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Top 5 portable vaporizers for 2020

Ever since the first weed vaporizers got to Alchimia Grow shop, we developed a great interest in the vaporization world and its advantages for the cannabis user, both therapeutic and recreational, but also for any type of medicinal plant consumption.

Vaporization offers several benefits (source: Sensi Seeds)

Vaping allows you to limit the harmful consequences of combustion, as it produces fewer toxins and free radicals. Thanks to vaporization, consumers don’t inhale tar and avoid a high number of carcinogenic elements.

This article presents you with a selection of 5 vaporizers, each of them highly compelling in their own way. Not every user has the same needs, so it’s important that each person finds the device that best suits their type of consumption.

Vital vaporizer

For tight budgets

Alchimia presents the Vital vaporizer for dry herbs. This device, aimed to users with limited budgets, is nevertheless very sturdy and efficient.

Measuring 12.5 x 2 x 2.5cm, the Vital vaporizer is discreet, portable and fits easily in your pocket or small bag. Its size also gives you the advantage of being able to vape almost anywhere.

With a bowl capacity of 0.3-0.5g and heating temperatures ranging from 100-240°C, you will enjoy great vaping sessions of delicious and dense vapour clouds.

It also offers an autonomy of about 1 hour, depending on the temperature chosen. In addition, and an advantage that not all vaporizers offer, you can use it while it’s charging, a small benefit when you forget to charge the device or are enjoying long vaping sessions.

It’s an excellent choice for users who want to start vaporizing and are looking for a device that is affordable, easy to use, sturdy, and offers good quality vapour.

Pax 3

Pax 3 vaporizer

Elegance, discretion and versatility

In addition to being remarkably smart, it has features that let you adapt the device to any type of consumption. The Pax 3 vaporizer can be used with dried marijuana buds, resins, concentrates and extractions.

The Pax 3 comes with an accessory that allows you to halve the filling chamber capacity; ideal for reducing or controlling your consumption. Microdosing enthusiasts will appreciate this feature, which is unique in the vaporization market.

It offers an excellent battery life with a device that lets you enjoy 90-minute sessions. It can be charged via a USB port or with the charger included. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge.

With a strong build and food-grade quality, this vaporizer for dried herbs and resins will go everywhere with you. Its small size fits perfectly in your pocket or a small backpack. You can use it with absolute discretion, since this device sits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Da Vinci IQ2

Da Vinci IQ2 vaporizer

The best cannabis vaporizer of 2020

This device is the enhanced version of what already was one of the best portable vaporizers in the market. As a novelty for 2020, Da Vinci presents the Da Vinci IQ2.

Intended for buds enthusiasts, but also for resin and concentrates users who want to vaporize their active ingredients anywhere. With the Da Vinci IQ2 you will be able to taste and enjoy all the terpenes in your chosen variety to the fullest.

With an all-ceramic internal vapour path, the Da Vinci IQ2 offers a purity of flavours worthy of the best desktop vaporizers. The air flow is adjustable thanks to a dial located on the device. This will allow you to control the vapour density without changing the temperature.

Another interesting novelty of this new Da Vinci version is the dose control. Thanks to a unique system to date, the IQ2 offers the user the ability to calculate the amount of active ingredients inhaled per draw and session; a very interesting feature especially for medical cannabis users.

Mighty by Storz & Bickel

Solid value

Storz & Bickel are veterans of the vaporization market. With the creation of the Volcano, a desktop vaporizer, they revolutionized the world of vaporization thanks to high-quality products and flawless manufacturing and performance.

When they announced they were working on a portable unit, we knew it would be great. The Mighty vaporizer offers a hybrid heating system similar to the brand’s first model that combines convection with conduction, which ensures the same vaporization quality as the best desktops units.

In addition to offering unparalleled vapour quality, it comes with two large batteries that grant it an autonomy hard to match by its competitors. You will be able to enjoy sessions of more than 2 hours before needing to charge the device.

It’s true that the batteries take up quite a lot of space, so the Mighty is not the most discreet vaporizer in terms of size. But for customers looking for the best portable vaporizer to use at home or in places where cannabis consumption is permitted, the Mighty is the most attractive option.

Arizer Solo II

Arizer Solo II vaporizer

Flavour and autonomy

One of the most unique features of the Arizer Solo II is its borosilicate glass vapour tube. This feature makes possible to preserve all the dried herb organoleptic qualities (aromas and flavours). But it also allows you to easily clean the mouthpiece, an important factor for those who use their vaporizers on a regular basis.

