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11 Best CBD and Hemp Blunt Wraps – Organic and Vegan Varieties!

CBD and hemp wraps are a healthier alternative to spliffs because they are tobacco free. Since the legalization of marijuana, many companies have been producing wraps made from natural and organic ingredients that come in many different flavours. This article lists the best of them, from pre rolled cones to super king sized blunts! They’re for everyone from beginners to the most experienced of cannabis consumers looking to up their smoking experience!

Bonus! If you need some guidance in how to roll one of these bad boys make sure you scroll to the bottom for a short tutorial video.

High Hemp Organic Wraps – $24.99 per Box (approximate)

Be certain in your organic choice with High Hemp’s Organic Wraps!

High Hemp CBD wraps are made with 100% organic hemp grown in the Netherlands. No fertilizers, pesticides or any other solvents were used during the growing process; this means that it is vegan friendly and gluten free. The most popular flavour is Grapeape; it is a blend of High Hemp’s different grape flavours including Candice, Royale and Concord.

High Hemp has quite a reputation across the marijuana community and their products have received plenty of good reviews thanks to their excellent customer service. In addition, plenty of lab results which verify their claims can be found across the web. It’s always reassuring to know the hemp wraps you’re lighting up are what they say they are!

2 organic hemp wraps and 2 tips are included per pouch. A box of 25 pouches give the best deal costing $34.99. These vegan CBD wraps win our “Staff Pick” award because of its good value, high quality and the company’s determination to stay 100% organic and eco friendly!

Why we think these are the best blunt wraps!

  • Vegan friendly
  • Lab results to verify claims
  • Good customer service

Twisted Hemp Wraps (California Dream) – $11.99 per Box (60 wraps)

Looking for a tasty, all-natural option?

US company Twisted hemp wraps produce a large range of different flavours including Sweet, Endless Summer and Grape Burst; their most popular is California Dream. Many users liken this flavour to strawberry cheesecake, with a strong, sweet aroma. Overall they have a good and smooth burn, although some have noted that they tend to dry up quickly. Twisted do provide a resealable pouch with every purchase so don’t forget to use them!

The most appealing factor about these hemp wraps is its price! The package is labelled “4 hemp wraps for 99 cents”, but shop around and you may actually be able to find them for less. This twisted hemp wrap review only covers the California Dream, but you’re guaranteed a similar positive experience with other flavours as well!

Why we love Twisted Hemp!

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Strong and sweet aroma
  • Smooth burn

Kingpin Hemp Wraps – $14.95 per Box (40 wraps)

Unwrap these tasty wraps and enjoy!

If you like flavoured hemp wraps then Kingpin wraps may be for you! Their extensive range of flavours include goomba grape, laid back, mango, spanish fly and blueberry bomb. Unlike some other wraps on the market, they do not have an overly strong aroma or taste. They are easy to roll and do not tear easily.

Despite overall positive reviews, some customers have complained that they are too small. Not ideal for sharing or experienced users wanting a long lasting blunt.

Packaging for these CBD rolling papers are visually highly appealing and the price is excellent, coming in at $1.50 per pack of 4 wraps.

What we love!

  • Many flavours available
  • Resistant to tearing, easy to roll
  • Beautiful packaging

Zig Zag Grape Blunt Wraps – $1 (2 wraps)

Which of the 20 flavours would you choose?

This French origin company is famous for its cigarette papers but also has its own extensive range of natural leaf blunt wraps. More than 20 juicy flavours are on offer; grape and mango blunt wraps are our favourite. They are the size of a standard blunt and burn slowly, perfect for both beginners and experienced users! Each pack only costs 1 dollar and comes with 2 wraps and a resealable pouch!

Zig Zag have earnt many 5 star reviews over the years thanks to their good customer service.

What we love!

  • More than 20 flavours
  • Slow burn
  • Good customer service

Juicy Hemp Blunt Wrap – $6.25 (2 wraps)

These wraps will burn slowwwwwly, so sit back and enjoy!

Juicy blunt wraps are one of the longest burning hemp wraps available on the market, with some users reporting 45 minute long smoking sessions! In addition, they have a strong taste which lasts consistently throughout the burn thanks to the famous triple-dip flavour system. Beginners should be cautious that the smoke can be very harsh, especially towards the end of the blunt.

