sunflower bowl pipe

Sherlock Sunflower Hand pipe by Empire Glassworks

This is a beautiful hand made pipe! Trust me it looks stunning! It’s blown by one of Empire Glassworks glass masters. We take a pride in selling this amazing glass. Enjoy it!

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No complaints. Good service.

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Our story started from experimenting and designing our own first bong in 2015. Years later we have collected feedback and created our own collection of bongs that stand out from the rest.

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Our team presents a step-by-step guide which will help you to master the art and etiquette of bong use in no time!

The true smoking kit is not complete without a rolling tray, which makes the process more classy and convenient.

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Latest from Empire GlassWorks: Sherlock Sunflower Hand pipe by Empire Glassworks, 65.00. This is a beautiful hand made pipe! Trust me it looks stunning! It's