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  • One of the easier things to do in PSO2 is Weapon Grinding, it’ll make your gear way more powerful. This is a good thing to get an understanding on early.

    [Why grind?]

    Grinding on PSO2 allows you to increase your weapon’s power beyond the default values they come with. This means it will deal even more damage to enemies than a stock weapon would.

    Once you have the weapon you wish to grind, you can head over to the Item Lab in the shop area. This is right next to the Tekker and Weapon Shop.

    [Needed Items]

    Before we get started though, there are a few things you will need to grind a weapon with:

    • Weapons to Sacrifice
    • Meseta
    • Grinders for 1-12 star weapons
    • Lambda Grinders for 13 star+ weapons
    • Photon Spheres for Potential Unlocking
    • Excubes for optional consumables that improve the grinding process

    Meseta is the main currency in Phantasy Star. Meseta drops like candy everywhere but can also be earned by selling items. Weapons drop from all over the game, they come as rewards and can be bought from vendors and player shops. Grinders and Lambda Grinders can be bought from the Excube shop for excubes, but they’re also rewards you’ll get from a variety of sources. weapons, units and eggs can be traded at the Recycle shop for Photon Spheres and Excubes. Other activities like Emergency Quests and Solo Triggers are also great for grinding Excubes and Photon Spheres.

    [What is Grind Level?]

    Next up, we’ll talk about Grind level. This is the +1 and so on number in a weapons name. This number is the amount of grind levels the weapon has been ground for a bonus. You can increase NT or New Type weapons to a maximum of +30, while 13 Star or Higher Weapons can drop with a max limit of +35.

    [How to grind]

    The grind process has a few steps. First, we choose the weapon we wish to grind. Then we select other weapons to sacrifice to increase the target weapon’s level. Finally, we get an option to utilize consumables to further increase the success and other attributes of the grind.

    [Bonuses when Grinding]

    There are bonuses for grinding weapons that meet the following criteria: Base Upgrade EXP is your Standard EXP for grinding weapons, this will increase from weapon to weapon based on the rarity of the weapon sacrificed. You will gain a Material Bonuses by using weapons of both the Same Type (Swords etc) and also Same Name. The Reinforcement Bonus comes from the Grind pre-existing on sacrificed Weapons.

    So, the best-case scenario for grind progress will always come from weapons of the same type as the target weapon, with the same name and an existing grind value. But you can still make good progress grinding with weapons with a grind value or same type.


    The final step before grinding allows you to select consumables to further the success of the grind. These items offer options for upgrade support, attribute change and element up. These items can be bought from the excube vendor, or by earning them via arks missions, collection files and so on. Items like Grind and Great Grind success items can increase grind levels further than your intended grind level when applied.


    NT weapons will also need to unlock potentials every 10 grind levels. You’ll need to use Photon Spheres and Meseta to unlock the weapon’s potential attribute. Note that you will not be able to exceed level 10, 20 or 30 until you have performed the potential unlock on an NT weapon. Potentials are attributes that add a special bonus to the weapon. These are important and should always be investigated when upgrading weapons, as this can make or break a good weapon for end game.

    [Putting this all into practice]

    So, putting all of this to practice, you’ll select your target weapon. Then choose the appropriate amount of items to grind up to the potential limit. You may also want to grind up same type and same name weapons to speed this process up. Then you upgrade your weapon potential and then repeat the previous grind with fodder up to the next potential limit. Repeat this until you hit level 30. To further increase it to +35, you will need 5 to 6 weapons of the same name.

    [Cheap Grinding]

    Early on, you’re not going to have a lot of meseta to throw around, so it’s recommended you start out by sacrificing 10 star or dio weapons as these requires less meseta when used. You will likely come across these doing higher level Emergency Quests and Bonus Quests. But it’s worth noting that if you do use 12 star or nox weapons, it will require less lambda grinders at higher levels. So, it really comes down to cost of grinders vs meseta investment.

    Grinding out sacrifice or fodder weapons to +30 will speed up the grinding process dramatically. If you can match up same type with the +30 reinforcement bonuses, grinding your higher star weapons will go by a lot faster and require even less resource investment.

    [Other boosts]

    There are some other methods of grinding a weapon optimally, but these will cost real life money or even more meseta. You can buy EXP Weapon-NT from the AC shop if you have the money to spare, these will straight up give a +10 grind level from using just one of these EXP weapons. You can also find weapons out and about or in player shops with the Emper Embrace ability, this ability will boosts your EXP investment even further.

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