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The Best Weed-Related Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Updated Feb 12, 2019

People love podcasts. Despite the wealth of media available, the dominance of streaming services like Netflix, and the perennial appeal of books, folks just love to pop on headphones and fall into episodes of their favorite programs. And cannabis — that oft-debated, nap-inducing, mind-expanding herb — crushes it in the on-demand audio space. Given the growing industry and the large number of (often surprising) converts, it’s no surprise that new shows pop up regularly.

Over the past few years, pot pods have appeared en masse on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and other podcasting platforms, but their quality varies widely. If you’re a cannabis consumer, you know going in that you have some level of interest in the topic and you don’t want to waste hours surfing through half-baked programs looking to be engaged. To that end, we crafted a list of the ten best weed podcasts streaming right now.

Our focus was on programs with high entertainment and information levels. Some lean a bit more educational and some go the other direction, but none of them are pedantic or dry. Every host on this list is someone with whom you’ll want to get stoned and chat. So, listening to an episode is like a power hang with a bud. A really smart bud who wants to talk cannabis for an hour.

If you love one that we missed, hit us in the comments.

Getting Doug with High

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Comedian Doug Benson has branded himself successfully as a cannabis comedian with his stand up and the documentary Super High Me. But it’s the rotation of guests that make Getting Doug with High so good. Guests — who are usually fellow comedians — get high with Benson and participate in an interview. In addition to this aspect of the show, listeners learn a bit about strains and smoking accessories. Regular segments include High History (guests tell the story of the first time they got high), Pot Topics (Doug covers cannabis news), Pot Quiz Hop Shot (cannabis trivia questions), and #HeavyMonkey (Benson works to get guests to comment on the weight of a broken lighter shaped like a monkey). In past episodes, Benson brought out magician Gabe Dylan at the end of the show to perform magic for his extremely high guests.

If you have favorite comedians, check the back catalog because they’re probably in there. Greg Proops, Eric Andre, Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts, Tommy Chong, Kevin Smith, David Cross, Jack Black, and Andy Richter have all done the show. For the best experience, toke up before you listen and start with episode 114, featuring Tiffany Haddish and Simon Rex.

Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

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Looking for a cannabis podcast with a ton of content, then Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast is for you because The Dude, Scotty Real, and the DGC talk cannabis cultivation, humor, news, and cannabis culture every single morning. Given increasing legalization fo cannabis, more and more people are finding themselves in a position where they can grow weed legally for the first time, but a lot of those people have no idea how to get started or what to do when they hit roadblocks. This podcast is the answer. Between the large amount of information offered by the show and the option to ask the show’s host questions, growing becomes a breeze.

Episodes fall into different categories, like Wake & Bake and Grow Talk. If you are interested specifically in growing, we recommend part one and part two of episode 717, for some serious cultivation talk. It’s extremely informative. If you want more light banter and cannabis culture talk, try episode 759, which is all about Big Alcohol and Tobacco.

The Adam Dunn Show

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Sometimes, cannabis podcasts air erratically. Funny that, but The Adam Dunn Show is a reliable three-hours of content per week. One of the best weed podcasts available on iTunes, each episode goes in on cannabis culture, news, science, rumors, and more. It’s like taking a college class in pot that meets once a week and includes guest speakers who are business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and professionals from the industry. You will walk away from the podcast armed with loads of information, from cultivating cannabis to better understanding the endocannabinoid system to the laws governing the production and sale of weed.

Dunn is a great host because he’s been advancing the culture since the early 90s. Now a Colorado resident, he founded Hempworks, THSeeds, and Hemp Hoodlamb clothing in Amsterdam before his move. Along with co-hosts Mitch Shenassa and Bike Hawley, Dunn leads listeners through a ton of interesting info. In fact, it’s hard to come up with a way that the show could possibly be more informative. Start with the episode about growing in Hawaii to learn all about Maui Wowie and Kauai Electric.

Weed + Grub

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As indicated by the name, Weed + Grub is a podcast where hosts Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson discuss cannabis and food, but that’s not all. They pretty much discuss every topic that comes to mind, including sex, with comfortable chemistry that makes the show as entertaining as it is informative. And the two are definitely knowledgable. Glazer has serious food cred, having been hired to cook for Gordon Ramsey’s The F Word, and Gibson clocks in as the culture editor at High Times (where Glazer has written as well). They sell themselves as everyday people who discuss everyday things, but they are both bringing a lot more to the table than the average person.

