purple days vaporizer

Purple Days Vaporizer


Thought I’d give my review on my Purple Days Vaporizer. I remember randomly finding out about it since they don’t do much as far as marketing. All the more reason for a review, I say.

So the Purple Days are made in a mom & pop type company literally. At the time I got mine, the guy made him all the units himself, with some help from his wife. This gives it a huge positive as far as craftmanship, quality, and durability. It’s carved out of a single block of sustainable wood (mine is cherry). However, the small operation causes a negative in terms of time between order and delivery. I recall waiting about 2 months.
The unit itself is slightly smaller than a 15oz can of beans (pic below) and comes with quite a bit (pic below): a wood cap, a brass cup to hold and diffuse essential oils, 3 glass vaping tubes, a bottle to clean to the tubes in, 6-foot wall adapter, car adapter, beeswax to occasionally treat the unit, and two bags for accesories and waste.

– High Quality: Hand crafted, completely lead-free exchanger
– Extremely herb efficient: By far the most efficient vaporizer I’ve used
– Energy efficient: Doesn’t draw much power
– Good vape quality: Flavorful
– There’s a screen in the tube to prevent sucking up herb
– Easy clean: Put a tube in the bottle fill it with ISO and shake it up for a few min
– Won’t break the bank @ $180
– It looks good, it fits in with furniture, and can be used as a oil diffuser as well
– Great for personal use
– Easy to titrate: Smoke a tube = buzzed, but functional; 2-3 tubes = baked. Dependent on your strain as well of course

– Delivery time: Now advertised as 4-6 weeks
– Heating Time: There’s about a 30-min heating time
– Not for a group: While it can easily be passed around with it’s 6 ft cord; there are only 2-3 hits per tube load.
– Non-adjustable temp: I’ve never had need to do so, but I know some like to
– No screen to prevent herb from falling into heating unit; though that is rarely an issue

Bottom Line:
I love this little thing. It’s my day-to-day work horse. I would compare it to the Prius of vaporizers, only it’s American made. High quality, high efficiency, good for one or two people but maybe not a gang. It definitely gets the job done, but you may not look the coolest, haha.
Now that my review is complete. excuse me, while I kiss the sky

Thought I'd give my review on my Purple Days Vaporizer. I remember randomly finding out about it since they don't do much as far as marketing. All the…

Is purple days still the most efficient vape?

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  • You’ve got some catching up to do buddy, PD are out of business. But fear not there are plenty of viable alternatives. Before you get deluged with recommendations for models that you haven’t heard about, I’d suggest looking back through the front couple of pages of the Vaporizer discussion section. The market has come a long way in a short time.

    I think that we should have another motto of “there is no most efficient vaporizer”. It’s really imprecise terminology that’s pretty meaningless . Again it’s discussed at length in a couple of specific threads, but it’s the vaporist that makes the vaporizer efficient in the subjective context I suspect you mean. I think you mean a vape that will help you to slow down your consumption? In which case, yes, logs are good to look at (UD, CRZ, TT, HI, WDZ, PD), and the launch box perhaps. Anything with a small bowl to load will help you to this ends.

    Also bear in mind that log vapes are generally fixed temps. How does this fit with your notion of efficiency? It’s arguably inefficient if it’s leaving goodness behind that could easily be extracted at a slightly higher temp, but some people don’t want that so for them there’s no loss of efficiency.

    At this point in my vaporizing career I am craving a device with maximum efficiency. Inhaventbread these forums in a bit, but I remember while reading them… ]]>