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How To Store Weed For Extended Periods of Time

If you don’t know how to store weed properly, it can end up drying up or growing mold. Dry weed will have lost a good portion of the flavor and potency while moldy weed is unsafe to smoke.

If you’ve got quality weed and you want it to stay that way, you’ll have to try harder than a jewelry or sandwich bag. Especially if you’re planning to make it last for a while. Leaving the job to a bag alone will turn your sticky buds brittle within a weeks time.

A few simple measures will ensure your stash is still smokable the next time you reach for it. There are a few ways to better store weed for extended periods of time.

Factors That Degrade Weed

Temperature, humidity, light and air all have the ability to degrade your weed. As a result, simply leaving nugs in a plastic bag on a table is not enough to store weed for extended periods of time.

Before we go into how to store weed, let’s start with methods you shouldn’t bother with. You might assume a fridge or freezer will keep buds fresher for longer like they do with food. However, the temperature and humidity of various refrigerators fluctuate which isn’t ideal for preserving the quality of your weed.

We don’t recommend freezing it either. Freezing is one way to make hash because the cold temperatures make trichomes separate from the buds. Trichomes contain all the stuff we use cannabis for like cannabinoids and terpenes.

So, unless you want to risk mold or having your trichomes fall to the bottom of your jar stay away from the fridge and freezer. You’re better off leaving weed somewhere with a more stable temperature and humidity level.

The cold isn’t the only thing you’ll have to worry about. Keeping your weed in a hot place like near an oven or radiator will cause it to dry too quickly.

Airtight Glass Containers

To protect your weed from the various external forces that work against it, we recommend an airtight glass container. There are plastic airtight containers but plastic can make buds to sweat moisture out.

A glass mason jar is your best friend when it comes to cost-effective long-term storage. However, any airtight glass container will do. The top should have a complete seal to completely protect your buds from exposure to the air. Once your buds have made it into a glass jar, you just need to keep it out of light and away from heat.

There are also blacked-out ultraviolet airtight glass jars that can help to protect your weed from light. Even if its left somewhere with heavy-lighting. In an airtight ultraviolet glass jar, the only element you’ll have left to worry about is temperature.

As long as you’re not storing it in a cabinet above your stove or somewhere hot, your buds should stay fresh in a UV jar.

Humidity Packs For Longer Term Storage

If you deplete your stash within a week or two, an airtight glass container in a cool dark place should be all you need to keep your weed fresh for every smoke.

However, to ensure your buds stay sticks for even months, you can introduce a humidity pack to your airtight storage container.

They come in varying humidity levels, already dried out material will need a higher relative humidity to come back to life. However, with fresh properly cured cannabis, you can use a 58 percent Boveda humidity pack to preserve the quality and prevent mold.

Final Hit: How To Store Weed For Extended Periods Of Time

If you don’t want to smoke harsh-tasting weak weed that was once fire, take the steps to protect your weed for the long haul.

Weed stored in an airtight glass container with a humidity pack in a cool, dark place should stay fresh for months to come. A UV airtight glass jar should be enough for shorter-term stash storage. Check out our list of the best storage containers for weed.

Make that stash last by learning how to store weed properly. ]]>