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The Healthier Alternative

Inhale our Vitamin-rich herbal alternative.

We looked at the synthetic e-liquid industry and saw the potential for a healthier option to nicotine.

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Proprietary Formulas now in 30ml E-Liquids

Calm – Grape – 30ml E-liquid

Calm – Grape – 30ml E-liquid

Energy – Blue Raspberry – 30ml E-liquid

Energy – Blue Raspberry – 30ml E-liquid

Energy – Banana – 30ml E-liquid

Energy – Banana – 30ml E-liquid

Energy – Banana
Vita Babe Watermelon

Holistic Herbal Health

Inhalation science goes back half a century

Vitamin B12 and B6 are ideal candidates for vaporising as the recommended daily intakes are much smaller than other vitamins, the vitamin compounds are also small enough to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs; vitamin B12 is not heat sensitive, so it remains stable when contained in a vapour.

I love this new product! The peppermint is fresh tasting, it gives my brain the simulation that I’m having a cigarette. Perfect to help quit smoking!

I have to get vitamin b12 injections and I HATE it, so this product is a life saver!

I’m vegan so this is perfect for me as I need to supplement to get enough vitamin B12, thank you for such an amazing product.

I have endometriosis and I’ve literally tried everything there is to help manage my pain. Surprisingly this works a little bit when I flare up.

For $24 I’m getting one to two months’ supply of vitamin B12, that’s less than $1 a day!

I get shaky if I have coffee or anything with caffeine in it so the Energy inhaler is perfect for me. It gives me a natural boost of energy when I need it during the day. My workmates think it’s great too.

Fits in my purse and I can use it when I’m out with friends and they’re smoking or vaping, I don’t like nicotine as it gives me headrush – this is great as it doesn’t contain any nasties

Easy to use, cute packaging, and the colours and flavours are great.

I ordered after I saw on Instagram, actually really nice flavour and its not shaped like a cigarette which I like.

Bought the complete range, my partner tried too and loves them as well. My favourite is the Vita Babe.

Very cool, I have it in my car while I’m driving.

I get really tired all the time and this helps thanks!

Changing the game on vitamins! Cool brand!

This is awesome, I need B12 as my levels are often low in my blood tests.

I ordered the complete range, the one I like the most is definitely strawberry, these are really cool!

This I like. Bring out more flavours please.

Calms me down when I need it.

My wife has pernicious anaemia therefore cant produce B12 so she has a shot of it once a month and by the end of the 4th week its noticeable that she needs another injection. She’s a week overdue for her b12 injection and already her noticeable symptoms are more manageable.

I don’t know if its just from deep breathing or the ingredients actually work but when I’m feeling anxious I take maybe 10 breaths of my Inhale Calm and I feel significantly better.

Inhale our Vitamin-rich herbal alternative. Our Vitamin Inhaler may help support stress, restlessness and anxiety. The Vitamin B12 inhaler is fully charged and pre-filled with our proprietary vitamin infused liquid and ready to be used straight out of the box. Inhale Vitamins ]]>