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Smoke Bubble?

  • Apr 20, 2011
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  • For those who don’t know what it is its.

    Basically, we’re all uni students who don’t really know what we’re doing when it comes to vaping so all you lovely people please be nice and forgive our lack of knowledge! We’ve been smoking weed now for a while but are getting quite sick of messing up our lungs, so we had a look at vaporisers, but WOW are they expensive! I’ve heard mixed things about the smoke bubble and was wondering if you guys have tried/know anyone that’s tried it? Seems pretty simple to use. Not too bothered about ‘efficiency’, as long as it gets us all high

    Also, some sites have been saying it should only be used to smoke hash? (Whatever that is, don’t hurt me!). Could it be used to smoke bud as that is what our greengrocer gives us.

    Thanks for any help

    Revolting Peasant
    • Apr 20, 2011
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  • Welcome Kopitewarrior. I’ve used these before- they’re know as a lightbulb vape- and there’s a bit of info about here ( . They can do the job, but like all lighter based vapes they take a bit of getting used to before you get the technique down. It can be easy to overdo it with the heat, as it’s just a thin bit of glass between the flame and your herb. Works with both hash and bud, although both are best if well ground/crumbled. It’s also generally always a light vapor produced IME, rather than big dense clouds.

    IMO it is worth saving a bit of that student loan to invest in a quality vape, but unfortunately it is an expensive market. It’s likely though that it will make up for it over the medium term though less consumption of herbs (at least, that’s how I first convinced myself to get my first vape- a volcano)

    If you’re looking for something at the cheaper end of the market I think you might be better looking at either the VaporGenie or the Vaporstar. I’m kinda guessing you’re in the UK for some reason (time of day and spelling- sorry if you’re not) – back when I got my Vapor genie there was nowhere in the UK selling, so I really got stung on import VAT making it stupidly expensive, but I think I have seen them since in a UK retailer, but can’t remember where. Alternatively the Vaporstar is made in the UK and is an OK cheap vape as well (20ish). A good few local head shops carry them. (Edit: Vaporgenie and vaporstar page=2&zenid=6fa0af714f6f72fac5f96868a739c913 )

    I think these are a better options for a budget vape because they use the principle of heated air, rather than relying on cool air drawn over hot herbs like the ‘smoke bubble’ does. It should mean thicker vapor and it also leaves a little more room for temp error before your herbs catch afire IMO

    Of course, ultimately it’s all personal preference and you might get someone next who swears by a lighbulb vape

    For those who don't know what it is its…