The Arizer Solo II is a bulky device. Like the Mighty, it’s not a stealthy unit to vape marijuana, but at home or in a friendly environment it’s an excellent choice to enjoy your beloved buds.

Arizer Solo II has the greatest autonomy of all portable vaporizers, and offers sessions that can last for more than 3 hours before it needs charging.

This unit has a degree-by-degree temperature control that is presented, along with all the information provided by the vaporizer, on its LED display. For those looking for a vaporizer able to produce big and tasty vapour clouds, the Arizer Solo II offers a solid value.

A wide range of vaporizers awaits for you in

We hope that thanks to this selection of the best 5 portable vaporizers of 2020, vaping enthusiasts are able to find or discover the unit that best adapts to their needs. And who knows? Maybe some of our readers who haven’t tried vaping yet will choose to change their consumption method.

Check the top 5 portable vaporizers of 2020 available in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. Consumers’ needs are changing, so we are offering a selection of

The 10 Best Portable Vaporizers of 2020

Last updated on June 9, 2020

If you’re looking for the best portable dry herb vaporizer, you’re in the right place! We’ve tested hundreds of different portable vaporizers and whittled them down to 10.

2020 has been exciting so far with some great portable vaporizer releases. We think there is much more to come so definitely keep an eye on this page!

Best Portable Vaporizers

  1. Mighty
  2. Arizer Solo 2
  3. Firefly 2+
  4. Pax 3
  5. Healthy Rips Fury Edge
  6. Crafty+
  7. Davinci IQ2/MIQRO
  8. Arizer ArGo
  9. XMAX Starry V3
  10. Boundless CF/CFX

Top 10 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2020

1. Mighty

Although the Mighty has been available for almost four years now it still reigns as the best portable dry herb vaporizer. Its vapor quality is on par with high end desktop vaporizers which is really saying something. The pulls are smooth and flavorful which is exactly what you’re looking for in a good portable vaporizer.

Not only is the vapor quality amazing, but it’s super easy to use. There’s a screen on the unit with easy up and down controls for the temperature. It also has a built-in safety feature which automatically turns it off in case you forget.

The Mighty uses a mix of both conduction and convection heating techniques which is patented by Storz & Bickel, the maker of the Volcano and Mighty. They also built in grating on the side which cools down the vapor (which is important since it’s in your hand).

The Mighty already had one of the best battery lives of any portable but it was updated in 2018 with 20% more battery life. That means you can use it for almost two hours without plugging in which can last you a weekend or longer. It also features pass through charging which means you can use it while it’s plugged in. That comes in handy when you

While it may not be as portable as other options, it doesn’t need to be. It’s small enough to take on trips and is the perfect size for at home use. It isn’t cheap, but you really get what you pay for. The Mighty is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

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2. Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is the follow up to the mega popular Solo. Arizer is a world renowned brand for a reason: they make stellar dry herb vaporizers that work well for a fair price.

The main reason the Solo 2 comes in second is because of its impressive battery life. When fully charged it runs for almost three hours non stop without needing a charge. That’s probably the longest battery life of any portable vaporizer you can find in 2020.

Not only is the battery life stellar, but the vapor quality is fantastic. It features a hybrid ceramic/stainless steel heating system which delivers delicious and thick vapor. The vapor itself stays cool due to the long glass air path.

Don’t worry if you’re in a rush too! The Arizer Solo 2 heats up in around 20 seconds which means you can go from dry herb to vapor in no time. The digital controls are sleek and simple to use.

Just like the Mighty, the Arizer Solo 2 isn’t quite pocketable since it has a glass tube that you pull from, but the battery life and vapor quality more than make up for it. If you’re looking for an awesome portable vaporizer at a fair price, definitely consider the Solo 2.

Also we didn’t include the Arizer Air 2 in this list but it deserves a mention. It’s essentially a smaller version of the Solo 2 with a worse battery life.

3. Firefly 2+

When the original Firefly hit the market it blew a lot of people’s minds. It’s a convection herb vaporizer that heats up in a couple seconds that has cool, thick vapor. There were a few complaints around the size, lack of temperature control and battery life though.

They fixed that up in the second version. The Firefly 2 is over 30% smaller, 50% lighter, with advanced temperature controls and has a much improved battery life. You can now pick from six temperature settings between 338° and 437° Fahrenheit which let’s you get the perfect vapor density. Just make sure you have a smart phone because that’s all controlled by the Firefly app!

They then released an even bigger improvement on that Firefly 2 with the new Firefly 2+ (Plus). The most notable improvement is the charging and battery life. You can now charge to 80% in 20 minutes, which lets you get up and running quick. The dock makes it easy to remember to leave to charge too. Although the battery is small, they’ve expanded the life span through tech innovations and you can also replace it on the go.

