silicone smoking pipe

Silicone Ghost Smoking Pipe with Glass Bowl & Tool

Product ID: 2633

Safe Material

This cute little ghost water pipe adheres to all the safety standards set forth by the FDA, making it an extremely safe material to smoke from. The Smoking pipe is from Platinum Cured Silicone Material that is dubbed as ‘food safe’.


Unlike the extremely sensitive glass water pipes which are sensitive to bumps and fall leading to their breaking, the silicone water pipe is virtually indestructible. The silicone material does not just guarantee a pure hit, but also durability, sturdiness, and a long-life.

Glass Bowl

The Silicone Water Pipe features a glass bowl along with a dab tool (included) which allows you to dab the dankest concentrates without any hassle. You can easily light up the bowl and toke it. The glass material also makes it easier to clean the bowl for another new session.


It’s the perfect dab rig for smoking on-the-go. The water chamber is completely secure behind the ghost face, while the compact size of the water pipe makes it even more practical to carry along. The silicone bong pipe makes for a great travel buddy as it is durable, compact, and extremely portable.

If Halloween is your jam, you can never go wrong with these cute ghost spoon pipe made from food-grade silicone. Shop now to get free delivery in the UK.