titanium dabber tool

Dab Tools & Nails

Dabbing oil, wax and other herbal concentrates has become a popular way for discerning smokers to enjoy their favourite flavours and terpenes. That’s why we have put together this huge range of dab tools, nails and dabbing accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Our collection includes titanium dabbers for handling sticky oils, pure silicone mats and containers for storing extracts, inert quartz and glass bangers, titanium dab nails and carb caps and state of the art e-nails for precision temperature dabbing. In short, we have everything you could ever need to get the best out of your dabbing set up.

Our range of dabbers includes amazing custom titanium swords and machetes from our friends at Happy Daddy alongside stainless steel tools for cleaning rigs, grinders, bowls and bangers. These dab tools come in various shapes, each designed for a specific job; we have forks, scoops, blades and pokers that will handle the most fiddly job with ease.

Pure silicone containers from industry leaders, Oil Slick are listed alongside pure PTFE sheets, silicone release paper and parchment paper for home extraction. Oil Slick have consistently led the way with new dabbing products and this range of storage solutions is no exception, offering security and discretion for dabbing on the move.

Finally, we have top quality electronic dab nails from E-Nail. Built with robust electronic components and complete with rugged storage cases, these e-nails allow you to precisely set the temperature of your dab nail to maximise terpene flavours or to focus on vapour production. All the E-Nails come complete with titanium dabbers, titanium carb caps and a user manual to get you started.

A range of dab tools, nails, and titanium accessories for dabbing oils and a collection of silicone storage containers.