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How to Use the Veedverks Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery

December 09, 2016

The Veedverks Variable Voltage (VV) Battery has a full array of functions, despite being simple in its design. You interact with the device and change its settings using its one input: the Touch Sensor. It is located on the end with the circular LED light and the Veedverks “V” logo. By touching a finger to the tip of the battery one to five times, you can perform a variety of functions. The number of taps and the colors indicated by the LED light can seem like a lot to remember at first, but after using the battery a couple times, you’ll find it’s a snap. This guide well help you become acquainted with your new VV Battery.

Both the Veedverks Starter Kit and the VV Battery standalone package include the following instructions/reference for battery operation:

Let’s take a closer look at each section.


By touching the Touch Sensor five times, you can toggle between OFF mode and READY mode. When changing from OFF to READY, the LED light will flash on. The color of the light will either be teal, blue, or purple, indicating the current voltage setting (explained under the Change Voltage section below). When changing from READY to OFF, the LED light will not flash.

The two modes are explained below:

  • OFF means the unit is completely shut down, and nothing is receiving battery power. When the VV Battery is not being used, it should be kept in OFF mode.
  • READY mode is really not much different than OFF mode, with one exception: The internal air pressure sensor is powered, ready, and waiting to detect when you draw (inhale) on the mouthpiece. Although the drain on the battery is negligible in READY mode, it should be switched to OFF to prevent accidentally activating the heating system.


Four taps on the Touch Sensor will send the device to PREHEAT mode. You can tell you are in preheat mode when you see the LED light cycling through all the colors of the rainbow. Veedverks brand oil does not require preheating, so this function is for when the VV Battery is used to heat thicker substances.

PREHEAT mode times out in 30 seconds. If you accidentally enter PREHEAT mode, you can exit by simply tapping once on the Touch Sensor or by drawing on the mouthpiece.

Change Voltage

Three taps on the Touch Sensor will cycle the unit through the three voltage settings. The voltage settings are indicated by the teal, blue, and purple colors. The voltage levels are explained below:

  • Teal indicates the lowest voltage, 2.4 volts. This will create a smaller vapor hit, but it delivers more flavor.
  • Blue indicates medium voltage, or 3.2 volts. It provides a balanced hit to the user.
  • Purple indicates the highest voltage level, 4.0 volts. It creates the most vapor, providing the user with the biggest hit.

At the highest voltage setting, three taps on the Touch Sensor will cycle the unit back to the lowest setting.

As noted in the Off/Ready section above, w hen changing from OFF mode to READY mode by tapping 5 times, the LED l ight will flash on. The color it flashes will either be teal, blue, or purple, indicating the current voltage setting.

Two Taps

Two taps on the Touch Sensor do nothing. Two shalt thou not tap, excepting that thou then proceed to three.

Check Charge Level

By touching the Touch Sensor one time (or simply holding your finger on it), you can tell if the VV Battery is in OFF mode or READY mode. If the LED light does nothing, the unit is OFF. If it lights up, the unit is in READY mode.

The color of the light indicates the charge level of the battery. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged. As the battery is depleted, the color changes from green to yellow, orange, and then red. The ideal time to recharge the unit is when it first turns from orange to red.

This chart indicates approximate numbers of draws that are remaining at a given battery charge and voltage setting. A higher voltage setting will obviously deplete the battery more quickly.

Veedverks' innovative variable voltage CBD vape pen battery is the most versatile on the market, allowing you to change voltages and preheat thick oil