weed pick up lines

Weed pick up lines

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Stoner Dating Jokes, Weed Chat Ups, High Hookups
Stoke Up a hot date with cannabis pick-up lines, pothead chat ups, and weed come-on jokes.

Colorado 420 Pick Up Line: Hey, I’m feeling a little off today, but I bet you could turn me on!

Cannabis Come-On: Dude, ya know, you’re weedy funny!

Mile High Pick Up Line: Hey there, I have a huge kush on you!

Stoner Hook Up Line: Hey, is your name Mary Jane? ‘Cause I want you in my Ziplock bag.

Zoner Pick Up Line: Hey, you’re on fire! No, wait, that’s just my blunt.

Weedy Funny Chat Up Line Award: Hey dude, you just blew five smoke rings, so you are inducted into the pothead Olympic hall of fame!

Denver LoDo Pick Up Line: Hey Bud, I blaze on the first date!

Hot Cannabis Come-On: Hey, you’re so hot that I don’t even need a lighter!

Cannabis Hookup Line: Hey girl, we could sing right now, or just smoke some weed to actually hit that high note.

Pothead Pick Up Line: Hey girl, if you don’t stop laughing, you won’t hear the punchline!

Stoner Groupie Pick Up Line: Hey, I can be your buzz amplifier?

Stoner Song Lyrics Pick Up Line: You must be as dope as weed, because right now you’re all I need.

Edible Come-On: Hey girl, you’re hotter than these Alice B. Tokeless brownies!

Pothead Pick Up Line: Wow, it just got hot in here ’cause your kush is smoking!

Cannabis Pick Up Line: Dude, is that a 9-inch blunt in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey Bae, if you spend the night, we can wake up and bake up in the morning.

Weedy Funny Chat Up Line: Hey girl, I am very polite, so I hit the bowl every time.

High Country Pick-Up Line: Hey you, wanna come over to light up my life and light up this blunt?

Smokin’ Hot Come-On: Dude, let’s just blow this joint.

Colorado Cannabis-ism: Weed my lips!

Mile High City Pick Up Line: Don’t be shy, let’s get high.

Weedy Fun Chat Up Line: Hey, let’s just hash out some awesome weekend plans.

Blunt Pick Up Line: Hey girl, how ’bout you Zigzag your way up here?

Weedy Moving Pick-Up Line: Hey Mary Jane, how ’bout you climb aboard my canna-bus?

Stoner Anti Pick Up Line: You are right! It appears that smoking weed makes you stupid, ’cause the more I smoke, the dumber you sound.

Cannabis Come-On: Hey girl, you are a breath of fresh air or carbon monoxide, but when I THC you, I forget the question.

Canna Funny Chat Up Line: Hey Maryjane, you’re the most beautiful weed I seed this season!

Classic Colorado Pick Up Line: Whoa, are you a joint? ‘Cause you’re smokin’!

Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey Babe, are you a pot head? Hot! So Babe, are you a pot head, too? Cool!

Stoner Pick Up Line: Weed be cute together.

Cannabis Pick Up Line: Hey baby, your smile can get me higher than blunt chat!

Weed Hookup Line: Hey bae, are you my ganja? ‘Cause I want to pack you full.

Mile High Pick-Me-Up Line: Hey hottie, don’t be shy, let’s get high.

Zoner Pick-Up Line: Hey dude, is your name Cheech? ‘Cause I’d like to Chong ya!

Stoner Pick Up Line: Hey, I wanna TH-SEE you naked!

Cannabis Pick Up Line: Hey girl, in another space and time, do you think weed be lovers?

Weedy Realistic Come-On: Hey, I’ll let you hit this, if I can tap that!

Pot Head Pick-Up Line: Hey dude, is your name Black Bart? ‘Cause I bet I could light up your night.

Not Angry Pothead Pick Up Line: Dude I just want to hit that.

Hot Blunt Pick Up Line: Thank goodness I’m wearing gloves, because Maryjane, you’re just way too hot to handle.

Q. What do you call a horny stoner?
A. A weed wacker!

Hungry Stoner Pick-Up Line: Hey Bae, is your name Alice B. Tokeless? ‘Cause you are one really tasty edible.

Smokin’ Colorado Come-On: Hey, you’re so HOT that you just lit my blunt.

Off-Roading Pick Up Line: Hey Baby, let’s make like a blunt and roll.

Weed Pick Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Sativa? ‘Cause you’re tall and make me drool when I think about you.

Cannabis Pick-Up Line: Hey Bae, it’s almost 4-20 again. How about we light up the afternoon just like we did yesterday?

Cannabis Slogan Come-On: Join the marijuana movement, it’s a joint effort.

Weed Pick Up Line: Hey there, are you a drug? ‘Cause that explains why I’m hooked on you.

Colorado Cannabis Come-On: Dude, how about we take the red eye back to Denver?

Weedy Fun Pick-Up Line: Hey girl, is your name Green Giggles? ‘Cause you are putting a big smile on my face.

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Weed Pick Up Lines: Stoke up a hot date with cannabis come-ons, weed chat ups, high hookups, funny pothead hit ups, and weedy funny stoner pick-up lines.

Pick Up Lines Galore!

Marijuana and Weed Pick-up Lines for Stoners

You wanna come over to my place and suck my bong?

Wanna help me smoke this joint?

When I’m with you, it feels like there’s no one else in the room with us. Wait, is there anyone else in the room right now?

I want to T-H-See you naked!

I am so hammered I want to nail you to the wall.

Are you a chonger? Because you took my breath away.

(Just stare for 20 seconds) Wait, what’s your name again?

Marijuana and Weed Pick Up Lines, perfect for stoners to use on 420. ]]>