quiet butane torch

Thread: silent lighter?

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  • silent lighter?

    are there any lighters that are silent, refillable, and not jet / high heat / big flamed lighters?

    Just respect your moms wishes already and dont blaze in the house. ok?

    he’s going on a stealth mission to infiltrate the Pentagon, and he wants to make sure he’s not detected when he lights up a one hitter while crawling through the air conditioning system.

    killer. he should totally get Rumsfeld high.

    obviously. so, anyone know of silent lighters.

    There are some lighters that are electrick ignition, as opposed to flint ignition, but I think most of them are “jet”types. Check with your local cigar shop, most of them have these types of lighters, but be prepared to pay for it. Good luck

    just found this one, not 100% sure if its not a torch one though.

    hahah im the forum douchebag. rad. i changed my avatar to myself too to go with the title more than a packed bowl.

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    Why do you need a silent lighter?

    so he can burn his mind away without bothering the rest of us

    b/c it is possible to smoke feet away from someone and not let them notice. the sound of a lighter is the only thing that makes them notice. i have no idea if my roommate is a person who smokes weed.

    weed doesnt smell, so your roommate will have no idea

    I thought it was about the “Unity”. Pot brings peace right? You’re supposed to share.

    so your saying that they woudlnt be able to smell the lovely aroma of weed

    no they wouldn’t. thats easier to hide than sound.

    Ha. Not pot. Use a vaporizer if you wanna be low-key. If not try solar hits on a sunny day.

    vaporizers arn’t my style. im all about the glass and varieties of it.. solar hits are the best way of ignition though.

    With the amount of smokers in this country alone, its only a matter of time before threads like this were created AP. But its your site so do what you want haha.

    sorry aaron, but no one would dare shoot a man of ur large stature.

    Hell I just want a new exile. no point in shootin the man that has provided me with my only carbon board for the last 4 years.

    Get a torch – it’ll light anything (even in 30+ MPH wind), you can turn the flame WAY down and run filtered butane.

    Otherwise the peizo electric models are super slick.

    All for use with legal product of course

    i would if i didnt already stab myself to death

    Eh I dont even know its about hating weed for some of these people. its more the fact youre going through all this effort just to smoke weed or the fact that you insist on bringing up weed every 2 damn seconds. And if it is about hating weed. then you (generally speaking) are just as gay as every fracking fag influenced thread in this message board.

    lighters arent that loud? but wallgreens sells eletric ones if that wat ur talking bout

    are there any lighters that are silent, refillable, and not jet / high heat / big flamed lighters?