weed names for pets

Weed names for pets


In addition to the many names below, some of which are slang, there are an increasing number of names of new

� hybrids (marked with an asterix *)constantly being produced.

� Also extracts such as Rosin, Shatter, Isolator and oils.

� More names added below the table.


Acapulco gold

Acapulco red

African black

African bush

African woodbine

Alice B. Toklas

Amsterdan Flame

Around the world

Ashes Atshitshi

Atomic Haze *

Belyando spruce

Big Quebec Bud *

Black Domina *

Black ganga

Black gungi

Black gunion

Black Russian

Blowing smoke

Blue de hue

Blue sky blond

Bombay Black

Bubblelicious *

Buddah / Buddha

Butter flower

Californian Orange *

Cambodian red

Canadian black

Cancelled stick

Cannabis tea

Cavite all star

Chewing Gum

Chiba chiba

Chicago black

Chicago green

Christmas tree

City Crystal *

Coliflor tostao

Colorado cocktail

Columbus black

Critical Mass *

Crying weed

Dog’s Skunk *

Dona Juanita

Donkey Dick *


Durban Poison

Dutch Dragon *

Early Girl *

Early Pearl *

El diablito

Everest Queen *

Fallbrook redhair

Flower tops

Fruity Juice *

Funky Buddha

Gasper stick

Giggle smoke

Golden leaf

Golners Green *

Good giggles

Grass brownies

Great White Shark *

Green Crasher

Green goddess

Happy cigarette

Himalayan Gold *

Hindu Kush *

Hollands Hoop *

Honey blunts

Indonesian bud

Jack Herer *

Jack Straw *

Jamaican Pearl 8

Jefferson airplane

Jolly green

Juicy Fruit *

Juan Valdez

Kentucky blue

KGB (killer green bud)

Lakbay diva

Laughing grass

Laughing weed

Light stuff

Little smoke

Magic smoke

Malawi Gold

Manhattan silver

Maple Leaf Indica *

Marley’s Collie *

Maroccan black

Mary and Johnny

Mary Warner

Mary Weaver

Masterkush *

Matenuska Thunderfuck

Mayor Jiwana

Medicine Man *

Mexican red

Mighty mezz


Mootos Mor a grifa

Mow the grass

Mud Bright Delight

Mulanimbee Madness

Northern Lights *

Number 2 Crop

Orange bud *

Out of the Blue *

P.R. (Panama Red)

Pack of rocks

Pakistani black

Panama gold

Paper blunts

Pocket rocket

Pot Of Gold *

Potten bush

Power Plant

Purple Haze *

Purple Passion *

Purple power

Queen Ann’s lace

Rabbit Tobacco

Railroad weed

Rainy day woman

Righteous bush

Salt and pepper

Santa Marta

Sensi Star *

Sensi Skunk *

Shark Shock *

Sheherazade *

Shiva Skunk *

Shiva Shanti *

Silver Girl *

Silver Haze *

Silver Pearl *

Silver Skunk *

Skunk Passion *

Smoke Canada

Square mackerel

Sticky icky

Super Skunk *

Sweet Purple *

Sweet Tooth *

Temple ball

Thai sticks

Up against the stem

Viper’s weed

Wacky Baccy

Wacky tobaccy

White haired lady

White Rhino *

White Russian *

White Widow *

Yellow submarine

Zacatecas purple

Zig Zag man

There are so many news b=names for hbrids that it’s hard to keep up.

In no particular order:

Cheese; Blue Cheese, Pineapple Cheese, Cheese Plant, UK Cheese

Double Bubble; Bubblelicious; Bubbleberry

Early Girl; Headband

White Rhino; White Fire; White Widow

Critical Mass; Critical Kush

Easy Rider; Low Ryder

Appleberry; Blueberry; Double Berry; Blueberry Twist; Plush Berry

Kush; Strawberry Kush; Pineapple Kush; Afghan Kush; Early Kush; OG Kush; Kosher Kush;

Obama Kush; Hindu Kush; Bubba Kush; Pink Kush; Shiatsu Kush; Mango Kush; Bubble Kush;

Bubba Kush; Power Kush; Cookies Kush; Master Kush; Blackberry Kush; Killer Kush;

Holy Grail Kush; Cookies Kush; Pink Kush; Bad Azz Kush;

G13 Haze; Liberty Haze;

New York Diesel; Superwax; Diamonds

Mr Nice; G13; Larry OG, SPV OG; Sour OG; Jack Herer; Skywalker OG; Yeti OG; OG Gas;

Phantom OG; Blueberry OG;

Sour Tsunami; Tangie; Lemoncello

Skunk No 1; Kali Mist

Mother Plant; Permafrost; Honey B;

Chocolate Chunk; Pineapple Chunk; Pineapple Express; Chocolope

Gorilla Girl; Girl Scout; Dirty Girl;

Big Buddha; Buddha’s Sister; Diesel Buddha; Laughing Buddha

Blue Treacle; Blue Dream; Purple Punch

Death Star; God’s Gift; Topicana Banana; Dosi Si Dos 33;

Middlefork; Allen Wrench

White Widow; The Widow; White Fire; White Russia; Snow White

Black Widow; Glookies; Red Cherry Berry;

Amnesia; Amnesia Haze; Amnesia Lemon

Silver Haze; Super Silver Haze; Lemon Haze; Super Lemon Haze; Midnight Haze; Purple Haze;

Afghan Cow; Durban Poison

Honeysuckle; Sage; LSD; Ayahuasca Purple;

Lamb’s Bread; Angel Cake; Dr Grinspoon;

Northern Lights; Northern High; Snow Cap

Mauwi Wowie; Ninja Fruit;

Tutankhamun; Cinderella 99; Harlequin

Knockout; Snoop’s Dream; Tangerine Dream

Ingrid; Space Queen; Romulen; Golden Goat

Gorilla Glue; Trainwreck; Krypotnite; Drunken Gorilla; Gorilla Zkittlez;

Gratefruit; Pink Sherbert; King Gelato; Cherry Pie, Gorilla Glue

Strawberry Cough; Pink Panties; Strawberry Lemonade; Orange Sherbert;

New York Diesel; Sour Diesel; Shroom

Star Doggie; Top Dog; Dog Devil

Blue Diesel; Blue Dream

Viva Sativa, Purple Envy, Purple Urkle; Granddaddy Purple; Purple Envy; Tom Cruise Purple; The Purps; Purple Pebble

Panama Red; Red Headed Stranger

Paz; Willy’s Wonder; Wonder Woman

AK 47; Fruity Pebbles, Golden Coat

Ampetamine; Green Crack

Chronic; Big Bug, Baby Boom

LA Confidential; Cali Weed

Cropical Fruit; Lavender; Lemonder; Jilly Bean; Cherry 99

9 Pound Hammer; Afgoo; Dance Hall

Presidential OG; Banana OG; Grape Stomper OG

Cannatonic; Chernobyl; Chemdawg; Dance Hall; Double Dream;

Weed names for pets A PLANT OF MANY NAMES In addition to the many names below, some of which are slang, there are an increasing number of names of new � hybrids (marked with an