twisted glass pipes

Twisted glass pipes

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  • 4″ Twisted Serpent Glass Pipe – Double Helix



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9 customer reviews

Probably a favorite

I’ve had this pipe for a while, and i have a small collection of hand pipes, but this one is definitely the coolest to look at, especially while taking a hit. It surprised me to find that the glass seems to hold up a bit better than it looks like it would, and I certainly won’t complain, especially with the price. You probably want to clean this pipe often though, just because the twist does tend to catch little bits of ash and sometimes herb. Definitely a pipe I enjoy showing off, though the picture doesn’t exactly do the piece justice. Its definitely wider than in the photo, and I think it looks slightly longer in person too.

Nice bowl

This is a very nice bowl. I love the serpent design and it’s cool to watch the smoke wrap around itself. Just know that the photo is a little deceiving. The pipe is a lot flatter than the picture shows. It also isn’t purple at all. It just has the blue lines and a slight yellow tinge. But it works great.

so pretty!

i actually really like this bowl, it’s a great quality for its price and hits real well.

Honestly you just have to experience it for yourself.

This was the first bowl i ever bought and it’s been with me for many years. All though i will always love this bowl, the helix gets very hard to clean out and sometimes makes it hard to pull. If you’re like me and wait a little while in-between cleaning your pieces, i would not recommend this pipe. At this point my bowl is retired, rarely used and intact only due to a padded box its kept in.

Great for Price

Pipe is alot more flat than what is advertised, thin glass. Good pipe overall

It’s super cool.

I love the double helix look and the effect the smoke in the glass has on the overall look of the pipe. It looks super fragile but seems relatively sturdy.

Best 10 dollars ever spent

I have owned my piece for over 6 years now and it just broke two weeks ago!

Pretty sweet!!

Love this piece glad I chose it for one of my first

3 out of 5

Not bad for $10, the quality of the glass is alright. I haven’t owned a bowl before and I did notice that when i hit it there’s a really bad after taste.

The designer pipe has a twist, creating 2 independent smoke tubes that wrap around each other (like a double helix DNA molecule). Color may vary. This hand made glass piece is a work of art and is fumed for a great color changing experience. Unique doubl ]]>