Each pack comes with 2 hemp blunt wraps and a resealable pouch. A tube is also included in case you are unable to finish it in one session or if you are going traveling. These blunts are more expensive than others, but it makes up for it with its long burn time!

What we love!

  • Long burn time
  • Wraps come with a travel tube container
  • Triple dip flavour

King Palm rolls – $99.99 (48 wraps)

Get to your smoke sess quicker with these pre-rolled wraps.

These King Palm premade cone wraps are the perfect solution for those who hate rolling! With the cone already formed, all you need to do is fill the wrap with your favourite weed. Each leaf wrap is hand rolled and free from any tobacco, additives or fertilizers. One can expect each roll to hold up to 2 grams of fresh bud.

Despite the packaging being labelled with the words “super slow burn”, some customers have disagreed. In order to get the best results, make sure your King Palm blunt is tightly packed with a loading tool.

What we love!

  • 100% Natural leaf
  • King Sized! (2 grams of bud)
  • Pre-made cones

Mintys Mint Wraps – $21.50 per Box (50 wraps)

Love that refreshing minty flavour?

Recommended for those who love the menthol flavour, these hemp wraps burn for a long time and are relatively easy to roll. These vegan blunt wraps are 100% organic and are free from fertilizers and additives.

Disadvantages of Mintys’ wraps are that they do not hold that much flower; some have also commented saying that the minty taste is somewhat strange, so buy a few to try them out before going for a box.

Each pack comes with 2 wraps; a box contains 25 packs.

What we love!

  • Strong menthol flavour
  • 100% organic; vegan friendly
  • Easy to roll

Kush Blunt Wraps – $28.99 (30 wraps)

Fill your Kush with kush, sit back and enjoy!

American company Kush Herbal Wraps uses 100% organically grown Canadian hemp in their products since 1994. They come in 6 different flavours: Original, berries, kiwi strawberry, mixed grape, sweet and zero. Cones are pre rolled and are glue free, therefore giving a purer taste. If you do not enjoy CBD infused wraps, Kush Herbal Wraps also do CBD free hemp wraps in their “ultra” range.

These CBD hemp wraps are available in packs of 2 or in boxes of 15 packs.

What we love!

  • 6 flavours
  • Glue free pre rolls
  • Available with or without CBD

Dutch Wraps – $24.99 (60 wraps)

A tried and true classic, you know you’ll get a comfy toke with Dutch.

One of the most well known cigarillo brands in the US, Dutch Master has a history dating back to 1911. Their hemp cigar wraps are known for its sweet aroma and smoothness. Perfect for a chilled afternoon toke since they have a more comfortable burn compared to other products. Many rello flavors are on offer, with the most popular being atomic fusion, mint fusion and java fusion.

What we love!

  • Super smooth and comfortable burn
  • Huge selection of sweet flavours
  • Widely available online

Royal Blunts XXL

Only unwrap one of these when you’ve got some time to enjoy that slow burn!

Our favourite extendo blunt wrap is Royal Blunt’s XXL cigar wrap because of its smooth burn. Extendo is a term used for super long blunts, normally twice the size of normal blunts. We recommend these to experienced users; not only do they pack twice the punch of CBD, but they are also very difficult to roll.

These big blunt wraps are totally organic and have an even burn, vital for such a long blunt. A number of different flavours are included such as black mamba, blu magic and blueberry. Two wraps and a resealable pouch is included per purchase.

What we love!

  • Super king sized
  • 100% organic
  • Many flavours

Bluntville Wraps – $0.99

Going for a classier “Yes, I smoke cigars all the time” sort of look?

Bluntville wraps are for those wanting high quality cigar smoke! Their new range of flavours use a “Fast or Slow Burning System,” meaning you can choose the speed of your burn without affecting the smoothness and flavour of the smoke. In addition, they are easy to roll making them perfect for beginners! Classy flavours include palma, candella honey, vanilla and natural deluxe.

Each pouch contains 1 cigar and is also available in a box of 25. The unique foil packaging ensures a long shelf life and a fresh cigar.

What we love!

