v2 pro vape pen review

V2 Pro Series 3 Pen Vape Review

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a pen vape that really, actually, truly vaporizes dry herbs. I say this because every other pen-style vaporizer I’ve seen up until now that claims to vape dry herbs just burns it, or it performs very poorly.


This is actually a 3-in-1 unit, and it uses different cartridges for its three functions: E-liquid, Loose Leaf (dry herbs), and Wax (concentrates).

The cartridges are held in place with a magnet, as is the charger, which I really like because it’s super easy to use. The only issue I found with the dry herb cartridge is that the metal ring at the top can get a little hot during use, so just make sure you avoid touching that part and only put your lips on the silicone mouthpiece.

When using the one for dry herb you can only fit about 0.1g in there, it’s pretty small. However, it’s very efficient with your material so you’ll get about 5-8 decent draws from that amount.

To keep the herb chamber clean you should brush it out after each use with the little tool they provide, and the small stainless screen attached to the mouthpiece will need to be cleaned quickly with a little rubbing alcohol every once in a while to remove any built-up residue.

The wax cartridge for concentrates feels solid and well-made, and it’s the heaviest of the three. It has a “snake” coil at the bottom and the inside walls slope down into the middle where it heats. I actually think it performs very well with wax, I get some nice sized draws from it and they’re very smooth.

I’ve also tried the e-liquid tank a bunch of times and it performs pretty well, but it does seem geared towards beginners. If this will be your first pen I think the performance is more than enough.

So what’s really cool about this pen is that it’s truly the first 3-in-1 vape that I’ve reviewed that I actually feel works well with all three cartridges. Every other “3-in-1” I’ve tried up until this one has really only been good with concentrates. That really says a lot, so kudos to V2.

Vapor Quality

You should get about 5-7 draws from the 0.1g the chamber holds, just don’t expect big clouds of vapor.

Even though it’s light the vapor has a clean taste and it’s pretty smooth, I didn’t have any problems with that aspect. It doesn’t burn your stuff at all either, it vapes it nice and evenly which I definitely like to see.

When you get near the end of your session the last few draws won’t taste quite as good as the first few, but that’s not really abnormal for portable vapes.

Charging & Battery Life

It takes about 75 mins to fully recharge, which isn’t terribly long. The charger it comes with has a USB connection, and they do offer a wall adapter and car adapter also to plug it into which is pretty convenient.

This unit also has pass-through charging, which means you can use it and vape while it’s plugged in and being charged. You can’t do this with a completely drained battery though, you’ll have to let it charge for about 20 mins or so before it’ll turn on and let you use it.

This vape has a 2-minute automatic shut-off feature, which means every two minutes it’s gonna shut the heat off and if you want to continue your session you’ll have to restart it. Luckily, you only have to hold the button down for 2 seconds to start the heat again, but you will have to watch it because only the light blinks to indicate that it’s shutting off, it doesn’t beep or vibrate or anything.

I got about 15 of these 2-minute sessions in my testing, which is about 30 minutes of actual usage before the battery dies.


I think this thing is pretty cool, and if you’re lookin for something efficient with small amounts of material, that gives you just a handful of light draws, then this might be the one for you.


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I’ve been loyal to the Arizer solo but looking for something a little more discreet and versatile.feeling like the V2 might be it. I could use it for e cig to help quit smoking, herb, and oil. Quick heat up, use while charging, seems like a good bet for a 3 in 1?

Unfortunately, you can’t get them anymore. I had been very pleased with mine for a flexible, discreet, on-the-go device, but the loose leaf cartridge has failed, and replacement cartridges are basically impossible to come by now. JUUL bought V2 back in 2018 and shut them down, thus removing a competitor. The utter contempt I harbor for JUUL cannot be adequately conveyed; they embody everything wrong with the industry.

Hey, is there any chance I could purchase any loose leaf cartridges you may have. They are no longer available online or even on ebay. I’d very much appreciate it!

