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So i ordered this bong from PipesDaddy, Seems like they have the absolute cheapest bongs
on the internet that i have found, it took 2 years for me to find cheap prices like this.

Total Price: $22.17 (Including Shipping)

Ordered: February 3rd

Shipping: Shipped out on February 4th, Left their state on February 5th, Delivered on February 6th.
(That’s 3 days to ship it from one side of the U.S. to the other, with the cheapest shipping option)

Prices: 10/10 (best prices i ever seen)

Quality: 9/10 (its obviously not a roor)

Shipping: 10/10 (their cheapest shipping had it at my door in 3 days)

Overall: Its probably the best online head shop i have ever personally used.

The only bad thing about my order was the diffuser on the bong i ordered
was too short so it didnt filter through the water as much as i like it to, but
other than that everything is perfect.

So i ordered this bong from PipesDaddy, Seems like they have the absolute cheapest bongs on the internet that i have found, it took 2 years for me to find…

Tips, tricks and ideas for next glass water pipes session

It is all about enjoying the glass bowls session with crispy, billowing smoke. Although taste is subjective still hookah aficionados from all part of the world however likes to enjoy thick, cool smoke to transport them to the land of the Arabian Nights and perfumed palaces.

Here are a few tricks and tips from a hookah pro to make your smoking session bigger!

Trick 1: If you are serious about prolonging your smoking session then add a glass ash catcher this time. Now enjoy an uninterrupted smoking session

(Keep in mind, before you even start smoking your hookah, place the charcoal on the outside of the bowl and start to work it around the edges of the bowl. Remember, the bowl center however should be the last place, where the charcoal is placed. )

Trick 2: The trick for getting cooler smoke lies in the placing your dry hookah Hose inside of the freezer 20 to 45 minutes before you smoke.

Trick 3: And now for a flavorful and sweeter smoke, you can add some wine to the top two inches of the water in the base of your Glass bowls. Now enjoy a happier smoke

Trick 4: Enjoy the glass water pipes smoking session with a cool refreshing taste by mixing mint with other flavors.

Trick 5: Once you are done poking your holes in the foil, blow the glass pipes through the bottom of the bowl. This will however help you to prevent any shisha from getting stuck while making your hookah pull better.

Glass bowls mixing tips

Tip 1: Try to put 1/3 soda with water and add a “cola flavored” shisha tobacco to enjoy the cola taste.

Tip 2: How about enjoying an Arabic coffee flavor? For this fill your water bongs with Arabic coffee flavored tobacco and then instead of water put iced coffee with just an iota dash of milk. Smoke your cappuccino this time

Tip 3: Going old school by mixing lemon juice, orange juice, or some other fruit flavor is always good. You can use fruit skins in the base for further advantages.

And here is the final tip – there is no dearth of online head shops selling water bowls of varied style however you should dig out only a legitimate site to browse through their incredible range of water pipes for sale.

Cheap Water Bongs are now available in many designs!

Be honest, have you ever come across the new age Glass Bowls, which has now taken he world by storm? Indeed the glass pipes not only stands as the ultimate smoking gear but they have become the literal expression of the secret wants and desires of human minds!

As a matter of fact, with the change of time, the very concept of pipe designing has witnessed a huge change. And if you want to be part of that change, you have to get one and hold it in your hands in order to make that ultimate delicate expression. Let’s face the fact, we as humans love imagining and almost always we want to name our imagination. Perhaps we all want to fly our imagination beyond the limit. So the people, who know the nuances the inherent nuances of the human mind, want to give it a shape. And for the pipe smokers, it has been materialized in the shape of delicately designed glass water pipes.

The market is now almost crammed with a number of hookah, which are now available in many shapes, style and varieties. The World Wide Web has also left the door ajar to state of the art water pipes for sale to keep your needs covered. My dear hookah aficionado, do you love animals? And would you be interested to surround yourself with the delicately designed pipes shaped in the form of the animals? It’s possible and all you have to do is to dig out a legitimate web portal to find our cheap glass pipes which suits your need, budget and o yes, your taste of course. So, take a look at the new animal shaped pipes. It may be horse, it may be an elephant, it may be turtle or even it may be a bird, waiting for you to explore. Doesn’t really matter, what your preference may be, the product basket includes everything. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The designers are doing the thorough research the crazy desire if the consumers. In fact people become crazy when they indulge into their passions. So the designers are doing that while keeping in mind the requirements of the people. They are designing the glass water pipes with variegated charm and unique style. They know that the desires and the urges of the people are not at all identical. So how will it be possible, that their choices will be identical? The colors are different. The shades of the Water Bongs are different. If you take one you will be really astonished to observe the style and the fashion of these novel pipes.