Because it uses a convection heating system it delivers some of the best vapor quality out of any of the portable vaporizers on this list. While you need to learn how to take a slower draw to use it properly, it’s not that difficult to pick up and learn. The Firefly 2+ also heats up almost instantly—no waiting around for it to heat up.

Due to its design the Firefly 2+ is also super easy to clean and maintain. It not only looks good, but it’s functional. That’s smart design!

4. Pax 3

Along with Volcano, Pax has been the face of vaporizers for a little while ago. The original rendition had a unique, sleek design that really helped it stand out from the crowd. The Pax 3 looks even better with new matte colours and has some big improvements to boot.

The best thing about the Pax 3 is probably it’s size. There are smaller vaporizers available, but Pax has really nailed it with the perfect size for activities. It’s awesome for hikes, skateboarding, snowboarding or anything else outdoors. It weighs only 93 grams which is pretty insane for all of the technology they pack in to it.

The Pax 3 also heats up quickly in around 15-20 seconds. It uses lip sensing technology to tell when you’re using it, so it can heat up the chamber which is super dope. The vapor you pull from the unit is surprisingly good too! It does run on a conduction oven which won’t deliver the subtle flavours of a convection vaporizer, but that won’t matter for the majority of people.

They’ve also improved the battery life with the Pax 3. You can use it for around an hour an a half before having to recharge. Even charging is cool with the Pax 3 with the innovative charging dock. You can tell that a lot of engineering went in to it.

See our full Pax 3 review if you want more info on it.

5. Healthy Rips Fury Edge

Healthy Rips entered the fray a few years ago with the Fury vaporizer. They promised to deliver food-grade air paths that use convection technology to heat the herb, and they’ve delivered. While their first few vaporizers were great, they’ve released a true winner in the Fury Edge.

The most notable part of the Healthy Rips Fury Edge is that it delivers (mostly) convection in a small package. Until this point if you wanted a portable vaporizer that fits in your pocket, you were most likely using conduction. While there’s nothing wrong with conduction, convection is generally more efficient and delivers better flavour.

They’ve also packed a 2300 mAh battery in to the Fury Edge which is a very decent battery. Our main complaint with the Fury 2 was that it wasn’t truly portable since the battery was so small (and not replaceable). That’s fixed and the Fury Edge runs for over an hour in use which is great. Not only that, but they’ve implemented USB-C charging. It charges quickly and USB-C doesn’t wear out like a mini USB.

Last but not least, one of the main reasons why the Fury Edge is nearing the top of our list is because of the price. Sure, the Mighty and Ghost MV1 have less draw resistance and have better flavour, but they’re double the price. If you’re looking for an affordable, portable, unit you should definitely check out the Fury Edge.

P.S. The Healthy Rips Fury Edge also gives you a variety of attachments you can use. If you want to throw it in your pocket there’s a plastic mouthpiece, or you can use a glass one while at home – totally up to you.

See our full Fury Edge review if you want more info on it.

6. Crafty+

The Crafty+ is the nimble little brother of the Mighty that’s sitting up at the #1 spot. Depending who you talk to, and what you’re looking for, the Crafty+ could take the top spot as the best portable vaporizer.

It is cheaper and smaller than the Mighty which is great, but there are a few downsides. It doesn’t have a built-in display which means you need to control the temperature settings from the app connected to your smart phone (which may not be possible since Apple banned vape apps). Also the vapor it produces isn’t as cool as the Mighty.

The Crafty+ does have a much improved battery life over the original model though. It gives you almost 90 minutes of vaporizing off of single charge. And it also features pass-through charging so you can use it while it’s plugged in.

If you’re looking for a true portable unit though you’ll want the Crafty+ over the Mighty. It weighs in at just around 135g which makes it discreet and can easily fit in your pocket. The Crafty+ is built tough too which means you don’t really have to worry about it rattling around a bit.

Just like all Volcano products, it has amazing vapor quality. It has a hybrid convection heating system which is impressive for a vaporizer of this size.

7. Davinci IQ/MIQRO

Davinci has been making vaporizers for over five years now. They started off with the original Davinci Vaporizer and followed it up with the solid David Ascent. Their third product is certainly their best portable vaporizer yet.

Perhaps the best thing about the Davinci IQ is the design—it just looks downright sexy. It has a super sleek design with a beautiful LED grid display. It looks like it could be an Apple device if they decided to dip their toes in the vaporizer market.

