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Many of the wealthiest people in the United States have turned to RedTorch to help secure their business, personal life and family members. With a focus on Cyber Intelligence, we show results where others give up. “But that’s impossible!” is something we hear a lot. Below are some of our most popular services:

Deep and comprehensive background checks including deep and comprehensive cyber vector, moral and character assessments.

Comprehensive cyber discovery, family court, civil litigation, and criminal cases. We do anything from dumpster diving to advanced cyber support.

Personal, family and or business threat assessment, ongoing or one-time analysis. Comprehensive 360В° investigations covering all possible threats.

Integrating the entire spectrum of Cyber Intelligence from OSINT to SIGINT, RedTorch has access to incredible information resources not accessible to the public.

Cyber intelligence and creativity combine for marketing power that cuts through the noise. We also provide platforms and collaboration between brand names, and manage brand ambassadors.

Specialized comprehensive capabilities within blackmailing, ransomware, extortion and kidnapping cases. PRO-BONO missing children work and cold cases.

Cheetah Counter-Surveillance (TSCM)

RedTorch brings next generation counter surveillance, affordable to consumers and businesses: Automated, 24/7 coverage with integrated intelligence.

RedTorch technicians were sweeping for bugs and cameras at clients two to three times per week. We think it is time for something more sophisticated to be innovated.

Not just something that supports bug sweeping, but protects from all possible surveillance technologies and methods: A low-profile unit combined with a big backend system that can access real time intelligence and provide 24/7 room-based counter surveillance. Just plug it in and it will initiate a non-stop counter surveillance sweep throughout the physical area it’s placed in.

Future versions will allow clients to create a secure bubble and jam all signals around it. The Cheetah flagship version will include facial recognition with integrated intelligence and full background checks on facial identities.

CENTURION Next Generation Analyst Tool

Save hours of work and discover intelligence you didn’t know existed.

Explore the future of Centurion platform

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced analyst. Centurion provides a seamless user experience for fresh and seasoned users alike.

  • Email Searches, partial and wildcard
  • Phone number, partial phone number search
  • Username, wildcard username
  • Hash search (Any hash type)
  • Address search
  • People search, Last Middle First name
  • Domain search
  • Organization search
  • All searches reverse results (number to name etc)
  • All data elements interconnected
  • Associated person search
  • Relative search
  • Image Search & Image forensics
  • Document Search
  • Historical internet records
  • Predictive AI Search
  • Complex Keyword Search
  • Search Monitoring features
  • Data Export in several formats
  • API integrations
  • Team collaboration
  • Internet conversion tools
  • Document import
  • Active internet searches

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“We were initially worried RedTorch was a front company for some government agency, due to the data RedTorch can dig up!”

I have 30 years experience in the legal field, have used hundreds of investigators, but have never seen anything like RedTorch. We were initially worried RedTorch was a front company for some government agency, due to the data RedTorch can dig up. Not only quality data but also in a timely manner. I am now mostly worried opposing counsels will hire RedTorch! Anonymous

We have used several Invesigators Pre-Trial discovery but never seen anything even close to what RedTorch delivers; INCREDIBLE.

Major Los Angeles Law Firm, Partner

Our client was facing multi million dollar criminal indictment but RedTorch managed to accomplish what others could not, delivering amazing results!

Major New York Law Firm, Managing Partner

Our client was facing a million dollar blackmailing. RedTorch delivered what was needed to help resolve the case. The most incredible investigative reports we have seen to date; some of our team members actually got startled by some of the findings.

Major Florida Law Firm, Associate

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We allow a certain amount of PRO BONO cases per month, on cases we determine are a good cause!

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RedTorch, Inc (RT) is poised to take over this market segment as at its core are decades of cyber security research and development, cyber intelligence collection and investigation experience in both public and private sectors. RT’s unique abilities, knowledge and skills close the loop on cyber investigations, with results that are worlds beyond the competition.