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Willy Wonka

My school just preformed their last production of Willy Wonka.

I played Slugworth. It was so much fun thank you to all types who came. I don’t want it to be over. This was my last show as I’m graduating I’m so sad to have this be over this group really is a family and I love them all! (Even if our Wonka keeps calling me a furry😂) we went bowling today after the show and it was so much fun. We all danced and I teased multiple people by body-rolling 😂

Love you all so much I don’t want this to be over!

All I know is that I aspire to be as extra as Slugworth is when he’s interviewing Mike TeeVee in the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.

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separated at birth

Uh, I have to go back and watch it again but did Slugworth’s scene with Charlie play like this before? Do I have brain damage?

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I’m soooo late, but here’s my thoughts on casualty. I’m feeling poorly though. I’m full of fever and nonsense and can’t follow my own train of thought. But it still seems a good way to spend my time

Oh! It’s one of those episodes! Where the reality and chronology is fucked so if I don’t like the ending I can pretend it’s not canon. Canon? Wtf? Casualty doesn’t have canon. Not with episodes like these anyway, it’s like a choose your own adventure book…

Yeah, music is important. Especially nineties Aerosmith. I like new doctor. I can relate. Not so much to the hitting a guy with my car though. More being slightly badly behaved but with internal justifications.

Who is this Slenderman man? Is he from holby? Or an advert about finance. He might be Slugworth actually, come to harvest secrets of the confectionery and sweet making world…

New nurse has a bum bag! That’s brilliant. I wonder what is in it? I think Lego.

Omg. I love that the fruit machine paid out when someone’s blood was spilled on it. That’s brilliant writing! And the second reference to sin.

Ed Miliband may or may not have had a stroke.

Jez is clearly a nob.

Max sitting on the bench with his curly wurly like Forrest Gump. Staring at it like it was a pregnancy test.

Dylan is on top form today, like the best version of himself, brought out for a Christmas special.

Oh! Oh! Max and Zoe! Oh! I’m very pleased. I always liked them… Is it because she is so cool and she is closer to my age probs idk but if she can rock gorgeous curves, glossy hair and beautiful skin and be shagging a twenty something there’s hope and wonder for me. You know, in my Richard Curtis weird fantasy world but up north somewhere. I’m going off my Richard Curtis fantasy thing. Tories have really shown their true colours lately and it’s killed the passion.

I’m going right off Robyn. I used to like her, but she’s all like ‘you haven’t thought of ME in any of this…’ She’s like the exact opposite of Charlie sometimes. I need my friends to be enablers. Or at least not bloody miserable. I’m an enabler. Whatever you want to do or feel, I’m right behind you. You go girl! I’ve a positive word about anything. Except Tories. Vote Tory and I’ll bite you without brushing my teeth.

Oh! Dylan is sooo saaaaaad! He is so sad, he has even done a hug. Their friendship has always been quite subtly portrayed, but the fact Dylan would live with her speaks volumes. And of course he is apprehensive about getting on a plane, what a great nod to his ongoing development of his own self awareness. Nice. God, Zoe soooo beautifulalalala!

Omg. Robyn looks like princess daisy in her little car. But she also looks like she’ll come twelfth because she can’t keep her non judgmental shit together on rainbow road.

So glad there’s gonna be an airport dash. Perhaps I’m not ready to hang up my Richard Curtis dreams just yet….

There are lots of references to traffic lights this episode. Not in a twin peaks way. More like a Turn Left way, but not even that. Just traffic lights. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way, it will show you your dreams.

NOOOOOOOOOO! I really wanted max and Zoe to work out. Now feel so miserable and am going to cry for exactly five and a half hours.

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