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The Best Weed Stashing Products Every Stoner Needs

Stashing away your weed from children, roommates and other scavengers is best practice for all stoners. Here’s are a curated list of the best weed stashing products every stoner needs.

The Most Stunning Weed Stash Box

Hakuna Signature Lock Box

The Hakuna Signature Lock Box made by Hakuna Supply based in Los Angeles, California. The Signature Lock Box is constructed with beautiful, solid mahogany or walnut. It is not a wood veneer! The box includes a two-compartment rolling tray. The rolling tray conveniently stows aways on the inside of the lid. Inside the box, there are three compartments to help you keep your strains organized. The Hakuna Supply website also sells accessories such as stash jars, grinders and pipes to customize your Hakuna Signature Lock Box. The Hakuna Signature Lock Box has a lock and key to secure your weed. If you have children in your home, you should secure your weed and edibles to prevent accidental poisoning. The box measures 10 inches x 8 inches x 4 inches.

Hakuna signature lock box — closed exterior and rolling tray

The Hakuna Supply is a company that believes in doing good. They give back to charitable organizations and participating in sustainable practices. They donate a portion of their Hakuna Hemp Roast to benefiting homeless veterans in southern California. Also, a portion of revenue from Hobarts Haze to benefit the World Wildlife Foundation. Hakuna uses sustainable packaging whenever it’s possible. Every stash box purchase comes with a packet of pine or spruce tree seeds to help replenish earths trees. Therefore, buy from Hakuna Supply and help contribute to charitable causes.

You can purchase the Hakuna Signature Lock Box direction from the Hakuna Supply website. Best of all—Hakuna Supply will ship it anywhere in America for free! The box retails for $99. In conclusion, if you enjoy finely crafted wood products and organizing, then the Hakuna Signature Lock Box for you.

Hakuna Supply Signature Lock Box Organized Compartments

The Best Hidden Weed Stash Box

Just like the cool cryo-can that contained the dinosaur embryos in the movie Jurrasic Park. The shaving cream diversion safe is a classic and effective place to stash your weed. In the past, the shaving cream can included a fake logo and brand printed on the label. The fake brand was a dead giveaway. Now, you can buy a real Barbosol shaving cream can. You can even find an operating shaving cream can too for an extra layer of diversion.

The hidden compartment on the bottom unscrews to reveal a secret stash area for your cannabis and paraphernalia. Most of these shaving cream diversion safes are hand-made. You can purchase one at a local headshop, Amazon, Etsy, or other online retailers for under $25. If you’re short on funds, you can make one yourself. In conclusion, for the best product to help you hide your weed, check out the shaving cream diversion safe.

The Best Smell-Proof Stash Box


A dead giveaway you have a secret weed stash is from the smell. Potent cannabis can stink up an entire room or home. One of the organic compounds responsible for the citrusy and piney smell is called terpenes. Our favorite product to help suppress the stinky terpenes smell is the STASHLOGIX Silverton.

The Silverton has a beautiful linen exterior to discreetly and stylishly store your weed. The foil interior lining and rubber gasket sealing system prevents the weed odor from escaping. In addition, the case includes an OdorPax. An OdorPax is bamboo carbon wrapped in a hemp and nylon pouch. Carbon is great for absorbing odor.

The Silverton has an adjustable and removable section divider system to help you get organized. The case has a three-digit zipper combination lock to help keep children and weed thieves out.

The STASHLOGIX Silverton comes in three sizes. The price varies depending on the size. The price range is between $44 to $55. The case comes in black and tan linen. You can purchase a Silverton case on the STASHLOGIX website or Amazon. In conclusion, for the best smell-proof weed stash case, check out the STASHLOGIX Silverton.

The Most Budget-Friendly and Effective Stash Box

The SentrySafe Fire Chest 1200

If you don’t have an extra $100 or more to spend on a fancy stash box, we have a budget-friendly option. You can find the SentrySafe Fire Chest 1200 from most big box or hardware stores. The SentrySafe Fire Chest 1200 is great for keeping your cannabis safe from children and other unwanted people. This no-frills lockbox will do the trick for under $20. The SentrySafe Fire Chest features a 0.18 cubic feet fire-resistant box. The fire chest includes a flat key lock. The SentrySafe Fire Chest 1200 can withstand 1550ºF fire for 30 minutes. Even if your home burns down, your weed will be safe.

The SentrySafe chest’s exterior measures: 14.3 in. width x 11.2 in. depth x 6.1 in H; interior: 12 in width x 7.5 in. depth x 3.5 in. H; and weighs 13 pounds.

CLOUD/TEN C10 Aluminum Herb Container

Lastly, every stoner needs a smell-proof, travel container to transport bud. The CLOUD/TEN aluminum travel case is great for storing small stashes to bring on weekend getaways, campgrounds and parties. The container is also great for helping you discreetly conceal the smell for your home stash.

The CLOUD/TEN C10 container can store about two grams of flower. It can store more if you grind it up before storing it. The C10 has a rubber ring and a metal screw thread to seal the container tightly. The container keeps your weed airtight, waterproof and fresh. The CLOUD/TEN C10 measures 2.25” x 1.25”. In conclusion, you can purchase a CLOUD/TEN C10 aluminum container directly on CLOUD/TENS website or on Etsy or on Amazon.

Stashing away your weed from children, roommates and other scavengers is best practice for all stoners. Here's are a curated list of the best weed stashing products every stoner needs.