  • Classy flavours
  • Easy to roll
  • “Fast or Slow Burning System”


How to roll a hemp wrap?

Questions or comments about the best hemp blunt wraps? Drop us a line below!

CBD and Hemp blunt wraps are a healthier, tobacco free alternative to spliffs. There are many great products on the market these days, so this list highlights some of our favourites. Included are XXL wraps, many flavoured wraps, and, of course, natural and organic options. Take a look and find your new favourite!

The 7 Best Blunt Wraps for a Healthier, Tobacco-Free Smoke

It’s 2018, which means nowadays we’re taking better care of ourselves (or trying to, anyway). That extends to everything from the foods we eat to the ways we consume cannabis, including the types of blunts we smoke. For far too long have I championed Swisher Sweets and White Owls over everything else. Power to the spliff smokers, the Backwoods fans, and everyone in between, but for those of us who are thinking of letting tobacco blunts go, it’s time to try some alternatives.

Browse Cannabis Rolling Papers

And for that reason, I’ve done some field research and created a list of non-tobacco wraps for healthier blunts.

High Hemp Organic Wraps

(Courtesy of High Hemp)

High Hemps are dope because they come with a carb, and the leaf wraps around the bud like those snap-on bracelets, so if you’re a novice roller, this is probably the wrap for you. Plus, because they’re easily rollable, it’s a lot easier to use a relatively small amount of cannabis and still come out with a nice “will definitely get you as high as you need to be without killing your stash”-sized blunt.

Twisted Hemp Wraps

(Courtesy of Twisted Hemp)

These Twisted Hemp Wraps go hard for two reasons:

  1. You can stuff a lot of flower inside of them
  2. They’re priced at 4/$0.99, which is an unbeatable deal

They roll smoothly into a perfectly round blunt with a slightly wide open mouthpiece, so make sure you have a carb on the end of it unless you want a trachea full of scooby snacks.

King Palm

(Courtesy of King Palm)

King Palms are great wraps for those who prefer a pre-made cone/stuffable apparatus. They have carbs in the end and all you need to do is fill the wrap with your preferred bud. The only problem is the way they’re made forces you to use a lot of cannabis to fill one (like 1.5-2 grams), and the type of leaf they’re made with causes them to burn a bit faster than the other options on this list.

Still, these remain a fan favorite as every time I walk into a head shop for wraps, the clerk’s like “Aww man, have you tried the King Palms?!” Yes Dax, I have.

Juicy Wraps

(Courtesy of Juicy)

From my experiments, I’ve learned that Juicy Wraps are the ones that burn the longest. And if you get that perfect cone-shaped roll to it, you’ll be smoking for up to 45 minutes.

Disclaimer: These have a stronger taste than the others. The flavor is somewhat sweet, but a bit heavy as if they’re coated with dye. When you get towards the end of your blunt, go ahead and just put it out, or else you’re going to take one of those hits that are more wrap than cannabis, causing you to cough tears into your eyes for the next 12 minutes while you think, “I knew that blunt was done.”

Hemp Zone

(Courtesy of HempZone)

Hemp Zones are cool, but they’re a bit dry so they have a papery taste to them. Still, if you’re looking for a wrap that won’t use all of your cannabis, these reign supreme over everything else on the list. You can easily use a cool half-gram and get a nicely rolled blunt for your personal enjoyment.

Kingpin Hemp Wraps

(Courtesy of Kingpin)

Kingpin Hemp Wraps are pretty much the same as the Juicy Wraps, but they come with four in a pack while the Juicy Wraps come with only two. You’re going to get that heavy taste and those heavy hits, but you can pack a lot more cannabis inside of them than you can with the other wraps on the list. They burn a lot longer as well.

Mintys Mint Wraps

(Courtesy of Mintys)

I scooped up the Mintys Mint Wraps just to test them out, and to be honest, they’re kind of weird. The mint gives them an undesirable taste, but I was still pleased with how well they rolled and how long they burned, despite the fact that they don’t hold that much flower. If you’re looking for the ideal wrap for personal blunts and you can’t find the Hemp Zone wraps, shoot for the Mintys.

If you're a fan of blunts but are thinking of ditching tobacco for health reasons, try rolling your cannabis in these blunt wraps. ]]>