Well, not just the pipes but exemplary designs can now be noticed in the style and shapes of the glass ash catcher as well. And if you are talking about the price, you will be really shocked that they come at such a catchy price. So get one and be the envy.

Why should you buy Cheap Glass Pipes online?

Have you ever tried adding a dimension to those indolent moon and lazy evenings? If not then you are missing out a lot. As a matter of fact your glass bowl is such a thing which simply does that. So keep your eyes and ears open and wherever you find the phrase Water Pipes for sale, do not miss to check out the range to dig out the piece after your liking.

Still reality is different and even if you love the idea of ‘bubbling’ the smoke through water bongs, however you might not know the exact place to find it. Try the online channels this time and you will be amazed to find their incredible collection of Cheap Glass Pipes.

The history of tobacco smoking is long and rich and in fact goes back to 5000 BC in South America, where the first cultivation of the tobacco began. Indeed the evolution has resulted in the smoking of hookahs, bongs and the modern glass pipes. However the art of smoking tobacco got a new dimension in the time of the Indian emperor Akbar. In the courtroom of Akbar a Persian physician first passed the smoke of tobacco to pass through the bowl of water which helps to purify it. Yes, that was just the beginning of a new fashion of smoking glass water pipes. However the modern day pipes are lot different from that but they still ooze out the essential charm of the old world.

Check the variegated glass water pipes and get ready to make a customized statement suited for your trendy expression. The best part is, even the names of the modern Water Bongs have been selected while keeping their unique charm in mind. Take for instance the example of the misty blue glass water pipes. The azure charm of it is surely going to bowl you over.

An incredible range of glass ash catcher is also available to prolong your smoking session. Of course modern glass pipes are available in an exciting range, in staggering price range and also with incredible discounts. I know you simply can’t lose the opportunity of seducing your own self and this time enhance your attitude with the enchanting charm with the Cheap Glass Pipes. Did you know, glass water pipes are also an exotic party idea as well? Yes, it’s a fact indeed so this winter jazz up your party mood with a bubbly break!

How to choose from Glass Pipes for sale

Finally it has happened. At last the oriental luxury has broken all the pits and boundaries and has entered the modern time. Today’s Glass Bowls are a far cry of the yesteryear’s Narghile and stands as an exotic party idea. The market is also crammed with varied types of glass pipes for sale.

Options are practically endless and guess what – you will simply feel like lost between Alice in Wonderland and Cheech and Chong when the time finally comes to buy glass water pipes online.

So, what’s the way out? Simple indeed! For buying Cheap Glass Pipes all you need is to have firsthand knowledge on selecting the water bongs that caters to your need and budget.

Here is a brief guide to assist you decide on the glass water pipes.

Syrian hookahs: I bet these are arguable one of the best. Seamlessly designed and wee-crafted, they offer smoke that is almost incomparable. Strong, sturdy, stylish and uncommon these are great to behold and good to own!

Egyptian glass pipes: These are the traditional type. In fact, these are the kind which you would be able to get at the authentic shisha bars. These are tall, elaborate, ornately designed and offer a wonderful smoke. ‘Awesome!’ – did you say by the way? You are so correct and these Glass bowls are simply great to have around the house. Keep in mind, as these are not handy hence they are not easy to navigate around.

Lebanese water pipes: You can also find the Lebanese shishas, which are elaborately designed and ornately styled to suit your preference. Usually hand-crafted these are just the piece of art Shiny, yet elegant, your Lebanese glass water pipes are just the right conversation starter. Yes, they have all of the tassels and frills you’d expect, such as the base being covered with decorated metal work, jewels adoring the bass, colored inlay in your stem and much more.

Turkish shishas: Piece of their own category the Turkish glass water pipes ranges from really small to the extravagantly large ones. These are available in almost every shape from simple and elegant to down to earth, from elaborate ones to absolutely breath-taking!

