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Super Bangers – The Railway

I only have good things to say about The Railway. Unpretentious, cosy and good sausages. If you want to just try something different and enjoy simple tasty food, sausages and mash of varied flavours then pop in. Good choice of real ale and pleasant service from Elliot, he was very attentive and checked we were happy with our food. We had two main courses, side of roast vegetables, two drinks and was approx £30. We will definitely go again. Luke and Kay.

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£11 for two sausages and some chips does not represent good value in my opinion. The sausages were good, and the chips were like those from a chippy, which we liked. but you can’t get around the cost of them. Drinks are expensive too. Service was friendly but there was no check back. Note to manager. if you want to run a ‘restaurant’ in a pub then get staff to exercise basic restaurant principles. namely that staff should heck that the food is ok. either during or after the meal. Staff didn’t seem to care. if i were running the place I would be miffed staff never bothered to ask if we wanted starters or puddings.

We Popped back to Cheltenham to visit some friends over the weekend and they suggested The Railway for dinner as there was music on.
The food was great, I’m not into sausages but they were rather tasty and the chips were particularly good.
The service was great, really friendly staff who chatted to me about their selection of ales, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
On a side note, the singer they had was fantastic, like professional levels, which really rounded off the bank holiday weekend.

Just how interesting can sausages be? That is the question.

This is what the Railway specialises in; it has a menu of a variety of more or less exotically flavoured sausages.

I still do not know what the answer is in theory or in practice despite having just gone there with friends.

The venue was not my choice. I had been there some years previously and it had not been a bad experience or a memorably good one. I remembered only the social side. This time was memorable. But regrettably not for me in a positive way.

I suppose I had better start with the food. I chose Cumberland sausage sandwiches (brown bread) at a cost of six pounds 50P. The portion was a smallish one and with a small side addition of chips. I didn’t expect a Kobe beef experience but I did expect quite a tasty morsel. The sausage was okay but not for me any more memorable than if I was eating at home Tesco’s Finest. Now I believe you have a right to expect really fresh bread in a decent restaurant/food pub but this to my taste was not really fresh bread. To be sure, the bread was not stale but neither was it particularly fresh. It was in short so unappetising for me that I didn’t even consume all of it but left some uneaten on the plate. The chips were dry but to my taste rather less appetising than chips I could have got of my freezer and cooked myself.

My glass of “large” House Red wine was to my eyes a class of small to middling glass size. Six pounds 50! That alone would have motivated me to write this review.

One of my colleagues at our table was completely missed by the waiter until I pointed that out to him later on after she had informed me but by that time she had decided to grab some sandwiches from Waitrose. She probably enjoyed better value for her money that I feel I did.

To complete this disappointing dining experience, I have never been so physically uncomfortable in all my life at any restaurant or eatery! Because the weather was good, we dined outside and their long tables have these bench seats physically locked into them. I ended up straddling rather than sitting fully at one – not quite facing anyone properly, which somewhat inhibits social interaction – because I was obviously not the size for which the whole ensemble had been designed. I do wonder what theoretical size and degree of suppleness of physique for which they were designed; it obviously wasn’t for me.

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