New listeners may want to start with their Tommy Chong interview in episode 21 to learn all about the godfather of cannabis comedy and his thoughts on politics, weed, sex, and his time in jail. But we also like episode 44 with The High Couple from Youtube who we love. Their story about sharing a 1,000-milligram edible is priceless.

The Potcast

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There are a lot of cannabis podcasts that revolve around cannabis culture. It isn’t too hard to cobble together an hour of stoned musings a few times a month. But The Potcast manages to do long-form interviews (prepare for two to three-hour episodes) about breeding and culture that are informative and fun. There’s a lot of variety (think lawyers, doctors, growers, and politicians), and hosts Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts bring the personality in a big way.

Episodes are totally friendly and approachable, but always professional. No one gets baked and rambles on for twenty minutes. These guys are asking important questions and eliciting insightful answers. That probably sounds a little serious and (maybe) off-putting, but don’t be scared. If you want to learn more about cannabis, this is a totally relatable way to do it. You get the nuts and bolts of the industry and the product from absolute legends in the field. Start with episode 21, featuring Gooey Breeder of Canna Exotics; it clocks in at 3 hours and is ultra-informative.

I’m Too Effing High

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If you’re a big cannabis fan and you get down with some “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” this is the podcast for you. I’m Too Effing High tests the age-old query: “Are comedians funnier when they’re high?” Host and creator James Mastraieni casually probes for the answer by inviting comedians to the podcast, getting them super high, and asking them to participate in episodes that are part talk show and part game show. There are comedy challenges, games, and performances, as well as recurring characters and segments dedicated to being effing ripped.

Nothing feels too serious — this isn’t the kind of podcast to help you work through legislation or research (though you feel that the participants could certainly do that if they wanted and make it mad entertaining). Instead, you’re invited to party with some of the coolest, funniest people working the stand-up scene. The show is tremendously funny as is, but if you get high when you listen, it’s like being baked with some of your best friends. We like episode 36 with Jon Gabrus, Betsy Sodaro, and Mano Agapion because it’s a food lovers edition.

Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean

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Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah and Bean stands out among the other podcasts on this list because it takes the shared topic and combines it with history. It was created by David Bienenstock, mentioned earlier and author of How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High, and Abdullah Saeed, who you may know from his stint as the host of the Bong Appétit TV series or his recurring guest star turn on HBO’s High Maintenance.

When the podcast went live on March 13, 2018 with a deep dive into Willie Nelson’s relationship with weed. There were asides about historical slang for cannabis and the Carter administration. And it was all well-researched and marvelously organized. Subsequent installments have kept the quality high with examinations of Maya Angelou and Jesus. Yes, that Jesus. Whereas the other podcasts on this list tend to either skew informational or comedic, this one is the ideal blend of both. Start at the top with Will or jump to our favorite, episode 10, and learn about how Amsterdam became the international weed have it is today.

High Friends

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High Friends is framed as a podcast for women who love cannabis, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting for people of any gender. It simply means that they focus on influential women doing awesome things in the emerging cannabis industry (which had been traditionally male). Hosts Rachel Colic and Gill Polard are themselves women with juice in this sphere, as Colic is a brand strategist and Polard works in marketing and communications. Both thrive in the industry and have launched brands that celebrate the female experience with weed.

Though the bi-weekly podcast is only one season in, it’s covered some really interesting topics, including a recent episode centered on a Toronto mother’s decision to use medical cannabis to treat her young son’s seizure disorder and cerebral palsy. Other installments have explored cannabis research, creating cannabis events, retail space design, and craft cannabis. We particularly like season two, episode five, which is about becoming a cannabis sommelier.

Every week, Matthew Kind, the host of CannaInsider, takes listeners deep into the cannabis industry. He focuses primarily on interviewing leaders, who offer insight to the trends fueling the forward momentum of the ever-expanding weed sector. They discuss topics like legalization across the nation, the employment opportunities being developed in the wake of continued growth, investment, and the best ways to engage in cannabis tourism. Expect to hear from dispensary owners and employees, cannabis chemists, product manufacturers, seed companies, and entrepreneurs and investors.

With over 200 episodes currently available, there is a lot of information available should you choose to tune in. As we are not running a cannabis business, we prefer the episodes that are more accessible to laypeople, like the one about vape pens that allow you to control your mood and the state-by-state update on legalization. We learned a ton. And the episode about what first-time dispensary visitors purchase was good too. One of the more recent episodes is all about how robots are revolutionizing the cannabis industry, and it’s a nice place to jump in and get a feel for the show.

Looking for informative, entertaining cannabis content? This list has you covered!