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Where is the cheapest pre roll? Cannabis Prices State by State in 2019

Posted by Custom Cones USA on Sep 19th 2019

As more states move to legalize Cannabis recreationally, we have seen how each state develops their own eco system for pricing and how the products could be displayed. Marijuana prices have and will continue to vary. Still everyone is looking for the cheapest weed. But you also don’t want to come across any brick weed. In some states like California, you can easily put kief into a pre roll, while in Alaska, the mixing of strains is strictly prohibited. They likewise have to be knowledgeable in the regulations when it comes to packaging their product and how child resistant packaging is now the norm for all companies. Branding has become not only necessary, but extremely advantageous to get back the cost of higher quality packaging by having increase advertising in having your company’s name the first thing smokers continually see. This without a doubt affects the pricing and strategy that various business needs to carry out to succeed in their specific state.

It probably isn’t a surprise the average price of an ounce is the lowest in the West Coast of the United States. Oregon average price for an ounce is the lowest for any state in the United States, with Colorado coming in hot at $199 per ounce. In Oregon, you can find the least expensive weed in around $90 per ounce, especially when you buy when the dispensary is giving a deal. This answer the question, where is the cheapest weed? It’s definitely OregonIt will not be top quality, but by no means would it be considered low quality and for the price, you can’t lose. This price more than doubles once you go to states such as North Dakota and Minnesota, where the laws prohibit carrying any amount. These ounces could be turned into around 70 joints, depending on the measurement size of the cone you are using. A state like Oregon would turn into making many pre rolls to stretch their revenues higher since the price of selling it at an ounce Is much lower.

Average Marijuana Prices by State

Alaska $303.04
Arizona $231.71
Arkansas $232.62
California $250.00
Colorado $199.89
Connecticut $280.97
Delaware $261.90
Florida $225.78
Hawaii $265.78
Illinois $296.94
Maine $235.37
Maryland $282.93
Massachusetts $284.96
Michigan $272.59
Minnesota $279.75
Montana $243.32
Nevada $234.46
New Hampshire $297.82
New Jersey $298.92
New Mexico $227.77
New York $270.86
North Dakota $328.22
Ohio $232.93
Oregon (Cheapest Weed Prices) $186.29
Pennsylvania $280.83
Rhode Island $255.18
Vermont $301.89
Washington $190.69
Washington, DC (Most Expensive Weed Prices) $506.18
West Virginia $252.09

States such as New York have seen a steady decrease of the cost of an ounce from $334 from 3 years ago, to now coming in at $255-$270. Weed prices are for sure going down. There was a time when you could barely find a deal like this and ounce were rarely sold, especially when it came to the working class in the city that wouldn’t be able to just buy an ounce in one shot. Florida and Tennessee fall in the same range of $225-$275 for an ounce, which have a forecast of seeing dramatic decreases too. This will continue to happen in a vast amount of states like Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio as Cannabis decreases in regulation across the board. However, because of this decrease in prices we have seen how other products have come into the market and now have potential to dominate in the long run.

Since the pricing in each state is extremely different, many brands and dispensaries have come up with creative ways to increase their revenue by offering pre rolls and packaging their cannabis in way that can affect price to the consumers. Dispensaries with no room to increase prices can offer pre roll joints just for $1 dollar and succeed in getting rid of mass volume, while still making it affordable. They usually offer little to no branding, but they are recommended to have paper that can wind stand the environment they are sent to. The paper’s significance increases when you are selling the low-end joints, because if the papers start falling apart, you will lose customers. Depending on the state you are in, deliveries could be rough, especially in rain and snow, so how the package is sent is extremely important if it wants to survive those conditions.

With this in mind, states still need to abide to regulation in that they must come in a secure and sealed package, with many states asking for child-resistant products. For this reason, companies have turned to pop top tubes, mylar bags that have sliding locks, or new products like the slide box that has a slip and pre roll trey in there, that has a lock to open. They must ensure that no child could have the capacity to open the package easily and each state can have stricter laws than others. Although they need to deal with all the regulation from the states, many companies use higher end packaging to make it look less tacky, while still following the law. We believe this is great for the industry as it does keep the product away from those that don’t need to be around it, while still offering a way for the product to have additional things that can come in handy. Companies can brand the packaging, and the consumer can use those pre rolling trays and the pop tops to keep their product fresh and ready to go, on the go.