Customized glass water pipes: These are the glass bowls, which stands as the ultimate culmination of old-world style & new-world convenience. With portability as one of the primary factor these Glass Pipes ideally matches your on-the-go lifestyle.

And now with the online head shops hitting the market hard there is something to choose from the arrays of display cases and shelves jam-packed full of water pipes and glass ash catcher.

Get ready to shop Glass Pipes at discounted rate

Smoking is an art which gives ultimate satisfaction to an individual. Other than cigarettes there are other modes of smoking and this is where the glass water pipes stand tall as an ultimate oriental charm oozing the old world’s grandeur. It is however the technique of smoking where tobacco is inserted in the pipes. Blowing the pipes is an art which gives a personal satisfaction.

The water bongs can be purchased online now a day’s with the emergence of various kinds of websites. If one purchases the pipes online then he/she could chose from a wide range of colors available on the website. What’s more? Well. Some of the sites even go down to 12.5% discounts on selected items!

There is also the availability of many shapes and sizes of tobacco pipes on the online store. So, one can easily purchase a tobacco pipe depending on the requirement of the individual’s taste. The tobacco pipes are composed of three parts namely bowl, shank and bit. The tobacco is found in this small chamber called the bowl. The second stem like structure is called shank. It is long and elongated that ends in another part known as the bit. This is the last part which is being smoked and becomes the mouthpiece.

There are large numbers of pipes that are available in the online market like the one made up of glass, metal, briar, corncob and wood. Glass Pipes is one of them which are made of glass. These tobacco pipes are very stunning and attractive which arrests the minds of the people. Another feature of the pipe is the flavor that the smoke carries is left uninterrupted. There is uniqueness in smoking the tobacco pipes.

A second type of water bongs is however the Glass water pipes where the bowl consists of water. There is another variety of water pipes like wood pipes. These tobacco pipes are made of wood and the bowl consists of water which makes them water pipes. The clay pipes are not resistant to water so they do not come under the category of pipes that contain water. Another type of tobacco pipe that contain water is briar pipe. This kind of pipe is made from the woods gathered from the moorland. The briar pipe is heat and moisture resistant. These are the types of tobacco pipes that contain water. They give original flavor and are also available in a variety of colors. The specialty of the pipes that attracts the people is a variety of flavors. The shapes are also of various types that are tempting and are surely going to arrest the mind of an individual.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop online stylish pipes and glass ash catcher at a discounted rate and prolong your smoking session!

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All about Water Pipes, Glass Bowls and much more

Let alone the smokers there are many non smokers, who collect the Glass Bowls as nice collectible items, which exudes style, color, fashion and trend! There is no denial of the fact – Hookah pipes represent an ancient, well preserved tradition. It mirrors the age old tradition of social smoking and leisure. Yes, “A journey of a thousand hookahs begins with a single puff.” Are you ready to enter into the world of perfumed palaces and oriental charm? It’s time to light your glass bowls to experience a blissful heady smoking session.

The deep tradition, rich more and indeed the history of bubbling the smoke through the Glass Bubblers in fact dates back to near about 5000 years. History reveals that Indians, Chinese, Babylonians used smoke hookahs while burning the incense sticks as part of their religious rituals. Its mention can be found even in the shamanistic rituals. Yes, lots of things have changed since then. Not only the thing they smoke but also the device that they used for smoking has changed with the passing time. Gone are the days of those coconut shell shabby hookahs, now the market is almost crammed with the Egyptian and modern glass bowls and Water Pipes while promising to carry your smoking session to a whole new plane.

Yes, I agree there is certainly not an iota of doubt that the habit of smoking the glass pipes has come from the east. India, the birthplace of the modern day’s glass bowls was known as the Hookah. Typically, in the north western provinces of India, especially in states like Rajasthan or Gujarat, glass bowls smoking first came into vogue. And from there hookah smoking has been diffused throughout the world.

And today what was just a social custom has become a staggering and exotic party idea. As a matter of fact, the last couple of years the market has witnessed a tsunami of explosion in the glass water pipes collection for the smoker’s ultimate enjoyment. Cheap glass pipes stands as an incredible hit

The present of glass ash catcher and hookahs looks stunning. Are you aware of the tobacco free shisha? Yes, that’s certainly the latest hit. The idea is however simple the non smokers now can enjoy a heady smoking experience with herbal shisha. Ranging from tea flavor to fruity aroma, the herbal shisha has ushered in a new era in glass bowls and glass bubblers smoking session.