I purchased the v2 pro series 7 in October 2017, it stopped holding a charge in March- the customer service department informed me that in order for the device to be warrantied I had to purchase something else. This is ridiculous- why would I buy more faulty stuff in order for the original garbage to be replaced.

Sorry, but in my opinion, this is not a good vaporizer. Bad design in a pretty case. Draws hard even when the screen is clean, and it plugs up too often. Don’t like the way the mouthpiece just sticks in the case. Can’t carry it in my pocket,cause it comes off too easily.

Bought Vapour2 (European one) during last year. However it was more expensive it think it is great brand. I myself like that 3 in 1 option, because use all of them. The product has easy usage, the magnetic charging and magnetic cartridges are good idea-probably first time i have seen. And also the capacity of cartridges is also bigger what probably many of us appreciate. So would not critic anything maybe just that price:-(

I placed an order on Sep 4, 2017 with rush shipping and then never heard back. Contacted V2 support within a couple of days to ask for a refund of the rush shipping charge, which they did. Still hadn’t come a few weeks later, so asked for a full refund. At first, they refused, but then said it would arrive in 15 days (this was Dec). It’s now been six months, four phone calls and numerous emails later and they still keep telling me I will get my refund in 15 business days. Bunch of crooks. Do NOT buy V2.

This pen SUCKS 100% for wax. Customer service does not care in the least either! Do not listen to the good reviews because they were bought by v2 and are not accurate!

Does anyone know what the heating temperature is for the dry herb chamber on the V2 pro series 3?
There is only one temperature setting.
I’m not necessary interested in answers like “medium heat”, I’m looking for numbers with units (Celcius/Fahrenheit).
Thanks a lot

Just flew with mine to another state for vacation. Bought this for flowers only. Positives: very discrete in hotel parking lots, no questions through airport security. Also bought extra batteries, so charging is not an issue. Negatives: both the glass stemmed and softer mouthpieces come off too easily, meaning if you put it in a jeans pocket, they come off, and material may spill. Only other issue is that when using the silicone mouthpiece, the small screen in it clogs too easily, and I had to do a quick clean after each bowl. (? I’m grinding the material too fine and kiefie.) The clogging isn’t a problem at home when using the glass mouthpiece..but for travel/stealth use, the silicone is more discrete.

I find it works much better with the screen off altogether. Only thing is Iost a few mouthpieces, because the magnetic mouthpiece does keep it on better. Also, around the 7th draw I can get a mouthful of abv, but I’m prepared now and can avoid that.

Hi Bud- any idea what the Oven material is? I have an auto immune disorder and cannot use a vape whose oven is comprised of metals- can only use glass or ceramic. Their website does not indicate what the oven is made of…

