Paid Reports

Demonstrating why your company is the right one to work with is tough. It’s even more complicated when you engage in a federally prohibited substance. Cannabis businesses need to be able to protect themselves financially, legally, and completely. This starts with vetting your potential business partners. 

Whether your business is a retail facility, distribution hub, extraction lab, testing center, or an ancillary business you need to know who you are engaging with. 

Our Green Book reports allow for you to request a KYC (know your customer report), firmographics report, principles report, fraud check, and standard business reports on potential clients, customers, partners, vendors and more.  

Once a business has been entered into our database they are able to use or seal of approval. 

Our reports are available without a membership for $99.95 per Business Report. (KYC, Principle Report, Fraud Check, and Standard Business Report) or included with your membership.*  [wp_cart_button name=”Green Book Report Bundle” price=”99.95″]

Green Book Listed Companies

Getting your business listed with the Cannabis Green Book will allow for others to have a more transparent understanding of your operations and create the trust needed to engage in business activities. Each listing provides basic company information that the company inputs and can be used to decide whether or not that business is worth engaging with. 

Our Business Listing helps your company be transparent and allow for you to vet other companies you would like to engage in business with. Getting listed is free to do and helps our members understand your commitment to industry transparency and fair play. 

In our current prohibited climate, there are a lot of bad actors in the Cannabis Industry…

If you would like to list your company with Cannabis Green Book for free visit our Listing Page

*Not all businesses will have every report available.


Benefits of Membership

Free Listing!

List your company for free on the Green Book. Our open directory is a great place to market your business for free. When you are ready, you can always upgrade to a Green Book Membership. 

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Green Book Member

Becoming a Green Book Member comes with many benefits and services to help you vet potential business partners.

These services include:

-Full Access to all our listings information pages that include ratings, public records, and company submitted data and documents
-5 Green Book Business Report Packages (KYC, Principle Reports, firmographics report, fraud check, and standard business reports on potential clients, customers, partners, vendors)*
-Trade Assitance or Alternative Dispute Resolution
-Commodity Education
-Access to Green Book Magazine
-Business Certification Seal issued from Green Book
-Certificate issued from Green Book
-First to know about News and Important information
-USDA and PACA updates and information concerning Cannabis

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  • Ability to attach files to your listing.

*Reports are based on available information