super mario bong for sale

Yoshi Bong – 7in

Nintendo lover’s novelty bong, zero splashback splashback

Smooth hits and cooler smoke are what you can expect from 7” artistic Bong, made from colored borosilicate glass.

🦕 A CLASSIC ICON – For Yoshi or Mario Fans

🦕 TRULY UNIQUE PIECE – Looks Amazing

🦕 HIDE IN PLAIN SITE – Cool Novelty Piece

🦕 A FAN FAVORITE – Sells Out Fast

🦕 NO SPLASH – Built-in Splash Guard

Use Mario’s favorite green friend to enjoy delicious hits of your favorite green friend. This Yoshi Bong looks amazing in person and is super fun to use. Your smoke or vapor of choice seeps from Yoshi’s mouth after being filtered through the water in his stomach.


From the awesome teal green coloring to the overall Yoshi design and handblown glass accent details like his eyes and hands, this piece is special in every way. Even better though…it hits as good as it looks.


At 7 inches tall, this novelty bong is small enough for travel or outdoor sessions. Because of all the attention to detail, you can plop Yoshi on your counter or shelf and it just looks like you a cool glass Yoshi statue.

Yoshi is one of our fan favorites and sells out really quick. We try to restock as regularly as we can, but this unique piece takes time to create and craft correctly. Order yours before we sell out.

The design of Yoshi’s head and neck creates a natural splash barrier to protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

Want discrete yet glass safe packaging? Want it delivered from the heart of 420 country? We expertly ship our items from our state of the art warehouse in sunny Los Angeles.

Level up as high as you can with Yoshi…click add-to-cart today!

The Yoshi Bong is a great piece for the many Nintendo fans of the world. Standing at a solid 7” tall with 14mm opening, he’s sure to get some attention while sitting on display at your home. At that size, this bong is portable enough to take between locations, just be sure to exercise caution.