pyrex glass pipes for sale

Thick Glass Pipes

Original extra thick and heavy glass pipes for sale

Thick glass pipes for cheap are hand blown so we guarantee that every single piece is an original. Our offer is really rich and its only up to your taste what you choose. Simple glass pipes with “snakes” inside? Thick glass pipes for cheap decorated with 3D glass animals? Mushroom pipes? Hard to choose. but whatever you buy, you´ll be surely delighted.

Customizable thick glass pipe for cheap

Would you like to own the one and only piece? Get the custom signed glass pipe and personalize it with any writing you wish. We can put on names, important dates or very simple symbols. Maximum of 11 letters, in one of the four colors – black, red, blue or green, is allowed. Make your piece unique with a cool personalized writing.

We carry wide selection of thick glass pipes for cheap with various and unique designs. Most of the thick and heavy glass pipes are silver or gold fumed which causes amazing color changing glass effect.