Cheap Glass Pipes: Available online

Fasten your seat belt, you are on a time machine now and here we press the button. Smoke your glass bubblers inhale the smoke. Close your eyes and experience the thrill and magic of oriental charm. That’s right; they say that the first hookahs probably come from India and this is also where the term “hookah” comes from. Those were the days, when hookahs were a lot simple. Made from coconut shell it had a tube leading through one hole in the nut shell. In the initial days, opium and hashish were primarily meant to be the filling for these hookahs. Much later tobacco was introduced.

Modern Cheap Glass Pipes have however gained their contemporary shape about 500 years ago in Turkey. Typically a hose and a vase were added. And that was just a humble beginning and gradually Hookahs spread to Lebanon and Syria where another famous term for water pipes comes from – Narghile. And once it got on the African continent (Egypt, Morocco), one of the most famous terms for smoking water pipe emerged – the shisha.

It was around 300 years ago hookahs stood as the favorite attraction in typically the Turkish “coffee rooms.” In many of the Arabian culture hookahs have been restricted for men’s society only. To be honest, a much wider penetration of Glass Pipes to American and European markets occurred much later; let’s say around 50 years ago. And that was just the beginning after that style changed and lot of alterations has been made to the overall stylistic feature of the glass pipes. And nowadays there are many varieties of Water Pipes for Sale available online that ranges from the Syrian to the Egyptian to even the mod ones.

And if you are still in dilemma which glass bowls to select then read on.

Small water bongs have several advantages. These are compact and their portable size in fact makes them easy to carry with wherever you go. They are also obviously rather affordable in terms of money. Still, there is a downside. The smoking experience from the small water pipes does not reach the top quality. The problem is that the glass vase is only able to take less amount of water, which does not chill the smoke as the big glass vase can. On the other hand, often for easy travelling the mammoth and colossal hookahs are not particularly suitable. Medium size is the perfect one if you want a mishmash of comfort and good smoke.

They say, little Glass Water Pipes are just apt to the beginners. With such a shisha it is good to properly learn prepare and handle the whole hookah smoking session. And with certain experience, every hookah aficionado does recognize that finally the time has come to upgrade their glass pipes and purchase a new and likely bigger hookah to experience better smoking session.

Calm down if you even have real small water pipes because you can also enjoy good smoke with proper preparation, choice of good charcoals and sensitive tobacco mix! Before I miss, do not forget attaching the glass ash catcher to prolong your smoking session.

15 % fall special Discount available Online Cheap Glass Pipes

I agree with you, shopping Glass Pipes for the very first time can be a bit overwhelming. And now with so many shishas available both online and at the brick and mortar stores, it can be quite a chore to walk through all the varied types in order to zero down the water pipes that suits your taste and a pipe that matches your preference so well. Honestly, there are so many varied factors to consider when it finally boils down to the point of selecting water pipes. Price, height, type, weight, looks and style are some of the intimidating factors to consider when shopping for the shisha.

There are many companies, many names and many brands cramming the market to offer you the Water Pipes of your choice. Wait and relax. Take a deep breath after all its hookah shopping! Do not get flustered and do not let any of the companies confuse you in buying the shisha that doesn’t match your preference.

Let’s take an example- If you wish to carry your hookah with you, you need not to invest on the monstrous 33″ hookah, right? Instead it would be cool to buy a small or a portable one, say around 14 inches tall, which you can carry easily whenever and wherever you wish to.

Next big thing to consider when shopping the glass pipes is how durable the piece is. Also take a note whether or not the piece is available with a carrying case. Usually the smaller hookahs are available with very thick glass bases, and it is also pertinent to mention here, due to their small size, the smaller Glass Water Pipes won’t fall even if you accidentally knock one over.

Next important aspect is however the price factor – while you might look for the cheap water pipes that is functional, there are hookah lovers who want to invest on the limited edition shisha that awes anyone who sees it. Remember the thumb rule, larger a hookah is, more expensive it becomes. It is better to check your budget and tweak it well prior selecting any water pipes. And if you are looking for a quality hookah but don’t have a huge budget, your best bet is finding the water pipes for sale online. And now the World Wide Web has left the door ajar for the hookah aficionados to a whole gamut of hookahs, glass bubblers, glass ash catcher and much more at an incredible rate! Yes, 15 % fall special discount is now available online. Discounted water bongs are now available in almost an array of styles from Egyptian to Syrian, from colossal to the oriental ones to the mini or the mod models.