Both my Dry Herb & Liquid Cartrige broke.
Dry Herb Cartrige: 1 month – The Ring came off (Glue doesn’t hold) no big deal, but, 1 month after that, the screen in the rubber tip, now comes out every time I pull off the tip to put in new herb. It falls into, the metal chamber & because its sticky, I always have to clean off some herb, now that is irritating. The glue also isn’t holding, that’s the reason. I know because I had to dig it off the rubber, wasn’t sticking to the metal. But that wasn’t the worst…
Oh last thing, I Vape big bowls, the dry Herb is cute, & fun, but way too small for me, the high is short, but if your the occasional vaper, then you’ll b fine (low tolerance).
(Worst) My e-Liquid Cartrige (a month after use) separated @ the top, where the plastic meets the metal, the metal is jaggedey, but the only thing holding them together is also the glue. That is the worst joint I have ever seen. When I went to switch out my Liquid cart, the bottom half stuck in the pen by the magnet, & the top part was only in my hand. It was full & the Liquid spilled all down between the walls of my pen. I was freaking out, cause I couldn’t get the Bottom half out, & the Liquid was soaking. I finally grabbed a needle nose pliers & pulled it out. Cleaned up all the mess as best as I could, hoping the Liquid didn’t go deep & will be a big problem in the future. I emailed them, & this is there quoted reply:
“We apologize for the delayed response. Cartridges are considered consumable items, therefore are not covered under warranty. Wax a Loose Leaf Cartridge, can last anywhere from 3-5 months. Liquid Cartridges for an optimal vaping experience, should be replaced after 5 refills. We do not recommend using any form of adhesive on the Cartridges or Vaporizer. In the event that there is any other way that we can assist you please send us another message.” …(I did not edit anything in the quotes, that’s there exact reply)
I put scotch tape around it to hold the pieces together, how ghetto is that?
So, if I was dumb, I could swollow whole (consume) all 3 of my cartridges? They’re only supposed to last 3-5 months, well mines broke 1-2 months… I asked what glue they use, & they won’t tell me (it has to be Heat & Inhalation Safe)…my guess is they don’t want people fixing there own vapes, they just want us to buy new cartridges every 2 months?
Honestly, a pen this bad couldn’t be a 4.5, along w/ lame customer service, & bad warranty. The pen itself I’d give a 2-3, but the Cartriges a 1. All together, I’d still conscider it a 1 because they go together. I think the reviews are false, I bet, everyone in the company along w/ there family & friends were forced to put 5’s so it would be high. I had another Vape, found out later it was a 3.5, but it still lasted longer then this vape, by far. I just started using my wax cart 2 days ago, & honestly, it does look strong, but I really don’t expect to last either.
Won’t buy again. I almost never write reviews, only unless I get screwed over, & I feel like paying $80 (for the kit) should last way more than 1-2 months, hence, I was screwed over badly.
I have pictures also, that I sent to the company, I can’t post them sadly, no attachments.

I just got my v2 pro series 3 and it wont work im using dry am not getting hit..or smoke..but turns stuff brown ?? It us fully charged..light turned green.. ?? What am i doing wrong..

Tap 3 times quickly (in 2 seconds) then while its flashing hold for 4 seconds+ or until the white light stays on and the base-light goes on red. Then wait for it to turn yellow then green. At green, suck through the mouthpiece. Should be grey white vapour.

Did you read the manual out of curiousity?…
If it’s turning brown then the heater is working, so the vapour should be releasing…

I have new V2 3 and am experiencing the exact same issue as Rhonda. No vapor at all, not even light. Followed the manual directions perfectly and no issues with charging, unlocking or for the LED lights to turn the appropriate colors before attempting to take a hit. It did not work. I did not over-pack, or under-fill the chamber either. I even waited a little longer while the LED was still green and still…. no vapor! . But, when it cooled off, I looked at the material and it was all burnt! Any ideas?

The V2 series 3 is a nice vape, But, the loose leaf cartridge came apart after 2 months of use. There is a small line of glue or epoxy that holds the cap in place. That failed and when trying to remove the cartridge from the vape, the cap comes off and the body of the cartridge stays in the vape. A small pair of pliers is needed to get it out. I contacted customer service and was informed that the cartridge is good for twenty uses. If you need to use your vape once a day, you’re stuck buying 18 cartridges in a year. At $24.99 a pop, that’s over $400 a year. Something to consider when shopping for a vape.

You are correct sir! Not only has the loose leaf cartridge come unglued but so has the e-liquid cartridges. I’m talking about the series 7. Just be warned that super glue works for putting it back together. I still love my V2 Pro tho, still the best.

Can’t say enough spectacular things about this S3. The small sleek discrete design, the 3 in one cartridge ability, and the magnetic charger make it my go to mobile vaporizer.

I am new to using a vape pen , and like the Kandypens K -Vape with all the goodies , but the chamber is pretty big . According to your review this chamber is small . If I only have 1-2 sessions a week and like to use a small amount of dry herb as I am asthmatic and only take 2-3 hits at a time is it better to have a small chamber device such as the V2 or doesn’t matter how much herb is in the chamber ? Thanks and love your reviews . Also is this the best choice for my needs ?

