smoke torch

Smoke-X SX-13 Pyro Smoke Torch green

The Smoke-X SX-13 is a handy pyro or distress torch that is “cold-burning” and can therefore even be held in the hand when it burns. The SX-13 is ignited by operating a pull cord on the top and releases smoke and a bright light for about 60 seconds. The smoke development is strong and can therefore be optimally perceived as a signal in emergency situations. The torch is therefore only to be used for the intended technical purpose.

– Net explosive mass: 80 grams
– Gross weight: 160 grams
– Dangerous goods class: 1.4S
– Can be hand-held: yes
– Burn time: approx. 60 seconds
– Cold burning: yes
– Smoke intensity: strong
– Trigger: detonator

Signal effects are shipped in Germany year round. There are 25 EUR shipping costs for the hazardous material express. No shipping to packing stations and islands. You also get the ammunition and the signal effects in our shops (except in the branches Hammelburg, Munster and Berlin, in these stores are no pyrotechnics, gas and signal ammunition or weapons available).

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