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Plenty Vaporizer Review:
My Favorite Handheld Desktop

My first question after purchasing the Plenty was:

Is this a vaporizer, or some kind of ray gun?

While it might be the most eccentric looking vaporizer currently on the market, the Plenty by Storz & Bickel also packs a serious punch.

In this Plenty vaporizer review, I will elaborate on all the pros and cons of this plug-in handheld vaporizer.

The Plenty is a new vaporizer from a German company called Storz and Bickel.

They are the makers of the mother of all vaporizers, the Volcano . They also have made other amazing vaporizers such as the Crafty and the Mighty.

The Plenty is their new vaporizer featuring a lower price than their other models, you can check the current price here .

This vape has a whip system that is quite unique. This vaporizer is unlike any other vape I have ever used, and it is very fun to play around with.


The device has a very unique look to it to say the very least. It looks more like something your dad would keep in his garage and hasn’t used for half a decade.

The Plenty features seven pre-set temperature settings and you must hold down the trigger within the handle to have it heat up and stay heated. The whip is a stainless steel coil and functions to cool the vapor for a palatable experience.

The function of this vaporizer is near perfect. The herb chamber and all of the connecting pieces do not get clogged up and work really well. The vape comes with a special pad for vaporizing concentrates and oils.

The only real negative side to the design of this vaporizer is that you must keep it plugged in while you are using it and it has a cord. This can become annoying at times but other than that it is an amazing vaporizer. I personally use this vaporizer almost every single day, at least when I am home. The maximum temperature the Plenty is capable of is just shy of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How The Plenty Works

The plenty is what they call a direct inhalation vape. You can set the unit to a desired temperature, then when the user inhales, the hot air will pass through your herbs and result in a clean, smooth vapor.

The whip on this vape is different from the standard whips you see on most vaporizers. Unlike the other whips, it is made of a flexible metal coil which actually aids cool the vapor before the user inhales it.

The Plenty is a handheld vaporizer but it is required to be plugged in. The power cord is very long so the unit can easily be passed around and you shouldn’t run into problems as long as you stay in range.

Works With Herbs & Concentrates

The Plenty works great with both herbs as well as concentrates and I regularly use it with both. It comes with a very simple to use concentrate attachment that slides into the herb chamber to allow you to vaporize concentrates. I will add that the Plenty happens to be one of my favorite vaporizers to use with wax due to it’s vapor quality that speaks for itself. The flavor you get from this vaporizer when you use it with high quality concentrates is indescribable. It out performs most vaporizers I’ve tried in the dab department.

All in all, I give this vaporizer 2 thumbs up and I “highly” recommend it to anybody looking for a high performance handheld plug-in vaporizer!



Where to Buy?

I recommend buying this vaporizer from Click the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.

$269.99 $249.00

Do I recommend the Plenty?


I bought the Plenty well over a year ago, and it honestly performs just as well as it did fresh out of the box. I am still able to get incredible vapor production and none of the components have gotten clogged or anything of the sort.

The best part about this vape in my opinion is the size of hits you can get off of it. The vapor clouds it produces are thick and milky. The taste on the Plenty is incredible and definitely what makes this one of my favorite vaporizers. Where this vape really shines is the surface area of the heating chamber is spread out, so you don’t have to stir your material around between hits. Not only that but you will have to take fewer inhalations because the Plenty delivers in one draw what most vaporizers would deliver in 2 or 3. Trust me when I say that the vapor production is something to get excited about.

About The Company

Storz & Bickel is the company that manufactures the Plenty vaporizer. They are known for other high quality vaporizer such as the Volcano, the Craftyas well as the Mighty.

This company is well known in the vaporizer community and is commonly known as one of the industry leaders.

They offer a 3 year warranty on all of their products including the Plenty. I would highly recommend any of Storz & Bickels products if your looking for a good quality, high performance vaporizer. These guys know vapes.


The Plenty by Storz & Bickel is an absolute winner. It blows the competition out of the water in terms of vapor quality, and the only vaporizers that stack up to it in my opinion are the Crafty and the Volcano. I personally like this one better though due to its price tag.

Interested in buying this vaporizer?

The Plenty is a unique vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel. Read our review to see whether it's worth buying. Don't buy before reading this…