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Mini Bongs & Small Bongs

Luckily, we have a wide variety of adorable small and mini bongs including silicone and glass mini bongs that won’t break the bank.

What’s a mini bong?

Small but mighty, mini bongs pack a big punch in a small package. These water pipes stand up to 6 inches tall and are about 5-6 inches on average . Many people are attracted to mini bongs because they want the water filtration power of a bong but in a size that’s easy to bring anywhere. Their smaller size also makes them more comfortable to use than standard size bongs and they often include many of the key features you’d find on a normal setup like a splash guard, ice pinch and percs.

Benefits of mini bongs

When people say bigger is better, mini bongs prove differently. Mini and small bongs have a lot going for them, so we’ve called out the top three reasons why you should invest in a mini bong:

  • Portable – These bongs can easily fit in a purse or backpack for the smoke sesh at your friend’s place, hikes, concerts, drive-in theaters or pretty much anywhere.
  • Affordable – Since mini bongs are much smaller they use less glass and are generally much more affordable than standard sized bongs.
  • Smooth hits – There’s a part of you that wants to roll a joint and just call it a day, but if you’re all about the smooth rips you get from smoking from a bong, then you can get the best of both worlds without sacrificing the convenience.

Types of mini bongs:

  • Carb bongs – Rather than a regular bowl and slide, these bongs have a small hole in the side much like a pipe. The bowl and downstem are usually one piece in these, which fit tightly into a hole. You don’t need to remove the bowl or downstem to use it, simply cover the hole with your thumb and uncover to inhale. Carb bongs give you fewer loose pieces to worry about, so they are even more portable and are the best if travel is one of the main reasons for buying.
  • Traditional mini bongs – These do have their own bowl and slide. The benefit of that is that you can customize it with your own funky novelty bowl or add features like an ash catcher.

Mini bong features to consider

Most people want a mini bong because of it’s portability so if that’s the case for you, definitely make sure to get one that doesn’t have protruding parts that may shatter in your bag on the way to the smoke sesh. Carb bongs have less protruding pieces, so these may be your best bet. Also, if you’re all about percolators, take a look at mini percolator bongs. If you like to chill down your hits with a couple ice cubes, get a mini bong with an ice catcher. Whatever special feature you’re looking for, most mini bongs will have although it may not be as equipped as that beast of a bong with 10+ percolators you keep safely at home.

How much are mini bongs?

Mini bongs and small bongs can range in price depending on the quality of the materials, brand and features but a simple glass mini bong can go as low at $19.99 and a silicone bong even less. Higher-end mini bongs with intricate detailing like the Empire Glass Avocadope Mini Rig are upwards of $300 but are one of a kind handblown works of art. This is a super cool mini bong that’s an investment piece for when you really want to treat yourself or a special someone.

Mini bongs near me

At Everything For 420, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best glass mini bongs. If you want to take super fluffy water-filtered hits anywhere you may go, a mini water bong might be a great addition to your collection. They’re cute, cheap, easy to carry, and everyone will be stoked when you pull that out of your bag at a party. That’s a win-win-win-win situation.

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Best Glass Water Pipes

February 03, 2020 4 min read 1 Comment

Every cannabis user has a preference when it comes to how they consume marijuana. Recently, vape pens and dab pens have become increasingly popular, but bongs hold a special place in a stoner’s heart. The bong dates way back to ancient times and derives from the Thai word “buang” which refers to a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe that Thais used to smoke out of. The oldest bong ever discovered was in Russia and made of pure gold. Eventually, it made its way to Asia and so began the evolution of the bong. Once glass bongs were introduced, the world of cannabis changed forever and for the better, obviously. I mean would you prefer taking a bong rip out of a wooden pipe?

How to use a bong

Although the bong was later recoined “glass water pipe” to market toward tobacco users, it is most definitely best used for packing some good ol’ ganja. For the newbies reading, here’s how you use a weed bong:

  1. Pour water into the bubbler or water bong.
  2. Pack the bowl with marijuana (use a grinder for an even smoother hit).
  3. Put your mouth over the mouthpiece at the top.
  4. Light a flame over the bowl and start to inhale slowly .
  5. As the weed burns, the water filters it through the chamber and you’ll see smoke starting to form.
  6. When you’re ready to fully inhale the smoke rising up the chamber, lift the bowl up so air can pass through and inhale the smoke (this is called “clearing” a bong).
  7. Enjoy your high!

How to choose a bong

The cannabis community is built off of a unique concept, where everything can be re-invented and things are constantly evolving. Thanks to our innovative stoners, the weed we smoke and the bongs we smoke out of are always getting an upgrade. Today there are so many options when choosing a weed bong: silicone bong, percolator bong, mini bong, etc. To save you the time of going down that rabbit hole with Google search, here’s a roundup list from our exclusive collection that we know you’ll love just as much as we do.

Mini Smoke Box

Probably one of the cheapest bongs around, the Mini Smoke Box is just the mini bong you’ve been looking for that’s packed with a powerful punch. The square-shaped base allows the smoke to accumulate and concentrate, which creates bigger and better hits. At 3.5” tall, the Mini Smoke Box is super portable and light. Handblown and made of borosilicate glass, it also extra filtration with a built-in percolated downstem. For this price, you can grab one for you and another to keep at your bae’s place. They’ll think you’re the best (because you are) and you’ll have the Mini Smoke Box on deck at all times. The most successful stoners plan ahead, my friend.

Iridescent Bong

Sometimes you just need a bong that also doubles as a statement piece to fit your home aesthetic. If you prefer a modern and minimalistic vibe, this style is right up your alley! The Iridescent Bong is a beautifully crafted bong made from top quality borosilicate glass. Its beaker-shaped base houses small slits that help maximize and diffuse the smoke, creating smoother and cleaner hits. Standing at 12 inches tall you are destined to rip some fat ones from this gal. Dubbed as “Her Highness”, our customers agree that this is one of the prettiest bongs around.

Pineapple Express Bong

If you want to get lifted and look cute doing it, the Pineapple Express Bong is the way to go. I mean, have you ever smoked out of something this adorable? At 11” tall, this bong has an angled mouthpiece for more relaxed inhales. The intricate details of the pineapple also double as a sturdy grip. This bong is perfect to bring to a friend’s house, throw on Pineapple Express and laugh with Seth Rogan for hours.

Underwater Cyclops Bong

If you really want a statement piece, some of the best bongs are also complete works of art. The Underwater Cyclops Bong is intriguing and a bit freaky at the same time (do you see the eye following every move you make, too?) Whether this bong makes you curious or creeped out, you’ll definitely be baked that’s for sure. Standing at 12” tall, it is a great conversation starter for those of you that like to host smoke sessions and let the smoke build. From the detailed teeth and suction cups on the tongue to a bright sea blue gradient eye that seems to be peeking into your soul, this bad boy will most definitely turn heads.

Yoshi Bong

For all Nintendo lovers, this novelty bong pays tribute to Mario fans. As we like to say: use Mario’s favorite green friend to enjoy your favorite green friend. After water filters through Yoshi’s stomach, smoke seeps through Yoshi’s mouth during your inhale, making for a truly unique piece. If you’re looking to expand your Mario collection and also have a cool new bong to enjoy, look no further and grab this one before it runs out.

Bongs have been around for centuries and are constantly evolving into new and improved smoking devices. Whether you prefer a simple, straight-forward glass water pipe or an intricate, crazy-detailed bong, there is something for everyone. Check out our entire collection of the best bongs around. Which one speaks to you?

For all bong lovers – what's your favorite bong to smoke out of? Check out our list of best glass water pipes, there's something for everyone! ]]>