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Emily Post’s great granddaughter on how to tell your neighbor to stop smoking weed, even if it’s legal

Q: How should you tell your neighbor to stop smoking weed, even though its legal in some states?

A: Even if weed is legal in your state, you shouldn’t tell your neighbors to stop doing something in their own home if they can’t legally smoke in public. And before you point out someone else’s behavior, you have to look at yourself, because you don’t know which of your behaviors bothers them.

What you should do is come from an angle of consideration. Instead of asking them to stop altogether, try asking them to smoke in a different spot in their home, and then open the conversation to things you both can work on.

Those are the things you can ask and work around. Neighbor issues can either be really simple to fix or can lead to long-term grudges.

If confrontation isn’t your thing and you know your neighbors, try leaving an air filter, a candle and some snacks (for when they get the munchies) with a note saying something like, “Hey, I am really not the type of person to do this, but the smell of pot is getting into my apartment, and I thought I could help get you started with a way to diffuse the smell.”

Even though weed is legal in some states, smoking it can affect those who don’t partake. Try to make that interaction as good for both parties as possible.

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