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8 Arm Treeline Beaker Bong by US Tubes

Mini Beaker Bong by US Tubes

US Tubes – Straight Fixed Perc Bong

US Tubes – 18″ Beaker Bong

US Tubes: Scientific Glass Bongs for Sale

US Tubes is respected in the glass blowing industry for building some of the strongest, most durable scientific bongs on the market. After all, the Berkeley, CA-based company’s slogan is: “Stronger is better.” The US Tubes line-up of beaker, round-bottom and tube style bongs lives up to the hype. With all components built in-house, including their signature oversized joints, and a commitment to building high-quality, perfectly sealed clear glass, no one does classically-styled scientific glass better.

As you might expect, the company specializes in clear tube-style water pipes. Simplistically designed and built-to-last, their products offer excellent functionality and impressive sturdiness: Choose from round- or beaker-style bottoms, as well as hybrid and straight tube bongs. Their products are also available in a range of thicknesses, including 5mm, 7mm and 9mm.

US Tubes: Product Lines and Accessories

Although US Tubes primarily offers clear scientific glass bongs, the company offers a wide array of products. There are the classics, of course, like the 18” Beaker Bong, but the entire line-up is available with a range of innovative percolator designs. Sturdiness is always of prime importance. The company’s fixed tree perc models, for instance, are manufactured with reinforced welds in the fixed tree to ensure maximum durability.

US Tubes also offers small and mini tube configurations. The Small Tubes line-up is ideal as your travel piece or daily go-to, and feature best-sellers like the Beaker32 and The Big Squirrel. The company also offers occasional customs with pops of color and heady adornments, as well as collaborations with glass pros like Tyler McBride and Triple A. US Tubes bongs are 100% American-made.

Browse the latest selection of US Tubes bongs for sale at The Daily Sesh.

Browse the latest selection of US Tubes, Beaker, Round & Tube scientific glass bongs for sale from The Daily Sesh. US Tubes are the most respected in the glass blowing industry for building durable and strongest scientific bongs on the market that are 100% American-made.

Us tube bongs

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US Tubes

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