I was gifted this vape at a golf event as a door prize. Through use I have an issue with the smart magnetic cartridges. The cartridges are not magnetizing anymore to the battery unit and they fall out when not vertically held. Also the cartridge does not heat to correct temperature. Unfortunately the manufacture will not give me warranty because I do not have proof of purchase and do not feel the need to contact the charity that held the event. Any recommendations?

This thing is a peice of junk. Get a Yocan for half the price and don’t look at this again.

I called V2 at 4:00pm to customer service.

The girl first told me that you can’t get a coupon discount AND referral points. After questioning that fact, she said it would have to be done manually and that she didn’t believe the Series 7 starter kit I purchased qualified.

After about five minutes on hold, she came back on the phone and stated that it DID qualify and she needed the name and address of the person who referred me.

It was my sister, who is also my roommate.

At that point, she stated that she could not give her the referral points, as she lived with me. Again, this didn’t make sense that two different adults, as roommates who live together, who placed orders under two different accounts and credit cards, could not get referral points.

She then placed me on hold for 20 MINUTES while she checked with a supervisor on this.

She came back and advised me that it is an “internal” policy that is not written or disclosed to customers anywhere (yes, that is what she told me), that the referral points can not be given to someone who lives in the same house as you. Which means that anyone living on any other floors from me, will not be referred by me to V2.

These policies and her lack of knowledge have lead me to believe I made a completely poor choice in what company to buy from and have most certainly lost them two customers permanently.

I will be sure to refer THAT message along to all of my friends and any websites I can find where I can review and comment about V2 on.

So you can out concentrates in the wax cartridge?

I was not at all impressed with the V2 Pro Series 3 and the company hard to deal with (trying to be nice).
I had already heard that they take a few days to process your order so I knew not to pay the extra $20 for the three day delivery. It was a week (8 day actually) before they sent it out.
The liquid cartridges do not last more than a few fills and they advertise 15 to 20. The loose leaf needed a few minutes in between puffs and you maybe get four puffs before you need to refill.
I enquired about the liquid cartridges and after four days I was told that I needed to wait 45 min to an hour before using the V2 Pro Series 3 after you load the cartridge. I was shocked because I never heard that and none of the cartridges needed an hour the first few times I used them so I asked about that. Three days latter I go a odd response regarding another one of their products. So again I asked about the product I had purchased. since they attach your invoice to your messages I thought it was simple. I guess it is not so simple.
I never heard back so I sent another message asking about returning the vap pen. I was already aware that they will not do returns or refunds on the five liquide and one loose leaf cartridge I purchased. I have yet to hear back so I guess I am out about $140.
I used the pen for almost 3 weeks. I really did like it at first but it doesn’t last very long. A friend showed me a few tricks to get a little more life from the cartridges but I have already spent a lot of money on this item that is ok at best.
As someone who vapes as an alternative to cigarettes I found the whole experience to be hard. I have never bought a pen that in this price range and I wish I never did. A friend loaned me an extra until I can get a new one. I have also lost trust in most the the review sites. It did not take me long to realise that most are paid advertisements and not actual reviews. The whole thing is so shady and makes the big tobacco companies look good.

I sent them a message after waiting for their online chat.After 2mins of waiting I replied to the message.I demanded a discount for ordering. Also told them I had $102 in my cart and was ordering overnight. And I wanted the v2s3 for free for placing a order over $100 which is a promo at this time. They sent me a unprecedented code for 25% off. I had a hard time ordering online as it did not or couldn’t apply my discount.So I called. Some dude whose name I don’t really understand answers: hooks me up with discount,which was honored for 25% afterward telling me 15% is their max discount. And I’m good to go,I got charger power cell cleaning tools all the carts. for dry and wax etc.for $108 which I think is a fair price for what its worth.The prob with review sites is everyone has their set of moral standards to address.And they think you should adhere to theirs.Sorry bout your bad exp.

How does this one compare to the X Max V2 Pro vape?

V2 Pro Series 3 Pen Vape Review The V2 Pro Series 3 is a pen vape that really, actually, truly vaporizes dry herbs. I say this because every other pen-style vaporizer I’ve seen up until now