twisted new growth on cannabis

Twisted curling new growth at various stages


That’s one og in flower the twisting is now accompanied by rust spots which appeared 5 weeks into flower (tried upping calmag)

some details of the veg room
Plants grown under 600w mh kept around 20-24” above
In coco 70/30perlite mix
Hand watered using advanced 3part, roots excellurator, cannazyme, supervit, plantmagic calmag ay 1ml/L total ec 1.2 young-1.6 established plants ph 5.7-6.1
Room temps 24/25 day 20/21 night
Rh 45-60% min max on the thermostat always around 50 when I see it

the flower room
1000w de gavitas dimmed to 800w plants start 6ft away wen flipped grow to be 3/4ft away after stretch
Bottom fed coco/perlite alien easy feed system
Ionic coco bloom, calmag 0.5-1.5ml per l (tried up and down but giving 1ml currently) Buddhas tree additives pk 9/18 metaboost silicone flowerburst as directed ph 5.8-6.3 although some mornings ph in the res is insane 4.x Or 7.x so could be getting the odd fucked up feed in the night? This is a non recirculated system so don’t understand when these random ph things happen?
Day temps 26-29
Night 20-22
Co2 ppm 800
Rh 47-62 min max

Hi all been struggling abit with this one for a while got this weird twisting of leaves I see it in the veg room once the plants are around 3/4weeks old…