We recommend always paying for higher quality stuff when it comes to packaging, as the cheaper options just increase logistic problem when a ton of them come with defects. Most importantly, many of the cheaper models can open quickly and can cause a child who shouldn’t be around marijuana to have it easily accessible. When it comes to safety, companies should take special consideration to get their packaging done properly for our industry to stay clean and safe. The point is to get rid of your harvest as quick as you can, not wait until the recall is shipped back and you are waiting for the right packaging since all them came with proper locks!

In states such as California and Washington, we have seen an upsurge of pre roll brands who seek to offer premium pre rolls that can go range from $10-$20, especially when they have invested heavily in packaging and their brand. This gives them a way to market their product as a luxury item and still keep up their margin. The flower inside these products are usually worth the extra pay, but it does depend on how often you are willing to continually pay for it. Brands have begun using glass jars as a way to put their pre rolls and have higher quality version of the slide boxes, which are likewise child resistant. We see an upsurge of these high brands having to add additional content into their packaging and even flower, so they continue justifying their prices. An alternative is that we see these brands increasing the number of joints they sell in their packages to 20 joints per cart, which would lower the price for the consumer and increase the loyal customer fan base.

While Hemp Blunt Wraps and Palm Leaf Wraps are still in their infant stage, we also see a trajectory of more brands offering these products at higher price points and increasing their variety. This is primarily because they are a healthier alternative to tobacco blunt wraps and offer a way for those type of smokers to wise up and make the transition. The hemp blunt wrap smoke well, are easy to fill, and likewise can be branded. The palm leaf wraps burn slower and hit closer to a cigarillo, though you are not hitting any tobacco. The key is to stay clean and promote no longer smoking the blunt wraps that have incredible amounts of toxin. There are also many ways to add these to your selection when it comes to your already established pre rolls. The hemp wraps and palm leaf have ways to create stand-alone brands that just add to the arsenal of brands that dominate this space. They are sleek, and especially look amazing when they are added with a wooden tip. Expect them to come in packages similar to the ones for cones and soon out selling cigarettes.

With more technology being introduced on how the weed goes from the harvest to the burn, prices will fluctuate, but there is no question that quality of weed will always sell at higher prices. It is the vital part of the whole pre roll part, with the remaining % going into the quality of the paper. But if you’re really trying to be a player who remains in the game for a long time, you need all, and without a question, a brand that isn’t redundant in this market. Hemp Blunt Wraps and Palm Leaf, when the production is done correctly, will be able to have these brands increase the audience of smokers they can reach and decrease the chances they only get a small loyal fan base. The question still remains, which pre roll brand will dominate the industry for the coming years and will come out the superior one out of them all?

The surge in custom branded pre rolls is the beginning, as new filters such as the wood or glass tipped one’s further push companies to seek other ways to give their pre roll brand a “look”. Craft style brands are appearing more often, and we expect there to be an increase in companies looking for a futuristic look, as technology brings down the price. This will only expand the unique ways companies are able to give their customer their company’s message before the joint is even lit. Special brands with premium offerings like gold paper, hash, or top- notch kief have a space in the industry, as more and more tourist come into the states where marijuana is legalized, and they at the least are curious to try the product. Whether they return as customers is another question and increases the reason these brands must execute is giving top quality product to justify someone continually returning to them.

Organic brands also seek to only offer hemp selections with a choice to mostly sell their products in glass. CBD offerings will just continue to grow as regulation decreases, as it has shown over time how effective it is medically. These CBD products are much different from the THC based ones, but they are still part of the eco system and largely follow the same trends, just with a different style and look to it. In dispensaries, these products have their own section and we see this continuing to expand as more people start to ask for the brands that show up online as helping their customer through their pain. They can add their pre roll CBD joints, along with their creams, sprays, and vapes, without deviating from their entire brand and core message. This is made possible without having to use plastic in their packaging with glass and using hemp for their rolling paper. Not only is this great for the industry as a whole, it is amazing to see such products help such a diverse group of people who do need the help!

Overall, cannabis has sporadic pricing all over the United States, but it’s great to know the average is you are ever visiting the state. Be prepared on prices and know when something is too expensive or too cheap. Be sure to check out when the dispensaries do deals, as many give 20% on Fridays for instance. It’s a great experience to try some pre rolls too to get your hands-on strains you wouldn’t necessarily try. Dispensaries usually put their best stuff in there if they are selling it for higher, so it’s best to try to see if it’s for you. As for your staple brand, the advice to try them all stands. Everyone is different and once you find the brand that you know you can depend on, start grabbing the bigger version of them when they do get released. Take care of the packaging they give you, as that is a simple way to carry the pre rolls around, as simply carrying them in your pockets is not advised! In no time you’ll be an expert in the up and coming brands, and all the best strains each city has to offer!

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