Water Pipes and Glass Bowls: Why they are not smoking right?

That’s such a nice piece sitting at the corner table. The azure glass bowl looks so inviting. Certainly the medium sized water pipe which you might have bought recently is any collector’s pride. But why have you kept your Glass Water Pipes aside? Okay, if I have heard you right; your recent hookah smoking session with friends was not so eventful, right? Is your hookah not smoking right? Trust me on this, it’s somewhat impossible to answer this in one simple sentence let’s delve deeper to the possible mistakes of your water pipes set up.

Keep in mind, if there is too little tobacco in the bowl, it will make the smoke harsh and also thin. So you need to check if there are fewer holes in the foil, in fact fewer holes make the smoke harsh.

Is there too much charcoal? Well, this makes the flavor to die quickly and also makes the smoke harsh. Take some charcoal off if you are getting harsh but good smoke. And what if you are not getting enough smoke? Check whether there is too little tobacco or too few holes in the foil. Also, do not miss to attach a glass ash catcher to elongate the smoking session. This is basically a flat metal plate with a hole in the middle that is located directly below your bowl. Its purpose is to prevent too much ash from going all over the place and to catch any falling shisha.

Remember these simple tips to make your water bongs smoking session a thing of joy! However with this yet another significant question hangs oddly in the breeze – how do you actually smoke your glass water pipes to derive the maximum pleasure? The answer is simple – you have to smoke deeply, intently and closely. Yes that is the real way of smoking the Water Pipes.

Here are a few tips for you

Ice water and the cold base – This helps in condensing more of the vaporized glycerin and the result is always awesome, it gives you thicker smoke and if you want to keep things cool throughout your smoking session you need to place the base of your hookah into a bucket filled with ice, water, and some salt.

Add some fresh mint leaves in the water – Yes, it tastes excellent! You can even get creative and add some cool citrus zests in the water. Orange slices also create magic.

Experiment with your glass water pipes – honestly, simply because something worked for your friend does not necessarily mean that it will also work for you as well. There are practically so many contributing factors such as the design of your Glass Bongs, the way you use the coal, tobacco used, your hose, the humidity, how cold your setup gets, etc.

Frost the glass vase in your freezer – Yes frost your glass bowls for about 5 minutes prior smoking. It is also good to keep a bottle of fresh water in the fridge for your hookah, so that you always have cold water ready to cool off the smoke!

Buy Nice Glass Bongs

It’s got a huge bowl for carrying a good amount of tobacco hence you don’t have to stop again and again to fill it up. Yes. That’s the usual statement you will get to hear. It gets real hot that is sweet enough for the winter to let your hands warm and you may even love the small gurgling sound it makes once you move 0.5 method down. Ouch did we miss something? Yes, we are talking about your woman yelling at you, “Do you have to smoke that stinking stuff all day?”

My dear readers, this is often not the way to obtain Glass Bowls. As a water pipe connoisseur I’ve fashioned some state – of – the – art tips to purchasing a pipe for the primary time.

Let’s not deny it’s hard to choose a particular stuff from the incredible range of Water Pipes for Sale. So, your first consideration should be the look. A pipe needs to catch you’re your eye.

Next is that the weight. Good water pipes are always This comes from how well the briar was cured. The better it’s cured, the drier the pipe will smoke and the smoother it will smoke.

Okay so the water bong looks good, it is lightweight but how does it feel in your hand? It should be snug enough to be carried and if it is not then it’s a sheer wastage of your hard earned dollars as it will only end up sitting in your rack to gather dirt.

The next factor I inspect is that the draft hole. It ought to be as the bowl as attainable. If there’s an excessive amount of area below the draft hole it’ll collect tobacco that cannot be smoke-dried hence your excellent tobacco would be simply wasted.

Finally, something you will wish to contemplate should be the ideal size of your water pipes. A terrible giant pipe will simply lodge in home and they are nice as an item for decoration.

Follow these simple steps when shopping water pipes. Also do not forget to invest on a Glass Ash Catcher to enhance your smoking experience.

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