Cannabis Green Book UIN Lookup


Benefits: Companies that request a UIN benefit by establishing a public track and trace program that directly benefits the consumer as well as the company. As Hemp based products become more commonplace in our markets, and Federal Hemp programs are being built around the 2018 Farm Bill, your company will be ahead of the pack with labeling and compliance requirements that may arise. Our IUN’s are assigned based on the submission of information listed below. A UIN will allow your company to stay ahead of the pack and ensure a national standard of safety, transparency, and consumer protection is met at the highest level.


Code Example:




NC– State of origin of the final product

3333– Facility code for where the product was processed or refined

0111– Lab result code for the final product


Code Lookup Example:


North Carolina (NC)

Grown 2 Gold, LLC (3333)

Grown 2 Gold, LLC Live Resin Lab Results.PDF (0111)


Label Example:

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