Not only does it look great, but it performs great too. It delivers tasty vapor from its ceramic heating chamber which is a conduction heating system. It also includes a ‘flavour chamber’ which lets you vaporize dry herbs without having to grind them up.

If you’re looking for a true, pocketable, portable vaporizer you’re in luck. The Davinci IQ is small. It only weighs around 145 grams which is tiny compared to many other portable units. You can easily throw it in your pocket along with your phone.

The battery will only last about an hour of use though, so be wary. The batteries are replaceable so consider picking an extra one up if you’re going with the Davinci IQ. They’re easy to swap in and out!

Davinci also released the MIQRO vaporizer, which is very similar to the IQ but has a smaller size and comes in at a lower price point. While the battery lasts a little bit less than the IQ, it’s an amazing little conduction vaporizer. If you want a small unit to throw in your pocket, you should definitely take a look at the MIQRO.

New in 2020: Davinci released the Davinci IQ2, which is now available. It features new airflow control which let’s you change the amount of air intake on the go. Also it has on-demand dosage technology which lets you track exactly how much you’ve vaporized (only works via the app which is currently not available on Apple devices).

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8. Arizer ArGo

The ArGo is short for Arizer Go. It’s Arizer’s first truly portable vaporizer since the mouthpiece retracts back in to the unit. All of Arizer’s ‘portable’ vaporizers have glass pieces which means you can’t throw them in your pocket or bag—that’s not the case with the ArGo.

It’s about the size of a deck of cards and fits perfectly in your hand. Although it’s small Arizer hasn’t cut corners on their build quality too. This vaporizer feels sturdy and doesn’t have the cheap plastic quality you get with other units.

It has some of the vapor production of all the tiny vaporizers (Pax, Starry). They’ve utilized their conduction/convection heating technology from their Solo 2 and Air 2, and put it in a smaller package. It has a pretty fast heat up time that will get you vaporizing in just under a minute.

Somehow Arizer also fit a full OLED display on to this small vaporizer too. You can see battery life and temperature right on the ArGo, no need to download a separate app or anything like that. We much prefer vaporizers that have screens since apps can be a bit gimmicky (and also Apple has currently banned vape related apps).

The best part of the ArGo has to be the swappable batteries. You can buy extras and throw them in your pocket on the go. Swappable batteries also extends the life of your vaporizer since you don’t need to just toss it when the batteries weaken over time. That’s a big bonus!

9. XMAX Starry V3

The XMAX Starry is the cheapest vaporizer on this list, but it doesn’t perform like the cheapest . It’s an awesome little vaporizer that is perfect for beginners looking for a starter, or veterans looking for a super portable unit.

The XMAX Starry is the perfect size to be taken out of the house on an adventure. It weighs around 120 grams which is at the smaller end of any portable vaporizers you find. It’s easy to throw in your pocket and fits perfectly in the grip of your hand. Just be careful because the mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use.

It heats up pretty quickly in around 20-30 seconds. The XMAX Starry offers a full spectrum of temperatures to pick from the OLED display. You can play around and find the best setting. It is a conduction vaporizer though, so don’t expect incredible flavor.

The V3 has an improved battery life which lets you use it for around 80 minutes of use. The batteries are also replaceable, so you can keep extras with you for longer excursions. They’ve also added a bigger bowl and new mouth piece which are definitely nice to have too!

10. Boundless CF/CFX

Boundless has released a couple cheap products that have taken the dry herb vaporizer world by storm. The CF/CFX are essentially a poor man’s Crafty/Mighty: they are hybrid convection, they look similar and they have similar sizes. Considering they’re half the price of their Volcano counterparts—the CF/CFX are pretty impressive.

The Boundless CF is the smaller of the two. It’s a relatively small size and features five different temperature settings. The battery is non-replaceable and will last you around 50 minutes of use.

The Boundless CFX is the big brother. It’s bulkier, but features a nice OLED display which lets you pick your exact temperature. Like the CF, the batteries are non-replaceable and will last you around 60 minutes of use.

What really sets these two vaporizers apart from the crowd is their vapor quality. They have the best vapor of any cheap vaporizer available right now. It’s not quite on par with the best, but it’s definitely better than most. If you’re just starting out with vaporizing, or can’t afford a more expensive unit, you won’t be disappointed with either the Boundless CF or CFX.

See our full Boundless CFX review if you want more info on it.

We've tested hundreds of portable dry herb vaporizers to find you the top 10 of 2020. They're ranked based on vapor quality, battery life, warranty and more. Can you guess which vaporizers made the top 3 this year? This list includes the Mighty, Pax 3, Arizer Solo 2 and more.