, which are converted into flavoursome and smooth smoke through the conduction method. There are a large variety of liquids that are produced ranging from high nicotine strength blend to high VG blend.

The two main ingredients that make the vapour are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin(VG). Nicotine and flavour are the other two ingredients which are used to enhance the smoking experience. Vaping is considered safe as three of the E-juice ingredients are food graded substances with nicotine being extracted from tobacco plants.

Smoking Accessory 18: Storage Containers

It is important to keep your herbs and flowers fresh and crisp. To do so, you will need storage containers which will keep the moisture and other harmful effects away from the stash. You can get these in many different varieties like storage boxes, baggies, tubes, tubs, and smell-proof bags. Keep it fresh, with the best.

Smoking Accessory 19: Cleaning accessories

To indulge in a true smoke session, it is important to keep your smoking accessories clean and free from build-up residue. Many often, a dirty bong or smoking pipe leads to harmful toxins and smoke. Moreover, we all love a clean sparkling bubbler or a glass bong. From surface cleansers to the pipe cleaner, you can get your hands on all of the cleaning accessories to keep the toke smooth and fresh!

Smoking Accessory 20: Incense Stick/ Odour Eliminators

This is a weed smoker essential product!
Smoking weed entails an aroma that is not very welcoming and even disliked by a lot of people, especially if you’re consuming some dank cannabis strain with a skunky and pungent smell. Whether it is your girlfriend who complains to you about the ‘smell’ or you are smoking discreetly in your room, odour eliminators and incense sticks are your solutions.

These are specially made to get rid of the heavy smell that makes itself home in your smoking area. This can be unpleasant if you have some non-smoker guests coming over. Simply burn a terpene candle or a light up a Juicy Jay Incense stick and make your environment pleasant and welcoming.

Once you begin your journey with these essential smoking accessories, you will come up with many innovative and different designs and purposes of your own. So get creative and keep these handy while exploring others for a refreshing 420 experience. If you want any suggestions or have any questions, hit us up in the comments section below!

Whether you’re a novice smoker or a professional, everyone needs these smoking accessories to have an unmatchable experience. Click below to explore. ]]>