pipe ligther

Pipe ligther

ELENPIPEВ® is distributor and wholesale supplier the great range of smoking accessories and pipes, gift and promotional items. As a trademark was founded in 2000 year. Worldwide online store
More than 1500 items are permanently available in our assortment. We offer the large range of products such as:
smoking pipes and accessories: ElenpipeВ® own branded bruyere pipes, pear and wooden pipes, made in Poland
Mr. Brog, Worobiec, B & B, Golden Pipe; Falcon pipes, sets and accessories made in England; pipe and cigar lighters, Shisha lighters; pipe care products, filters, etuis, etc.;
– promotional plastic & metal lighters;
– ashtrays: for cigars, cigarettes or pipes;
– cigarette cases (eco-leather or leather);
– cigarette accessories: rolling machines, MYO and RYO accessories, filters, cigarette paper;
– cigar accessories: cutters, piercers, humidors, cigar etuis;
– cigarette holders: wooden, plastic & briar.

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Lighter 2127500: – gas, – metal, – size: 70x30x10 mm, – 3 colours in assrtm.    Wholesale & retail. VPE1:&nbsp |