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The Fastest Steel Pipe and Tube Shipping


  • Heavy Wall Seamless
  • Large Diameter Seamless
  • Hot Finish Seamless
  • ASTM A519 Grade 1026
  • ASTM A519 Grade 4140
  • ASTM/ASME SA106 Grade B/C
  • High Strength Steel Tube

Fast and Accurate

Simply having the large diameter, heavy wall steel pipe and mechanical tube in stock and being able to process it to your exacting specifications means nothing if you can’t get what you need fast. At Specialty, we’re proud to own the best steel pipe and tube shipping record in the industry. If we have the heavy wall you’re looking for in stock, we’ll have it on on its way to you within 24 hours. We also offer a same-day courier service when applicable. Accuracy also is a hallmark of Specialty Pipe & Tube. When it comes to large-diameter, heavy wall, we do it fast and we get it right, every time.

Feel Sure About Your Shipments

When you place an order with Specialty, there’s no need to wonder about its status thanks to SureShip, our automatic electronic confirmation system. Upon our receipt of your order, you will receive an automated acknowledgment. This assures your heavy wall pipe or large diameter seamless mechanical tubing order has been received, checked for accuracy and is in process. It also provides an expected shipping date. Then, upon our shipment of your order, you will receive an automated confirmation. This includes all pertinent shipping documentation as well as material test reports. We also provide shipment-tracking information so you know when your order is expected to arrive. Whether your order is being shipped via our internal fleet, on the trailer of one of the national carriers’ over-the-road trucks, or even on a plane to an overseas destination, you’ll know exactly where your order stands. When you see an e-mail in your inbox from SureShip, take advantage of its wealth of valuable information.

At Specialty, we're proud to own the best shipping record in the industry. We specialize in 1-day steel pipe and tube shipping. If we have the heavy-wall you're looking for in stock, we'll have it on on its way to you within 24 hours, guaranteed. When it comes to large-diameter, heavy-wall, we do it fast and we get it right.

Memories Made & Lessons Learned Shipping Pipe

As we have grown into a diversified 3PL across modes and service offerings, we are proud of our rich history servicing the unique needs of industries reliant on open-deck freight transportation. We asked our team members to share some of their tips and memories from working with one of our favorites, the Oil and Gas industry. We have compiled those here to help our customers and carrier partners when dealing with one of the most shipped products across the country, pipe.

Hope you enjoy the stories and gain value from the lessons learned. To all our great partners shipping and transporting goods on open-deck capacity, THANK YOU for your continued business! If you would like to learn more about Taimen, please contact Sales here.

Great Freight Memories

First Time Visiting a Rig:

I recall my first time in North Dakota visiting a driller. in the middle of winter! It took most of the day to finally make it to our destination, having to switch planes numerous times. I hop off the plane and I am immediately greeted by negative temperatures and knock down winds. There was a three-hour drive to finally reach our destination city. I just remember entering oil country and being completely overwhelmed by the number of rigs operating. They were massive and everywhere! This was during $100/barrel oil and men and women were leaving their families to go work great paying oil and gas jobs. There were camps built just for the workforce all throughout town. I formed a new respect and appreciation for those folks and their hard work and sacrifice.

A Unique Industry:

The carrier network for this industry is made primarily of “regular” carriers. These are all carriers who set up their entire operation based on shipping tubing, casing, and oilfield equipment. It is important to make sure your carrier has fairly in-depth knowledge on the product they are shipping and the operations of the locations they are picking up and delivering.

As a broker, I must have knowledge of the product that we are contracted to haul. When released, we are not always released a specific number of truckloads, we are released a certain footage of pipe. It is our job to make sure we organize and coordinate each release to be loaded in the most efficient way. Pipe length, pipe diameter, and pipe weight have quite a bit of control over how the freight is loaded. This all must be organized before the truck goes to get loaded or issues could arise.

An “open-webbed” relationship with the customer, distributors, loading / unloading yards, rigs, and broker are essential to make sure the process goes smoothly. Everyone needs to have knowledge of the product and a knowledge of each person’s job or process within the supply chain.

Why I Love It:

As mentioned above, it requires more overall interaction; dedication to your customer, dedication to knowledge of the product and communication and relationship building with the people who I deal with each day. I feel like we are part of the customer’s team and not just an outside source to ship their product. We are not just a “lower price” or “a little better service” to our OCTG customers, we are an essential node in their supply chain. We each recognize that and maintain long-standing relationships because of it.

It is a MASSIVE industry on many scales. Most people do not realize this pipe we are delivering ultimately powers modern life. From the energy sector to manufacturing and to household products, petroleum almost always plays a key part. It is awesome to know that we get to be a big part of how the country & world runs.

Safety and General Tips

Know your freight and your providers, as an individual or team and as a company

Key personnel must have an understanding how your products ship, risks and liabilities with shipping your specific freight and who your service providers are from year to year (or the system used to vet and monitor).

Safety , Compassion and Partnership mentality built into company culture. Protect your company, teach respect for the driver and work hard on long-term relationships with providers that fit your unique needs.

Remember there are two typical ways pipes are loaded onto an open-deck trailer

Strip loaded – Used typically for yard-to-yard or yard-to-rail shipment, strip loading is most often considered the preferred method of stacking pipe, because pipe can be loaded and unloaded via forklift and in larger quantities. Strip loading maximizes the pieces of pipe per truck load, considering the size and weight of the pipe.

Learn best practices for transporting pipe and related Oil & Gas products while enjoying stories from over the road and in the field as our team shares memories and tips for shippers or carriers hauling pipe products. ]]>