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Terp Sugar

The glistening facets of cannabinoid crystals immediately grab your attention. The strain specific aroma of the cannabis comes through loud and clear from the moment you open the lid. With our terpene profiles falling between 4-7%, your tastebuds will be pleasantly satiated when you vaporize this uniquely flavorful and aromatic extract.


Terpene saturated high cannabinoid extract

3-10% Terpene Profile, 70-90% potency range

Can be enjoyed by dabbing or sprinkling in a joint or blunt

Terp Sugar Dab Wax | DABSTRACT Dabs, Wax & Cannabis Concentrates Discover DABSTRACT Terp Sugar, a THC sugar wax that can be vaped or sprinkled on your blunt or joint for strain-specific terpene flavor.